making things

+ I finished the Combo Breaker blanket, it is folded up and sitting on a shelf until Jamie remembers to take it to work to give it to the parent. lol

+ I made Jamie a Bear Hat. It is a smidge too small, but he thinks it’s awesome. So, I’m working on making another one (I have the yarn so why not?) I still have a few more months before it gets cold enough for him to wear a hat, so I have the time to work on it.

+ I keep staring at the same documents doing nothing.

  • Weird Granddad story is just…there. I am at a point where I don’t remember exactly where I was going with it
  • Attempted Novelette is at a standstill. I’m at the point where I can’t remember whose name is for which character except for one, and that’s mainly because I keep making terrible jokes about it.
  • I’ve been jotting down notes for another story idea to try to get bits together with it

+ Nothing is finished and I don’t know if I’m fine with that. I don’t know if it’s an epic brain fart or just extreme apathy.

+ Bug and Firefly got into it the other day and Firefly needs to learn that Bug is getting her back for when they were younger and Firefly got Bug because Bug was too nice. Now Bug is a tank of a dog and has power behind her snaps.

Firefly is fine, we carted her butt to the vet, where her head was cleaned and parts were shaved. I insisted we take her because of the puncture under her jaw (which is fine, just squicky) and we learned that she’s got a couple more punctures than I had originally thought. She’s on antibiotics and has been happily spoiled by getting to sleep on the couch, getting various pieces of human food (cheese, peanut butter, things like that), and snoring on the bed.

Baby blanket


Months ago, I had the idea that I’d make a baby blanket with the S loom I have (the inaugural knit for the S loom) for Jamie’s boss. His boss found out she was pregnant and I decided, when we’re done with the whole wedding thing, I’d work on a baby blanket for her. I had this adorable baby yarn (seriously, it’s toted as “baby yarn,” probably due to its softness) that I had managed to snag for $1.  I thought it’d be best to use the S loom instead of one of my long looms because then I wouldn’t have to worry about running out of yarn (while it was one of the Giant Skeins of yarn, I only had one roll)

But, of course, working for Store, I was regulated to working 50+ hours a week with one day off if I was lucky and constantly getting overtime because…some of my (former!) immediate coworkers don’t understand the concept of coming in on time. I had managed to get into that rut of get up, get ready for work, go to work, come home, maybe eat, go to sleep. I really hated it.

Then I quit my job and Jamie told me when his boss would be back at work, so I made sure that I finished this sucker up so she could get it on her first day back (huzzah!). I didn’t do any sort of edging, because I figured I didn’t have the time (I had just finished it the Friday before she came back), so it rolls. I think it works. It’s weird, it’s different, and it works.

Online, it says that a baby blanket is supposed to be 30×30. This turned out to be like 32×36. A little off (but not bad for guesswork on the length!).

Jamie’s boss loves it and I’m glad. I had gotten to the point where I thought everything looked like crap.

small project

I decided on a whim that I would make a baby blanket. The internet says the average blanket is approximately 30×30. And, Jamie’s boss is having a baby so it’s a fun excuse to try to make something new.

I’m going with the most basic thing I can think of right now (one colour, which is a light yellow) and thinking on if I’m going to add any embellishments later on or attempt to crochet some sort of border around it to see if it’ll help keep the ends from rolling up.

I’m making the thing on my S-Loom, so I’m determined that this will be the first project I complete on the S-Loom itself. The first project I started was a peachy-coloured scarf that I got maybe 1/4 of the way done before pulling it off and starting this. I was mainly doing it to see how the S-Loom would work. So far, I am liking how it goes.

I’m also pretty sure this will be larger than 30×30.

I guessed on the width. Using the partially done scarf and the middle section of my middle finger (which is approximately 1 inch long, so it’s a great too to use. I’ve weirded out people using my forearm as a measurer because I know my forearm is 1 foot long from wrist to elbow. it’s pretty neat). So, if it’s more than 30″ then that’s what it’ll be. It’s a weird little handmade item, so why not be off just a hair?

When I started this, 3 rows was 1 inch and I was like: I can get this done in no time! 21 rows in, I was no where near the 7 inches I had initially thought and worked a few more rows. Now I’m 30 rows in and have found that if I don’t stretch the blanket, I’m at 5 inches, but if I stretch it I’m at 8 inches.

So, I won’t stretch it.

This means that I am 1/6 of the way done. I think it’s kind of funny, I tell my customers I don’t do math as I pull out my phone and bring up a calculator (it’s true, I can’t do percentages in my head), but I can do basic math for knitting. This means, if it takes me 30 rows to get 5 inches, this whole thing will be approximately 180 rows. This can change, as the longer it gets , the…tighter? the rows become. It makes sense if you look at it, or, at least, it makes sense to me.

180 rows. I can do this. The Doctor Who scarves I’ve made have been longer than 180 rows (granted, this is wider than any of the Doctor Who scarves I’ve made). If it turns out all right, maybe I can be brave and try to remember how to do the “Russian Knot” (there are tutorials on youtube so I’m good there) and do more than one colour and work my way through that.

