Stuff I’m reading

I decided it’d be fun to make a list of things I’ve read. This way, I can keep track of what I’ve read so I can either avoid it if it’s terrible or remind myself that I just finished reading awesome book I like and I should wait at least another book or two before going back to it.

It just so happened that I started to keep track on October 1, 2015. I wonder how many books I can get to. Not necessarily in a year, just whenever. (also, for those of you don’t know who it is: Sir Pterry is Sir Terry Pratchett. That man was a genius)

*Update: 09/25/16: I’m rearranging so oldest is at the bottom and newest is up top. I figure we can switch it up a bit.


Going Postal – Sir Pterry
Jingo – Sir Pterry
Hasty for the Dark – Adam Nevill
51 Sleepless Nights – Tobias Wade

51 Sleepless Nights has a story that involves a deep fryer. I was highly entertained. It’s a great collection of stories. Hasty for the Dark was really neat. Jamie and I enjoy Adam Nevill’s work, so it was really awesome being able to read this anthology.


Men at Arms – Sir Pterry
The Truth – Sir Pterry
The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror, 2016 edition

Spent time attempting to read House of Leaves (it’s a hard book to get through. according to my Kindle, I’m at 13% done). Attempted Twisted Imaginings, Vol. 1 by Garry Charles and…it’s a very descriptive body/erotic horror. I have to be in a better mindset to read more of it. And lastly: I am slowly working my way through Creatures: 30 Years of Monsters (anthology). I’m at 39% of it and the only reason why is because I’ve already read Godzilla’s 12-Step Program (a fun story)


Guards! Guards! – Sir Pterry
The Haunted Forest Tour – James A. Moore, Jeff Strand
All Things Wise and Wonderful – James Herriot
The Last Hero – Sir Pterry


Started a handful of books because I couldn’t concentrate on things for more than a few minutes at a time. Yay stress.


(so apparently I haven’t updated this since April. whoops. Mixing May and June together because my memory sucks)
Mort – Sir Pterry
Jingo – Sir Pterry
Reaper Man – Sir Pterry
The Fifth Elephant – Sir Pterry
Feet of Clay – Sir Pterry
150 Horror Writing Prompts – Jon Athan
Collected Easter Horror Shorts – ed. Brandy Yassa
Horror d’Oeuvres – ed. Jordan Accinelli
Apartment 16 – Adam Nevill

The Easter anthology is the one that says “Kevin J Kennedy Presents” on the cover. It was a fascinating read. Horror d’Oeuvres is highly recommended. Very awesome book. 150 Horror Writing Prompts was…not for me. Let’s just put it that way.


Going Postal – Sir Pterry
Making Money – Sir Pterry
Old Man’s War – Scalzi

I have the entire series of OMW for kindle, but have also recently (and gleefully) purchased some of the books from a nerd’s yardsale while he was expounding the awesomeness of a different series to Jamie (we bought 26 books from that yardsale). I have been bouncing from various novels (American Gods, Ravensgate, Dad’s Nuke, The Fireman) and various horror anthologies. Nothing is sticking. Also, yes. I did just only write Scalzi. You say “Scalzi” and everyone knows who you’re talking about. Also: he’s super fun to follow on twitter.


The Ritual – Adam Nevill

The Ritual is a weirdly fascinating book. (yeah, I don’t remember finishing any other book for March. Just going back and forth between various novels and anthologies)


Thud! – Sir Pterry
Thief of Time – Sir Pterry

Quite a few books started but not finished. I am going to blame work/stress.

2017! January::

Some Will Not Sleep – Adam Nevill
Maskerade – Sir Pterry
Guards! Guards! – Sir Pterry
Men at Arms – Sir Pterry
The Fifth Elephant – Sir Pterry
Greener Pastures – Michael Wehunt

Greener Pastures is intriguing but also really fucking weird (not bizarro weird, just weird)


The Future of Horror – edited by Jonathan Oliver
Hogfather – Sir Pterry
Summer in Orcus – T. Kingfisher

Future of Horror is a giant anthology that feels like it goes on forever. It’s in 3 parts (house of fear, magic, end of the road) and the first part is interesting, the second part has a fun South African story in it, and the last part is just meh. The farther I went in the book, the more I just wanted to skip it. Granted, it’s much better than a DAW anthology.

