making things

+ I finished the Combo Breaker blanket, it is folded up and sitting on a shelf until Jamie remembers to take it to work to give it to the parent. lol

+ I made Jamie a Bear Hat. It is a smidge too small, but he thinks it’s awesome. So, I’m working on making another one (I have the yarn so why not?) I still have a few more months before it gets cold enough for him to wear a hat, so I have the time to work on it.

+ I keep staring at the same documents doing nothing.

  • Weird Granddad story is just…there. I am at a point where I don’t remember exactly where I was going with it
  • Attempted Novelette is at a standstill. I’m at the point where I can’t remember whose name is for which character except for one, and that’s mainly because I keep making terrible jokes about it.
  • I’ve been jotting down notes for another story idea to try to get bits together with it

+ Nothing is finished and I don’t know if I’m fine with that. I don’t know if it’s an epic brain fart or just extreme apathy.

+ Bug and Firefly got into it the other day and Firefly needs to learn that Bug is getting her back for when they were younger and Firefly got Bug because Bug was too nice. Now Bug is a tank of a dog and has power behind her snaps.

Firefly is fine, we carted her butt to the vet, where her head was cleaned and parts were shaved. I insisted we take her because of the puncture under her jaw (which is fine, just squicky) and we learned that she’s got a couple more punctures than I had originally thought. She’s on antibiotics and has been happily spoiled by getting to sleep on the couch, getting various pieces of human food (cheese, peanut butter, things like that), and snoring on the bed.


Yarn hoarder

Jamie and I are working on re-arranging and “cleaning” the craft room.

Part of re-arranging the craft room was to take out the cat food and cat litter totes out of the closet and put them in the pantry, which meant that while I was sweeping and moving stuff around, Jamie had to pull out the little wooden shelf-thing from the pantry. It works out because now I have the wooden shelf-thing in the craft room and it is…stuffed with notebooks.

Jamie bought this reinforced basket hangy thing to put in the closet and shoved about a tote’s worth of yarn into the sections, and then realized I have way more yarn than that. So I have 3 totes of yarn in the basement, 1 tote of yarn (and hooks, needles, etc) in the bedroom, and I found skeins of yarn shoved up in other places (whoops).

Hi, I’m Manders and I have a problem. I have a lot of yarn.

I also have a lot of notebooks.

I’m not done with the craft room just yet. I have a few more things to do, rearranging things and putting supplies where I want them, and probably annoying the cats by moving them around when they’re in my way. Beric has learned that where I’ve put one of the shelves is the best place to catch some sun.

The end goal is to take the craft room back from the cats for the short amount of time that I can take it from the cats before we bring in the grow-lights and shelves for the indoor-growing portion of gardening.

flower flower flower

I’d been meaning to update and thinking of what can I write. What to write. And then I spent a day helping Jamie feel better by sticking Smrgl in the craft room (with food, water, and box), Snooch and Faustus in the basement (with food, water, and box), and Uggs in the bathroom (with food, water, and box) so he could snuggle derpy-dog Dunk while he felt terrible. And I read to him terrible book descriptions and took care of him.

So this week, it’s been the perfect precursor to a Southwest Virginia summer (at least for Roanoke): spring damp and lightly chilly at about 6.30 in the morning, workable spring weather until about 8 or 9, depending on the day, and hot/humid until about 6pm. The plus side is that it’s been raining every day this week, the downside is that it’s been raining all week. I love that we’re getting the rain, and now that I’ve got my herbs set up (all except the chamomile, which decided to explode everywhere instead of be nice like the rest of them, so it’s back in the craft room with the other starters), I’m a bit worried they may drown a bit. I’ve never grown Angelica, St John’s Wort, and a few others, but I know Savory, Parsley, and Feverfew will eat this up.