I also thought about doing some sort of embellishment. I was watching a tutorial on how to make crochet “puff flowers” and I think they look pretty neat. Jamie said if I can learn how to make those, maybe I can learn how to make butterflies and such (there’s a tutorial on youtube for butterflies as well, I think by the same person I was watching make the flowers). It’ll be neat to see what happens.

Learn something new everyday: May

I’m a bit surprised. I thought I wouldn’t be able to have everything together and ready to post for another couple of days because it’s been a bit hectic. But yay! Right on schedule.

Learn something new everyday: May

  1. There are “cherry morsels,” like chocolate chips only cherry flavored. I am intrigued and disgusted.
  2. Proof of cannibalism was found and reported officially today. It was for Jamestown, Virginia and a ton of fun to freak people out with this information.
  3. Halmark has a little house charm that looks like a TARDIS.
  4. There is a Hobby Lobby in Danville.
  5. Mike Bennett’s “Poacher’s Cottage” is available for free on the e-reader today (it went back up to 99-cents on May 6th or 7th )
  6. Skittles changed green from lime to green apple. It was a really nasty surprise.
  7. Slenderman is only four years old.
  8. According to this thing I was reading, Eastern Virginia is located beside Tennessee and Kentucky. (link: ).
  9. It is easier, cleaner, more cost-effective to buy a can of papaya juice than it is to juice one yourself.
  10. You can successfully make tails (furry tails) with acrylic yarn and a wire dog brush (the ones that have the four or five rows of fine wire)
  11. Apparently to find ambition, one must wade through self-help mumbo jumbo.
  12. “Thief of Always” is going to be a movie? YAY! Squee. (saw the information on Clive Barker’s fb page)
  13. There is a growing number of breweries in our area. I am a bit shocked, a bit intrigued, and a bit annoyed when one of them can’t spell “opening.”
  14. There is a guy where I now work who has a conspiracy theory about water filters and how they will kill/doom us all. (it’s a new one on me)
  15. Petsmart has an anglerfish dog toy! It is adorable!
  16. I can successfully creep out Jamie by mentioning marionettes. (it’s because I really want my own Horace Horrible)
  17. The world’s quietest room is -9 decibels. It is the anechoic chamber at Orfield Labratory in Minneapolis, MN.
  18. It is possible to find a large lizard statue in our area. Jamie’s mom bought it for us, it is awesome, and the cats are terrified.
  19. If you say “pug,” Bug will come running from nowhere.
  20. Using a Kong ball to roll your foot is that painful in a good way, kind of like foam rolling your back.
  21. I can successfully knit a sock! (it is the wrong type of yarn, of course, but this is awesome!)
  22. Joe Hill has a tumblr account. (he uses it like a blog—regular blog, not re-sharing/re-blogging/re-tweeting things)
  23. Target has a TMNT boardgame called “Clash Alley.” It is $18 and I want it. It looks like goofy fun.
  24. Hope, of High Hopes Training, was interviewed for a segment of local television that will be airing in a few weeks. She’s the trainer we went to for Izzy-butt and she is awesome.
  25. There are Bob-omb pjs at Walmart! (they are $12!)
  26. It is possible to weave an unruly rose vine onto a trellis.
  27. Ben&Jerry’s has a coffee ice cream that has espresso bits and chocolate in it. It is awesome.
  28. Mara Wilson did an article for Cracked. (link:
  29. Apparently there are people dumb enough to want to give birth in a pool with a dolphin. Hello Darwin awards. (It is Mysterious Universe, episode 720+ [a plus episode, therefore you have to be a paid member to get it], it is near the end of the episode).
  30. I learned how to do a damage tag for work.
  31. Faust likes the taste of red velvet yogurt (he got a couple licks off my finger, so it wasn’t a large amount).

What to do

I have determined I have no ambition. I have no idea where it is, I have no idea how to go about getting it or looking for it. I imagine that it’s hiding behind a bush.

I have no idea where my nose ring is. The one I was wearing for a couple of days before yesterday afternoon turned black (ew) and I didn’t know it until after I started pulling it out for work. I stuck it in my pocket, but my pockets have a tendency to eat nose rings for some reason. So, lesson learned: don’t get nose rings from Claire’s, no matter how desperate you are.

I’d like to work for a company that doesn’t give a shit if I’ve got a facial piercing. For the job I’m at now: Tattoos are fine, so long as they’re not “offensive.” Offensive can be subjective when tattoos are concerned. 

I want to do things, but I don’t know what to do, how to go about doing it/them, or I’m just too damn lazy, tired, etc to do anything.

I want to get some super fuzzy socks or thick fabric, get some squeakers, and make Izzy some toys she can enjoy.

I want to make a Horace Horrible. I woke up in the middle of the night a couple days ago trying to figure out how exactly I’d make one.

I want to make more knit Slendermen. I want to make Jason, Michael, Freddy. Even a wolfman.

I want to make more octopi, octoballs, scrubbies. I want to make hats, scarves, dog scarves (Jamie’s been calling them “snarfs” it’s hilarious). 