Technically Summer in Orcus is, as of right now, a serialized peice on Ursula Vernon’s website. I’m not sure if she’s going to have it published under her T. Kingfisher pseudonym, but I’m going to veer on the side of caution because, well, Summer is not really a “kids” book. (I can see it being a kid’s book, but then again, I was reading about how to mummify corpses when I was six or seven)


Quarter to Midnight – Darcy Coates
Carpe Jugulum – Sir Pterry
Crematorium – R. R. Sechi

I won Crematorium through a blog (Halloweenpalooza) and didn’t realize that it would be sent from the UK to me (whoops). I have a signed paperback copy and it was a fun read. I plan to go back through and make little notes in the margins because it made me think of things. It’s definitely not a book I’m going to loan out to people (because it’s signed and I want to make sure it stays with me!). I plan on checking out more of Sechi’s work.


Tales from Valleyview Cemetery – John Brhel and Joe Sullivan
Nightwatch – Sir Pterry
The King in Yellow – Robert W. Chambers
Probably Monsters – Ray Cluely

Yeah, I am totally lacking. I did start on The Big Book of Ghost Stories, but it’s a slow go (and a large volume). Valleyview Cemetery was one that I wanted to read because the title cracked me up (one of the local malls is Valley View Mall. What can I say, I’m easily entertained at times)


The Last Hero – Sir Pterry
The Folklore of Discworld – Sir Pterry and Jacqueline Simpson

I started a handful of books this month, but have yet to finish anything. Also, my commute from home to work was shortened quite considerably, so I don’t have those two free hours of just listening to podcasts and reading any longer.


Soft and Other Stories – F. Paul Wilson
The Last Continent – Sir Pterry
A Stable for Nightmares or Weird Tales – Charles L. Young
Witch Weigh – Caroline Mickelson

I have found Soft to be both fucking bizarre and inspiring. Witch Weigh is so terrible. I started it forever ago and then stopped. It started out promising and then ended up so…terrible. I regret finishing it.


Men at Arms – Sir Pterry
Wyrd Sisters – Sir Pterry
The Man from U.N.D.E.A.D  – Darren Humphries
Lick the Razor – D B Tarpley
Theater Macabre – Kealan Patrick Burke
Witches Abroad – Sir Pterry

Two novels I started I am refusing to finish (The Lurking Season by Kristopher Rufty and The Last Motel by Brett McBean) because I began to either loathe the characters or stuff kept coming up and I just began to hate it. I have started so many books I haven’t finished yet.


No Way Out – M J Ware
Dark Tales – ed. Vincent V Cava
The Fifth Elephant – Sir Pterry
Hi I’m a Social Disease – Anderson Prunty

Dark Tales was a fun anthology. I liked the South African story–it was different and it packed a punch. It took me a week to finish Hi I’m a Social Disease.  Most of this book made me go “What the fuck.”


Help! A Bear is Eating Me! – Mykle Hansen
The Redneck Guide to Raisin’ Children – Annie Smith
Bites Collection: 30 Bite-Sized Horror Stories – Darcy Coates
Guest Room – Vic Stuckey
Twirling Naked in the Streets and No One Noticed – Jeannie Davide-Rivera
Darkness Within – Chris Dougherty

Help a bear is eating me is…a fucking weird book. The redneck guide is like looking into my childhood and all I can do is laugh at myself and my family. The bite-sized horror collection is awesome! I’d love to read more about Aunt Enid.


Dragonbreath: No Such Thing As Ghosts – Ursula Vernon
Carpe Jugulum – Sir Pterry
Wee Free Men – Sir Pterry
A Hat Full of Sky – Sir Pterry
Wintersmith – Sir Pterry
I Shall Wear Midnight – Sir Pterry
The Last Continent – Sir Pterry
Thud! – Sir Pterry
Reaper Man – Sir Pterry

