Adventures in wtf, really?

I think I’ve developed an allergy to turkey.

I don’t eat turkey all that often. As a kid, turkey was:
wtf is this comically large chicken and why is it so dry? My mouth is a desert.

As an adult, turkey is:
wtf why is this so dry? You can easily make a nice, juicy bird. What did this bird do to you to deserve this?
Ground turkey is currently cheaper than ground beef and I want burgers. Turkey it is.
Jamie found turkey cutlets. More power to him, I will cook them for him.

And, on the rare, “I want a sandwich” moment, turkey is: pre-packaged, molded, and sliced into evenly made bits that I can put on a sandwich with honey mustard. The package says it’s “mesquite.”

But, the past few weeks, I’ve realized that every time I’ve cut turkey for customers my face becomes itchy. It didn’t really register as anything beyond “I must be allergic to a cleaner we use back here” in the department or the usual “I work in a disgusting, greasy department. It’s only natural to feel gritty.” Because, really, I do. There’s only so much cleaning I can do, the fryers are on for 12 hours every day, minimum, and I’m constantly going back and forth between excessive heat and freezing cold with very little “comfortable” temperature in between.

I don’t normally try the meats we have available for customers (or any of the food for that matter) because, while we are encouraged to sample in order to help describe things to customers, I’m just not interested. And when the hell do I ever have time to cut a slice of meat to try out? Almost never. It’s also not a priority for me, so I don’t think about it.

A few weeks back, I tried a peice of the honey turkey and a bit later I realized my stomach hurt, but hey random stomach pains happen and I didn’t really make the connection.

The other day, I had a woman ask for hickory smoked turkey (one of our new ones!) and she’d asked for “thick cut, for salads.” So, I cut a slice that might be the thickness she wanted, she said it was alright, and after the second slice, she changed her mind and requested that I make “slices for sandwiches” and that she’d cut it up for salads herself. Ok, no problem.

Set the two peices to the side to be weighed and tossed, sliced “sandwichy” and finished her order, wished her a nice day and checked how much I was going to be throwing away.

Quarter of a pound. In just two slices.

I asked my coworker if they’d want to try a piece of it, since I was going to be throwing the cuts out anyway, and it’s a new item so we’re allowed to sample it. They told me no, and I went to weigh it out.

I decided to try a piece, so went into our prep area and pulled a small bit off, popped it in my mouth and didn’t really taste anything besides copper/blood. Huh, weird. I couldn’t tell if it was the taste of the turkey itself or if it was me. My stomach started to hurt, but that didn’t mean much because my stomach had been hurting off and on since the day before from the quinoa salad mix I’d brought for lunch.

Another coworker came in, I’d asked if they wanted to try a piece and they said no. I said I’d tried it, but it tasted metallicky, so I pulled another peice and all I tasted was blood, my face started itching, and my stomach was like “oh, no thank you.” I left the area to grab benadryl that I have in my backpack as the second coworker went “way to go, genius” in a jokey manner.

My eyes stayed itchy/red/gross for about two days, I still have hives on my stomach, and after reading some stuff on allergies (“metallic/copper taste in your mouth when ingesting thing is an immediate indicator of an allergy” [sic]), I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to turkey.

But, it’s not like I can go to an allergist to verify this. I don’t have the money to go to the doctor and I’ve got enough benadryl to cover me while I’m at work and cutting things. I can easily avoid ingesting it because Jamie and I hardly ever go out to eat. And, on the upside, this means I can give a better reason than “I don’t want any” whenever people ask me why I don’t have any turkey on my plate during holiday gatherings.


St Patrick’s Parade

This past Saturday was our St Patrick’s parade event…thing.  Streets had already been starting to be “shut down” since the night before, our local bus system was on a set delay for the entire day, and a few events were planned. The 5k and 10k races, the parade, and the “two” festivals (regular festival where kids are allowed until 5 and the regular festival where booze is involved and going on until 8). We had Jamie’s mom drop us off at the main branch of Member One, because it was the easiest spot for her to be able to turn around and not get lost.

While it’s not that hard to get lost in Roanoke, for some people it is. It’s nothing but circles within circles overlapping a circle/gridlock motif with hidden one-way streets and dead ends.