All the other starters are still in the craft room, the fava beans have decided to grow extra roots, Snooch has decided that the teeny (5 1/2 inch tall) stalks of corn should be taste tested, and the peas are cascading wonderfully. Yep, it’s May and everything is still in the craft room because the weather has been so wet (or waaaay to hot, even at 8am) that we haven’t been able to get the last of last year’s landscape stuff off the ground and rip up any stray weeds. Because it’s rained so much there are a ton of weeds right now. Seriously. Last week, it was like: ok, so it’ll take me a good few hours. This week: I need as many energy shots and tools as possible. And possibly a goat. Or Bug. (Bug loves to chew on grass).

I think we can get it taken care of.

And yesterday, I spent some time trying to figure out how to make those little puff-flowers that you can crochet. I spent time going back and forth with a tutorial on youtube, pausing it repeatedly so I could practice, and listening to various John Cleese and Rob Paulsen interviews


They’re definitely not as pretty as the ones in the video (the little yellow ones on the right hand side are just the middle part). The hideous one in the upper left hand corner is kind of awesome, it looks like it’s melting. At least, I think it looks like it’s melting. It’s because of the yarn that was used (red heart boutique unique; candied; lot 166538), it’s this really awesome yarn that is multiple coloured and fades into each colour really well. I have three skeins of it (I got them for $1 each!) and I wanted to see how it would look. I’m planning on making socks with this yarn because it is so cool.

I also realised while doing this yesterday, that I wasn’t getting frustrated or anything. It’s a nice change  from the constantly frustrated, constantly stressed, always on edge during my time working for Store. I’ll miss some of the people I worked with, but I definitely won’t miss the stress. So yay, small progress for me!

small project

I decided on a whim that I would make a baby blanket. The internet says the average blanket is approximately 30×30. And, Jamie’s boss is having a baby so it’s a fun excuse to try to make something new.

I’m going with the most basic thing I can think of right now (one colour, which is a light yellow) and thinking on if I’m going to add any embellishments later on or attempt to crochet some sort of border around it to see if it’ll help keep the ends from rolling up.

I’m making the thing on my S-Loom, so I’m determined that this will be the first project I complete on the S-Loom itself. The first project I started was a peachy-coloured scarf that I got maybe 1/4 of the way done before pulling it off and starting this. I was mainly doing it to see how the S-Loom would work. So far, I am liking how it goes.

I’m also pretty sure this will be larger than 30×30.

I guessed on the width. Using the partially done scarf and the middle section of my middle finger (which is approximately 1 inch long, so it’s a great too to use. I’ve weirded out people using my forearm as a measurer because I know my forearm is 1 foot long from wrist to elbow. it’s pretty neat). So, if it’s more than 30″ then that’s what it’ll be. It’s a weird little handmade item, so why not be off just a hair?

When I started this, 3 rows was 1 inch and I was like: I can get this done in no time! 21 rows in, I was no where near the 7 inches I had initially thought and worked a few more rows. Now I’m 30 rows in and have found that if I don’t stretch the blanket, I’m at 5 inches, but if I stretch it I’m at 8 inches.

So, I won’t stretch it.

This means that I am 1/6 of the way done. I think it’s kind of funny, I tell my customers I don’t do math as I pull out my phone and bring up a calculator (it’s true, I can’t do percentages in my head), but I can do basic math for knitting. This means, if it takes me 30 rows to get 5 inches, this whole thing will be approximately 180 rows. This can change, as the longer it gets , the…tighter? the rows become. It makes sense if you look at it, or, at least, it makes sense to me.

180 rows. I can do this. The Doctor Who scarves I’ve made have been longer than 180 rows (granted, this is wider than any of the Doctor Who scarves I’ve made). If it turns out all right, maybe I can be brave and try to remember how to do the “Russian Knot” (there are tutorials on youtube so I’m good there) and do more than one colour and work my way through that.

I also thought about doing some sort of embellishment. I was watching a tutorial on how to make crochet “puff flowers” and I think they look pretty neat. Jamie said if I can learn how to make those, maybe I can learn how to make butterflies and such (there’s a tutorial on youtube for butterflies as well, I think by the same person I was watching make the flowers). It’ll be neat to see what happens.