I don’t know why, but for whatever reason I decided I was going to read the Tiffany Aching stories in order. The downside is, The Shepherd’s Crown makes me so sad (I also only have it in hardback, so it’ll take just a smidge longer than normal to read it because my fingers don’t like me). I’ve started more books this month that I don’t know when I’ll finish: The Imago Sequence by Laird Barron, Children of Old Leech (an anthology), Adolf Hitler: My Part in His Downfall by Spike Milligan, a re-read of To Stir a Magick Cauldron by Silver Ravenwolf (I read it now and  I realize 2 things: I like it more my way and as a fan of the Discworld, she sounds more like Letice Earwig than anything and it is cracking me up), Demon: A Memoir by Tosca Lee, The Nameless Dark by T E Grau, Fortean Times: World’s Weirdest News Stories, Ghost Story by Peter Straub (it’s a re-read because I wasn’t able to get to the end before the book went “missing”), The Penguin Book of Ghost Stories, The Fifth Sacred Thing by Starhawk, and…I’m sure the list goes on.


Reaper Man – Sir Pterry
Nothing O’Clock – Neil Gaiman
Soul Music – Sir Pterry
20th Century Ghost – Joe Hill
Maskerade – Sir Pterry
The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Douglas Adams
Odd and the Frost Giants – Neil Gaiman
Revenge of the Horned Bunnies – Ursula Vernon
Lair of the Bat Monster – Ursula Vernon
The Case of the Toxic Mutants – Ursula Vernon

As you can see, I went back to some books I enjoy and reread them. I decided to reread Hitchhiker’s Guide again because, well, it’s turning into a yearly thing to prepare myself for Towel Day! And, now that I’ve gotten my hands on a few more Dragonbreath books, I read those. I love Ursula Vernon.

Hey look, February has nothing…because my job wants to drive me crazy. Although, I did start a handful of books…I just don’t remember finishing them.

January (2016!)::

Totally Sweet 90s – Gael Fashingbauer Cooper and Brian Bellmont
Holes for Faces – Ramsey Campbell
Scottish Ghost Stories – Elliot O’Donnell
Overtime – Charles Stross
The Nonesuch and Others – Brian Lumley
Uncle John’s Haunted Outhouse (bathroom reader)
13 Ghosts: Strange but True Stories – Will Osborne

I love me some Ramsey Campbell. Dear gods, do not read the 90s book. It was fun, but a lot of stuff was left out and glaring errors like Splinter is the bad guy in the TMNT film. The 1990 tmnt film, the film that I have had my original vhs copy of since it came out on vhs because I fucking love that movie. The Haunted Outhouse book took a while to read (read a bit, go to a novel, read a bit, find a Gaiman book, read a bit, find something else). I forgot Brian Lumley did The Thin People! I love that story. It’s weird and wonderful and creepy and awesome.


Furiously Happy – Jenny Lawson (squee!)
The Art of Asking – Amanda Palmer
Trigger Warning – Neil Gaiman
Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk – David Sedaris
The Interview – Brian Anglin
Auschwitz: A Doctor’s Eyewitness Account – Miklos Nyiszli, Tibere Kremer, and Richard Seaver
The Asylum for Fairy-Tale Creatures – Sebastian Gregory

Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk took a while to read, it was constantly making me go wtf. The Auschwitz book was absolutely fascinating, but definitely not for everyone (I don’t think that even most people who like to read about history would be able to handle the book).


Anansi Boys – Neil Gaiman
As You Wish – Cary Elwes
A Collegiate Casting out of Devilish Devices – Sir Pterry
The Computer Who Believed in Santa – Sir Pterry
The Sea and Little Fishes – Sir Pterry
Death and What Comes Next – Sir Pterry
Theater of Cruelty – Sir Pterry
Troll Bridge – Sir Pterry
Turntables of the Night – Sir Pterry
Neverwhere – Neil Gaiman
Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Truman Capote

You can see a theme here. I like to reread novels (Pterry and Gaiman novels have a tendency to be read multiple times). I hated Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

October (2015)::

The Shepherd’s Crown – Sir Pterry
Eric – Sir Pterry
The $64 Tomato – William Alexander
Best New Horror, #7 – ed. Stephen Jones
Equal Rites – Sir Pterry
Best New Horror, #5 – ed. Stephen Jones
Dragons at Crumbling Castle – Sir Pterry
A Slip of the Keyboard – Sir Pterry

I probably read more. I’m not sure. Shepherd’s Crown was wonderful and awesome and…such a blow. And, I have no idea why I read early editions of Best New Horror.

(Oct 2015 was the beginning of this thing)