We walked from the bank branch to Angels of Asissi’s building (with a side-stop of that weird walkway bridge thing where on one end is a life-sized statue of MLK, Jr) and waited a bit for them to officially open for volunteers and their new Walk-In program, which a couple were doing with their new dog (Doogie Howser. I should’ve gotten a photo of him, he was adorable!). We headed in and were surprised to find we were the first ones to show up so we hung out, I played with Buttercup-the-puppy while Jamie loved on cats. We hung out while the dogs who were going were being harnassed up and people showed up.

Eventually most of the people showed up, and most of us walked to the starting area of the parade. People were starting to slowly trickle around to set up on the parade route, chairs were just sitting empty (because people are dicks) and it got to the point where we were wondering if we had gone the wrong way. But, the starting-area was a little farther than I thought it was, and we were able to eventually find the Angels truck as well as the dogs.

It was madness. People were just everywhere, floats and trucks were parked on either side of the street and in any parking area they could find. People were walking their dogs and not paying attention (because some of the Angels dogs, while really well behaved, do not appreciate having dogs run up to their faces). The guy who was walking Jase (big dog, super sweet), ended up having to sit on the ground and cling to Jase away from everyone because people weren’t paying attention and being ignorant dog owners.

At one point, one woman was walking this dog who was covered in stickers (and on a flexi lead, christ) and not paying any attention whatsoever. She let the dog get into one of our adoptee dogs’ face, and he turned and barked while the woman who has been working with him and walking him started yelling “No!” and “Hey!”, this dumb bitch just kept standing there so her little dog could be annoying. If I could talk, I would’ve said something, but finally the dumbass walked away and the woman who was trying to get the adoptee dog relaxed started saying really loudly “Are you kidding me?! Watch your dog, stupid!” Jamie and I agreed with her that someone should kick the woman to get her to pay attention.

After what seemed like an eternity, we were told to line up and wait. When we get started, the Shriners decided they were going to start up their firetrucks and set off the sound. Gee, thanks guys. They did it around dogs and, of course, some of them jumped. Hell, some of the people jumped. It was a dick move on their part.

During the parade, the kids who had showed up after we had gotten to the “hold area” were tossing candy around and handing out pamphlets. People were cheering Angels on, which is really great and I am very glad that they show support for a local no-kill shelter. People were taking photos, one woman got in Jamie’s face and asked him a question while recording on her phone. The Salem Red Sox people were running around like insects and not paying any attention to where they were going. They ran into us, we had to dodge around them, they almost stepped on a few kids, and the people who had the toddler and his radio-flyer wagon kept stopping so they’d wind up with us instead of around their float.

There was a ton of people, there were announcers on a dais (it was weird), and when we were nearing the end of the parade route, people were walking with everyone in the parade so they could go to other areas in Downtown. People were cutting through or pushing up against the marchers and it was kind of maddening. One or two people darting through or saying sorry/excuse me is one thing, but it was gobs of people.

At one point, I had told Jamie that people go all-out and more crazy with costumes/whatnot than they do with Halloween. The St. Patrick’s parade is Roanoke’s own little halloween get-together.

And then we stopped. There was no police officer or sign to state this was the end of the parade route. The Red Sox truck just stopped and the driver cut the engine. Our being in the parade is over and we walk up the street to our right, where there are 5 cars trying to get out of a parkinglot (because apparently they think they’re going somewhere!) There are still groups behind us and we walk up and realize…the next part of the parade is going on.

This is a long fucking parade.

I have no idea where Furever Friends (or is it forever home? It’s something like that) were in the parade, no idea where Star City Greyhounds were placed (so we completely missed seeing Rob and Lee walking Goose, Fiddler, and Dizzy D), nor do I have any idea where the RVSPCA guys are. And I have absolutely no idea if there were any other shelters in the parade.

We turn around, I get Jamie to let some of the dog walkers know that there is no way we can get through a little farther up (because one of the dogs was in a stroller and the walker was having trouble with it), so we all cut through a carpark and Jamie and I manage to get across the street before one of the groups comes through. Jamie ends up having to pull me through the throng of people because it was so crowded, if he let go that was it.

We managed to get away, and walked back to Angels to drop off our signs (as well as the hat Jamie had and the clover headband I grabbed) and sat down for a few minutes. Then we headed back down because we were going to Make a Day out of it.

It was a terrible idea.

