Things I Listen To

I would label this “Podcasts,” but some of them don’t necessarily fall under the term. I also thought it’d be fun to share what I listen to and hopefully introduce more people to some wonderful audial entertainment.

These are not in any particular order.

The NoSleep Podcast – there is a Free version and a Season Pass version. We are Season Pass holders and have been since the option was made available. It is a weekly podcast of horror stories and is not for the easily scared. If you  don’t like scary things, don’t listen to this. But if you’re a horror fan, this is a must.

Archive 81 – Daniel Powell has disappeared. But, before he disappeared, he sent his friend hours of audio from where he was doing his job of being a recorder librarian. Strange things keep happening. It’s a serialized story, the link goes straight to the Stitcher page.

King Falls AM – Sammy Stevens has moved to King Falls, a quaint little town, to be their early AM DJ. He somehow convinces Ben, his producer, to be a co-host, and strange things happen to them. I am convinced that Beauregard is a vampire. There’s zombies, werewolves, strange things in the woods, aliens, and quite possibly a lake monster. Updates on the 1st and 15th of every month.

Jim Harold’s Campfire Tales – Jim talks to people who have shared paranormal experiences around the virtual campfire and they tell the story in their own words. He’ll ask some questions, they’ll have light discussion, and it’s really fun to listen to. Sometimes it’s hard to listen to because the story teller will use a lot of “ums” and “uhs,” but that’s because it’s people who are not used to being able to tell their experiences.

Uncanny County – Strange things happen. Each episode has a different story and they’re pretty surreal. They’re fun stories, updates are once a month, and the link goes to the Stitcher page. The best description would be…it’s like a podcast version of Night Gallery.

Paranormal Podcast – Jim Harold’s main podcast, talking about all kinds of paranormal things. It’s kind of like listening to Coast to Coast, but it doesn’t dance on that line of too weird like C2C tends to do.

The Bridge – An Alternate Universe podcast where it is still 2016, but there’s a trans-continental bridge that links the States to Europe. There are watchtowers situated every 100 feet or so, and we’re led on an adventure. It’s a serialized podcast, kind of creepy, but a lot of fun.

One Among the Sleepless – A novel in podcast form, released a few years ago by Mike Bennett. I like using this as an introductory jumping board for his work for people. He’s a great author and voice actor. For the audio-novel, the tag is: Sex, Death, and Noisy Neighbors. This is definitely an adult work. There’s sex, drinking, illegal substance usage, bits of BDSM, and murder. It’s great work, some of it can be considered squicky by a few people, but it’s not for everyone. However, if you don’t care for this, you might not also care for his Hall of Mirrors series (mostly horror short stories) nor Underwood and Flinch (a vampire novel podcast).

The Hidden Almanac – Short updates on gardening, feast days, and strange goings-on in Echo Harbor and its surrounding areas. Mostly told by Reverend Mord with occasional quips by Pastor Drom (they’re plague doctors). Updates Monday, Wednesday, and Friday every week. It’s a fun 5-minute ride update.

Pseudopod – The horror podcast that updates every Friday and does top-notch production work. Each episode is one story, unless it’s a Flash on the Borderlands episode. Various narrators and stories are presented, from antiquarian authors to modern.

Mysterious Universe – Ben and Aaron take you on a journey through all kinds of weird stuff. Science, technological advancements, jokes on Project Bluebook (and sexy sasquatch), paranormal events, apocalypse predictors, etc. It’s really fun to listen to and I’ll take this over C2C any day. There is a free version as well as a Plus version (no ‘commercial’ breaks and you get an extra hour of stuff).

KUEC – Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap. I love it because I get to hear one of my favorite authors talk about really random things. However, this is not for people who can’t handle the sound of people chewing (if you have misophrenia fairly badly, don’t listen to this. Usually I can tune it out if I’m listening to this). Cheap food tried out by one of my favorite authors/artists, Ursula Vernon, and her husband, Kevin Sonney. Sometimes you hear Gir baying or hear purring from a cat (or a teenager who is offered food). This is definitely not a kid-friendly podcast. Sometimes it’s worth listening to just to hear the stories Ursula shares.

The Horror – Relic Radio presents old radio shows of a horror nature. As a fan of old horror radio shows, I love this. They’re cleaned up just a teeny bit, enough to take all the pops/static off, but not cleaned up to make it seem like a completely new set of people reading the work. You get all kinds of wonderful things: The Weird Circle, The Whistler, Lights Out, Macabre, and many others.

Strange Tales – Another Relic Radio subset of old radio shows, but these are the strange, the sciencey, the thrilling ones. They’re fun, and I think they should be lumped into The Horror, but I can see where they’re separated. You get radio shows from Inner Sanctum, The Haunting Hour, Theater Five, and many more.

Limetown – A news reporter goes in search of why Limetown’s residents disappeared. 300 people- men, women, children- and no one has been able to figure out why. It’s a 7-part drama series that has edge-of-your-seat moments and really cool science fiction aspects.

Small Town Horror – When Ryan was a teenager, he was kidnapped. But when he got out, no one believed him because he was “only gone for a few hours.” He left his hometown and only returned after his father died to take care of the estate. Memories haunt him as he goes in search for answers of where the laughter is coming from. It’s a serialized story and it’s pretty great. There’s a few wtf moments, but you keep wanting more.