I want to finish the germ monsters from Dr Mario (it’s a perler bead project. I have 2 of the 3 monsters done). I want to make more of the flowers. I want to make beadie dragonflies–something I haven’t done in years.

I want sleep.

I want to try to bring that comic I attempted a couple years ago back to life. I have quite a bit of ideas and sketches that I never got around to (yay for things Going Crazy). I want to do movie and book reviews again (mainly for my own entertainment. If other people find them useful, funny, whathaveyou then awesome-pawsome).

I want to be able to afford to buy new crates for the dogs. Buy new blankets, towels, sheets, etc for the dogs to sleep on. Our stash is getting smaller since Izzy and Bug had some tummy issues last month.

Jamie mentioned making a 5-year plan. Maybe then I’ll find ambition.

Trying to keep afloat

I got a new job and it was like “here’s your new job, try not to sink!” and thrown into it. It’ll be fine, it’s just trying to get used to the schedule.

Because of the New Job, I haven’t done as much knitting and things as I’d like, but! Jamie and I were able to help clean Rhonda’s yard as a surprise for Allen. On the side of knitting, I did start working on a scarf and I immediately thought of attempting to knit a blanket with this type of yarn. I am not going to knit any blankets right now. When I get the chance, I will be working on a little zombie that was requested…two years ago or so by our friend AJ (who excitedly said that as soon as I figure it out, can I please please please make him a zombie)

The cats are doing good, Ugly’s been going through some crazy spells which are awesome. The dogs are doing good. Izzy’s doing really well for class–when it came time to “shake hands with a stranger” she looked up and nodded her head in-time with the handshake. It was really adorable. Firefly got a scratch-puncture on her head from playing, but we cleaned it, neosporined it a ton, and it’s barely noticeable now. I’m waiting for her to eat her first bee of the year, but there’s a chance that Bug may do it this year since she’s been hopping after bumble bees whenever she notices them.

the plus side is, we’ve been able to find the stingers easily and pull them out with no problems. When Firefly eats bees, she comes in, lays down, and goes “humph.” Give her a Benadryl after taking the stinger out, let her nap a bit, and she’s good to go.

Now to do a horrible thing: knock Mr Uggs off my lap and go take the dogs out. I’ve got a small window to get things done before I go on my way to work.

Making scrubbies

Last week or so, Jamie realized that our latest dish sponge (aka: scrubbie) was really gross but didn’t want to go to the store just to buy a new one. I figured, I have a bunch of yarn, some of which I have no idea what to do with right now, why not see if I can knit a scrubbie?

I had seen a blog post about a year or so ago where someone had knitted a couple, but never mentioned if they were any good when it came to actually washing dishes. So, winging it, I made one, used it for washing the dishes, and it worked really well. Then I realized I should probably make a bigger size since Jamie has larger hands than I do.

He pointed out that both sizes have their advantages: the larger one is great for basic wipe-downs and the smaller one is really good for scrubbing the dried-on grease parts (or, in our case, burned on seasoning). He also said I should make them to see if I can sell a few. People like reusable things, people like being Green, and you just never know.

So, onwards to the next experiment: washing and drying these things.

They didn’t break up in the washer, which I was afraid of, and they survived the dryer. I threw these in with a load of dog-stuff (which I think is the best test) and they came out fine. I thought one of the scrubbies had shrunk, but it didn’t. It just flattened out a little bit, but I was able to start using it again as the dish scrubbie and it’s been fine. It continued to manage to get the burned on grease-and-seasoning lump off one of the pans.

Then, the latest experiment that I wasn’t intending but happened anyway: Dog Crates.

The scrubbies work really well for scrubbing accidents off of dog crates as well as scrubbing ceramic tile (downside is there’s still a hint of rust from the edge of the dog crate still on the ceramic tile, but it needs more than just Dr Bronner’s and a scrubbie)

The 2 sizes that I’ve made. The quarter is just for sizing references.

The photo is of the two newest ones I’ve made to mainly show size. The larger one is roughly the size of …a coffee mug or one of those plastic scrubbies, the smaller one is probably roughly the size of a brillo pad. (it’s also almost the same size as the palm of my hand, so it’s great for little hands/fingers)

I have considered seeing if I can sell these, especially to people who have pets. Unlike regular scrubbies that you can get at the store, these are washable (and who wants to put a pet scrubbie in your microwave to “kill the germs”?), and you can even use them for reptile tanks. I used one of these for our Dante’s tank and it worked so much better than trying to use a store-bought scrubbie.

They’re easy to keep track of, easy to separate if you don’t want to cross-contaminate even after washing and drying them. They can go in the same load as towels. And, if you prefer the all-plastic scrubbies that look like these, the knitted ones are so much easier on your fingers. I haven’t scratched the pots, pans, and baking sheets with these. I’ve cleaned knives and forks with these and the most that happened was that I thought I pulled string out but it was where the fork when through the little holes between the stitches and everything was fine.

They’re pretty fun and I’ve been enjoying them. (and hey, it also beats having a slimy dish rag in the sink)