The parade was still going on, there was literally a wall of people around (and goats! there were two goats just watching the parade. For Roanoke, this isn’t weird. At any event, like parade or whatever, you will probably find a goat or two). We get to the “beer tent” area (a giant roped off block surrounding Corned Beef & Co), we hand over our IDs, get braceleted, and turn to find: there are 4 options of liquor (fireball whiskey, jager, irish sour something, and something) and 6 options of beer (heiniken, budweiser, corona, milwaulke, and two other things), all $6 and all none I will touch. Ok, if you put Fireball whiskey into some coke, I’ll drink that (but on my terms because I’m not a big fan of Fireball).

There are people everywhere, there are fucking rude ass people who are mostly drinking everywhere, and we just tried to get the hell out of there. Managed to get our of the “beer tent” area and agreed to attempt to look for somewhere to eat, but every. single. place. was packed. There were places where lines were out the door, one or two places had signs up saying how long the wait was and I was just like “fuck that, not worth it.”

We found the other area of “festivities” that was a giant viking bounce-house (if it wasn’t surrounded by people and I was in a better mood, I would’ve dragged Jamie with me and whined until I got my way because, dude, bounce house!) and the “beer tent” there was a little tent with a sign that said: “Beer ticket, $5 each.”

We agreed to get the hell out of there as more people thronged through. I was at the point where I would punch someone for just being there because it was too many people and we left downtown. We started walking away and Jamie called his mom to ask if she could pick us up  when we got to a better area for her and after a while, we got picked up and dropped off at the house.

We walked somewhere between 5 and 7 miles (guestimating) and agreed to go somewhere where it would be a lot less crowded because people would be at the parade/festival. We ended up at the Valley View Buffalo Wild Wings, which in a way was a bad idea because it’s loud as hell in there. It was really busy, we weirded out the poor waitress (she did awesome service! She was constantly on the go trying to make sure all of her tables were doing well, having what they needed, etc) because Jamie was my translator. I learned that I should always ask for a “small” if I get beer from them again (Guiness! Woo! and then I saw they carry Boston Lager. Damn. I’ll get that next time). We picked different things this time, Jamie got a sick-headache (the no-food, loud-atmosphere, and walking through the parade as well as aggrevation at stupid people at the parade kind of hit right after he got his drink). But we had a nice time


I found out later that the WWII veterans, who are always in the parade, boycotted it this year. This year, the organizers told them that they’d have to pay the $10 march fee just like everyone else and, frankly, that’s fucked up. I don’t care if you charge group A or group B a $10 march-fee because, technically, it is a type of business, but these are WWII veterans. You don’t charge them, you shouldn’t charge them, and you should ask them to march because they fought for your dumb ass. They had friends who died during that, and hell, chances are they probably got shoved into another confrontation after that war.

Charge the JROTC and the ROTC guys. They’re kids, they don’t know the horrors of war or of looking in the face of “the enemy” and killing them (hell, I don’t either). But, you don’t charge a group of veterans. I don’t care if they just came back from the Middle East (or the base in Germany or Japan), you thank them for their service, you shake their hand, and you don’t deny them being able to march in a freaken parade by being a douchecanoe and demanding money.

Sure, $10 is $10, but it’s the principle. But, the parade organizers, in my opinion, basically told veterans that they have no respect for them nor their services. And that is fucked up.

(I also found out some cool stuff about other parades that were not ours. Sam Adams (Woo!!) pulled out of the Boston parade as well as the mayor over the parade organizers refusal to let open LGBTQ people march. And, the mayor, chamber-of-whatever people, as well as Heiniken and Guiness (Woo! Guiness!) pulled out of the NYC parade for basically the same thing because apparently parade organizers were idiots this year. And it’s cool. No one was forced to change anything, people were being polite about it and explaining their views. This is how change happens)


I wasn’t much of a beer fan, I was more of a wine fan who also liked Angry Orchard. I had tried a couple of different things and didn’t really care for them, and then about the same time Wil Wheaton was talking about different beers that he was enjoying and discussing tempting to do home brewing (which he’s been successful at. I, for one, would like to try the W00t Stout). So, I decided to give it another chance and…damnit, now I blame Wil Wheaton for every time I go to try a new one.