Darkness Radio – It’s like listening to Coast to Coast, but without Art Bell, extra paranoid people, and references to project bluebook. Paranormal instances, people talking about their experiences, psychic abilities, and researches for books. It’s a weekly podcast, three hours usually, and has different segments (e.g. personal experiences, dumb criminal stories, etc).

Chilling Tales for Dark Nights – Scary stories! It’s like Pseudopod and NoSleep. Their podcast has a handful of stories on it and their youtube updates does one story per upload. If you’re a fan of NoSleep, it’s great to hop over to Chilling Tales and hear some of the same voice actors, although you’re more likely to hear Otis Jiry over on Chilling Tales (I love Otis Jiry’s work). If you become a patron, you get the ability to hear more stuff. Link goes to their website, not their youtube channel.

Mental Illness Happy Hour – A weekly podcast talking to various people about mental illnesses, negative thoughts, and various traumas. The concept kind of sounds like it’d be really depressing, but it’s a very informative podcast, and the intention is to help people realize that they’re not alone and that help is out there.

Lore – A look into the more frightening aspects of history and folklore. Aaron Mahnke delves deep into the research for every episode and brings it all to the listener to show strange and unusual things. Because, as the podcast points out, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Updates twice-monthly on Mondays.

The NightTime Podcast – Stories, histories, and  unexplained pheneomena on Canada’s Atlantic coast. UFOs, missing persons, Oak Island oddities, and even strange happenings in Tim Horton’s. It’s a really fascinating podcast to listen to, and updates about twice a month.

The Dave Ramsey Show – Radio program hosted by Dave Ramsey that helps people find financial freedom, encourages people working to be debt free, and overall just really neat to listen to. Just as a warning, when they start counting down for the Debt-Free Scream turn the volume down because some people can get really loud.

Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – A weekly podcast where Adam sits around, usually in his Cave, and talks with Norm and Will about various things. There are spoiler casts, discussions about books and film, and whatever they feel like. It’s pretty fun to listen to. Link goes to the page, but you can also find it up on tested’s youtube channel.

The Deep Vault – A 7-part series of a pseudo-apocalyptic United States where four stragglers find themselves in an underground bunker. It’s creepy, sometimes edge-of-your-seat, and leaves you with quite a few questions.

The Lift – You find yourself meeting a strange little girl, who gives you the chance to make a choice. You’ve met Victoria and her lift takes you to the floor that you need to make that important choice. Each story is different, sometimes it’s a good ending, sometimes it’s a creepy ending, but overall it’s a great little series.

The Wicked Library – Scary Stories! This is in the same vein as NoSleep and Pseudopod with scary stories. It’s one story per episode with various narrators.

This is Horror – A podcast for fans of horror, with discussion on writing it as well as interviews with various people. It’s pretty neat, but not for everyone. Jamie can’t stand the podcast (mainly due to the inflection of speech by people) and I listen to it on occasion. I’ve found that it’s good for background noise.

The Moonlit Road – The Moonlit Road has been around for a long time, so it was great to find that sometimes they post recordings of stories. The website curates stories of the American South (so, pretty much, all those creepy ghost stories, usually antiquarian ones, from all us weirdos down here. woohoo) Just as a forewarning: the homepage has a looped sound of crickets chirping, which can get very strange if you’re already listening to something else. Updates occasionally.

The Blood Crow Stories – Season One is dedicated to the lost souls of the USS Utopia. A…fancy cruise liner submarine doodad in which a scientist records passengers, with their knowledge but they’re not allowed to tell anyone about it, to test isolationism and paranoia. Possibly more. So far, they’re doing a great job with it. Updates once a month.

Diary of a Madman – Couple minute snippets of a guy who is stalking someone and the horror that it entails. The concept is absolutely fascinating.

Mabel – Creepy podcast about a live-in caretaker who calls her client’s granddaughter’s phone to talk to her about strange happenings and it just gets weirder and weirder. It’s an 8-part series that, in my opinion, goes from delving into the past to delving into one person’s madness.

Productivity Alchemy – Kevin Sonney attempts to get his Wombat Test Subject (Ursula Vernon) in a more productive mindset and they try various methods to see which works best. There are interviews and sometimes a Barking Hound in the background. It’s fascinating to listen to, to see what they’ve found makes them be better at what they do, hearing what Ursula’s tried and liked or disliked, and how they get their tasks done.

Creepypastas, Reddit’s Let’s Not Meet, etc. Here is a list of youtubers that I listen to. They either have their own stories, read others’ stories, or read some real-life creepy stories (like stuff from the let’s not meet subreddit). Again, these are in no particular order.

Let’s Read!
Mr CreepyPasta
CreepyPasta Jr
Blue Spooky
Urmaker // Fear Urmaker
Be Busta
Dr Creepen

Rob Dyke – Host of Seriously Strange and Why Would You Put That On The Internet? While most of the work is on the macabre side, it is fascinating and informative.

Beyond Science – Mike Chen does little snippets of various things around the world. From time-traveling tunnels, to food that can kill you. They’re short and fun little blurbs.

Ghastly Tales – Michael Whitehouse, whose stories can be found on both NoSleep and Chilling Tales, has his own channel where he posts videos and stories. He reads his own work as well as posts work by other narrators and/or authors. I love his stories, they’re wonderfully creepy.

Otis Jiry – This voice actor is wonderful and I love his work. He can be found on Chilling Tales as well as NoSleep, and he mostly does scary stories. I highly recommend trying out The Showers as your intro to his voice acting if you haven’t listened to anything he’s done yet. The link goes to his youtube channel, where he updates fairly regularly.