I’ve had some bad ones and I’ve had some good ones. I’ve found that I like ones that others don’t care much for (others being Jamie and Logan) and learned that I don’t really care for the ones other people like (other people being the general public, the internets, and one of the assistant managers at the store I work at). I’ve also noticed that if I don’t care much for one and it survives the two-sip test (but I still don’t care for it enough to finish the bottle), I can wait a few months and chances are it’ll be better the next time I try it (e.g: Yuengling’s traditional lager)

I still hate IPAs.

Jamie joked tonight about it being “beer-thirty” and that I should crack one open. I tried Stone’s “Levitation” and…it tastes really flowery to me. Maybe I’m not a Stone person.


On another note: Jamie and I got to try the Lebanese restaurant Cedars. It is really good. We made Rhonda call in for us and it was kind of funny to listen to her tell the girl what we wanted. But hey, none of us can pronounce the words correctly. When we picked it up, I noticed that the place right beside the restaurant is a freaken candy store! There’s a candy store in Downtown and I want to go!

It is 34 days until Halloween and I have not decorated our house yet. I’ve been busy with work and when I’m not doing work, I’m doing housework, playing with the dogs, or just screwing around (or hanging out with Jamie). I was kind of hoping that this year I’d have some sort of costume made (like the Silent Hill nurse), but I may be Shaun (from Shaun of the Dead), Wash (from Firefly/BDM), or possibly even Raul Duke (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) because I bought a goofy little dinosaur tail–but I don’t have a tape recorder.

Learn Something New Everyday: June

So, I’m a few days late with coming up with Learn Something New. Not because I forgot to write down some stuff for the last few days, but because June was a crazy month and I really have no idea what day it is most of the time. Things are probably going to get more hectic because I work retail.

No links for June because I really don’t feel like it and we’re in the middle of a small project.


  1. Izzy-butt has gained 4 lbs since she’s been given a bottle of Ensure with dinner.
  2. New York City has a four-person body freezer up for sale.
  3. Apparently all you really need to be a “good” or “prominent” Sci-Fi author is a dick.
  4. More people are willing to pay $4 per pound for a bag of cherries than the $6 for a 3 lbs box that is located on the shelf right below the bags.
  5. A new Chucky movie is coming out. It is being toted as “more scary” than the recent Chucky films and “more like the original.”
  6. Threadless has a little section of TMNT shirts.
  7. Yuengling has a pittie mug! (aww, damnit, now I have to give them a try again)
  8. Cough drops are like candy with benefits.
  9. Jamie can pull off a surprise party! And he made me a Dalek cake!!
  10. I just got “Hall of Mirrors, Vol. 2” for free. (all I can think of is it’s a glitch)
  11. More people showed up and more pets were saved during the “Just One Day” event at the RCACP than I expected (over 70!)
  12. It is official: I am a crazy cat lady.
  13. An organization in NY is going to pull 13-15 dogs from the RCACP. Woohoo!
  14. Doggyloot has leashes and bandanas that let strangers know if your dog is shy, has issues, or is in training.
  15. Holy fuck, Sean Bean doesn’t die in “Silent Hill 2.”
  16. Udo Kier as a mechanical puppet is really fucking creepy (watching “The Theatre Bizarre”)
  17. Ommegang’s new GoT brew (“Take the Black”) comes out in the fall!
  18. Mango dumdums are really gross.
  19. Accidentally found out how to get dumdums off the stick without chomping down on them.
  20. Met a guy who was friends with Vincent Price, it was pretty cool. (he mentioned that Vincent Price was the nicest man you’d ever meet, he also said I’d made his day because I knew who he [Price] was and could name the movie that was where his shirt came from [The Abominable Doctor Phibes]
  21. Pointing out that today is midsummer/solstice really weirds out “normal” people, especially when they complain that the day is “so long.”
  22. If you want cotton candy, you can’t find it anywhere.
  23. CLR will eat through grout.
  24. Algernon, one of the new kittens, can easily spring up pant legs.
  25. There is a recipe for a chocolate espresso panini.
  26. “Frankenstein’s Army” has a VoD and limited theatrical release of July 26th. I am excited.
  27. Darius Rucker has a song (“Wagon Wheels”) that mentions Roanoke.
  28. The HPLHS’ Dark Adventure Radio Theatre will be releasing “The Colour out of Space” soon.
  29. Daly’s Mango Passionfruit is surprisingly tasty.
  30. Your own pair of scissors come in handy at work.

Learn something new everyday: May

I’m a bit surprised. I thought I wouldn’t be able to have everything together and ready to post for another couple of days because it’s been a bit hectic. But yay! Right on schedule.

Learn something new everyday: May

  1. There are “cherry morsels,” like chocolate chips only cherry flavored. I am intrigued and disgusted.
  2. Proof of cannibalism was found and reported officially today. It was for Jamestown, Virginia and a ton of fun to freak people out with this information.
  3. Halmark has a little house charm that looks like a TARDIS.
  4. There is a Hobby Lobby in Danville.
  5. Mike Bennett’s “Poacher’s Cottage” is available for free on the e-reader today (it went back up to 99-cents on May 6th or 7th )
  6. Skittles changed green from lime to green apple. It was a really nasty surprise.
  7. Slenderman is only four years old.
  8. According to this thing I was reading, Eastern Virginia is located beside Tennessee and Kentucky. (link: ).
  9. It is easier, cleaner, more cost-effective to buy a can of papaya juice than it is to juice one yourself.
  10. You can successfully make tails (furry tails) with acrylic yarn and a wire dog brush (the ones that have the four or five rows of fine wire)
  11. Apparently to find ambition, one must wade through self-help mumbo jumbo.
  12. “Thief of Always” is going to be a movie? YAY! Squee. (saw the information on Clive Barker’s fb page)
  13. There is a growing number of breweries in our area. I am a bit shocked, a bit intrigued, and a bit annoyed when one of them can’t spell “opening.”
  14. There is a guy where I now work who has a conspiracy theory about water filters and how they will kill/doom us all. (it’s a new one on me)
  15. Petsmart has an anglerfish dog toy! It is adorable!
  16. I can successfully creep out Jamie by mentioning marionettes. (it’s because I really want my own Horace Horrible)
  17. The world’s quietest room is -9 decibels. It is the anechoic chamber at Orfield Labratory in Minneapolis, MN.
  18. It is possible to find a large lizard statue in our area. Jamie’s mom bought it for us, it is awesome, and the cats are terrified.
  19. If you say “pug,” Bug will come running from nowhere.
  20. Using a Kong ball to roll your foot is that painful in a good way, kind of like foam rolling your back.
  21. I can successfully knit a sock! (it is the wrong type of yarn, of course, but this is awesome!)
  22. Joe Hill has a tumblr account. (he uses it like a blog—regular blog, not re-sharing/re-blogging/re-tweeting things)
  23. Target has a TMNT boardgame called “Clash Alley.” It is $18 and I want it. It looks like goofy fun.
  24. Hope, of High Hopes Training, was interviewed for a segment of local television that will be airing in a few weeks. She’s the trainer we went to for Izzy-butt and she is awesome.
  25. There are Bob-omb pjs at Walmart! (they are $12!)
  26. It is possible to weave an unruly rose vine onto a trellis.
  27. Ben&Jerry’s has a coffee ice cream that has espresso bits and chocolate in it. It is awesome.
  28. Mara Wilson did an article for Cracked. (link:
  29. Apparently there are people dumb enough to want to give birth in a pool with a dolphin. Hello Darwin awards. (It is Mysterious Universe, episode 720+ [a plus episode, therefore you have to be a paid member to get it], it is near the end of the episode).
  30. I learned how to do a damage tag for work.
  31. Faust likes the taste of red velvet yogurt (he got a couple licks off my finger, so it wasn’t a large amount).

Learn something new everyday: April

Wow, I’m a little early for this, so woohoo.

  1. Even after almost 10 years, the “pregnant smoker” still shows up on random websites. (it’s a photo of a woman who looks like she’s about to pop, smoking while standing on a street corner, and she’s quoted, under the photo, on the “sounds of the jackhammers” are going to hurt her unborn baby. Stay classy, Roanoke.)
  2. Tom Savini has a special effects makeup school!
  3. Working for a small company, chances are you’ll get screwed when you have an emergency. Which is what happened today.
  4. “Duck-Rabbit” amble ale is pretty good. It has an oaty, green aftertaste. I tasted green (green green, not like mold green)
  5. Listening to a podcast and the gentleman mistook an English accent for an Australian accent. How do you do this?
  6. I have seen a real-life Sontoran, he goes by the name “Mendy.” (Jamie and I were watching a documentary called “Power Unlimited” and this guy was on there).
  7. “Dead Eye” is a fun mix and sometimes helps my brainworms. (a “dead eye” is 3 shots of espresso mixed in a cup of coffee. It is awesome)
  8. Davos Seaworth (Liam Cunningham) is in the upcoming Doctor Who episode, “Cold War”! (I like Liam Cunningham, he cracked me up in “Dog Soldiers”)
  9. Venture Bros is on Netflix insta-watch!
  10. Firefly really doesn’t like the Falmers in Skyrim.
  11. You can break a smartphone while it’s in its case. Yep, I’m awesome like that.
  12. Pixi Stix do, indeed, go stale.
  13. Our cell provider dropped our cell insurance and we didn’t know until we went in to get a replacement.
  14. There is a thing called a “Lawn Crawfish.” Apparently they are prevalent in the South. (depending on who you speak with, Virginia is part of the South and not because we’re “too North.”)
  15. “Dead Snow” is getting a sequel!
  16. Bill Cosby is coming to Roanoke. I find this both weird and hilarious.
  17. Even if it’s called “The Graveyard Mansion,” chances are it’ll be a very uninteresting story/place. (radio show “The Witch’s Tale” has this as an episode, I found it really…blah)
  18. It takes forever to move things to a new phone when you realize your original phone never got synched.
  19. Bulletproof Sam has found his furever home! Yay!
  20. Chances are, if someone says they’ll help you with something on their lunch break, they won’t do it.
  21. If you shake hands over Izzy’s head, she’ll look up and nod along.
  22. New Peeps flavors: Bubblegum and Lemonade. This is weird and yet intriguing.
  23. GRRM bought a 1-screen theatre as a way of “giving back” to his community. This is awesome.
  24. Sir Chick and Doodlebug’s two-legged puppy arrived. I may be a day or so late, but it showed up on my fb feed today.
  25. Camp AuSome was awarded a grant from Autism Speaks! (AuSome is a local summer camp)
  26. They have kitty bath wipes at Walmart.
  27. It is possible to tie on Mario Party 9. (chances are, it’s probably because we got stuck on the little star island thing on the Blooper’s Beach level)
  28. Airheads are made in Kentucky.
  29. There’s a typewriter shop in Roanoke. And apparently it’s still in business.
  30. For the three other flavors of Angry Orchard (Iceman, Strawman, Elderflower), only Lynchburg and Richmond are showing up as having Elderflower available. As much as I enjoy some Angry Orchard, driving out a few hours to attempt to get something they may or may not have that I have not tried is not something I want to do.

And, my super awesome, super ugly, old afghan is officially no more. Hobbes finished ripping it in half and there’s no way it can survive another round of wash/dry, so into the trash it went. It survived well over 20 years so it’s ok.

And things continue

Let’s see what I can remember that’s happened.

First and foremost: we have added a new addition to our family. His name is Darius, he’s 14 lbs of lovable cat and is approximately 5 years old. When I can, I’ll add his photo and information to the “pets” section. (he’s white and black, but he won’t be confused for Mr Uggs like Snooch gets. He’s more white than black)

I’m going to be babysitting a 7 year old on Monday and Tuesday. It’s going to be…weird. I have to make sure that he won’t bother the dogs or the cats, but I figure we’ve got Netflix and Mario Kart, so it should be good.

My craft room is still pretty…unorganized (stuff is just piled in mounds really). I brought a couple projects upstairs to work on, but since the kid will be here, I had to take the projects back downstairs. I figure, if anything, I may bring a project back upstairs to work on while the kid is here, or just weird him out and bake dog treats.

I did do something stupid yesterday and bought 2 packages of tea– one was a box of Tulsi tea (original), and the other was Pau D’Arco. They were both on sale, I’d never tried them before so I thought it might be fun. The Tulsi tea kind of reminds me of chammomile from Stash. It’s not bad and I haven’t tried the Pau D’Arco yet, but I’m hoping it doesn’t suck. I also bought this little energy drink called Xtreme Shock. It’s a shock alright; it makes your brain wired into go-go-go mode whether your body wants to go or not. The one I tried was the blue one and it tasted like blue freezie pops mixed with a blue Hugs drink. It says sugar-free, but it really seemed like it was jam-packed with sugar.

And now I’m going to go. Darius is a really lovey cat and he wants scritches.