Pet Info

A rundown of the other members of the household, starting with Ugly! This way, you’ll know who/what I’m talking about.


Ugly was born in June of 2005 and he is our grumpy lump. Ugly’s original name was Dr Girlfriend, but he was so ugly as a kitten that Ugly stuck. His head was huge, his ears stuck out to the sides, and he was cross-eyed. He is Jamie’s baby. Jamie raised Ugly when his mother rejected him, taught him how to walk and use the litter-box; Jamie will do anything for this cat.

His head is still big, his eyes no longer cross, but he does have evidence of neurological damage (his balance sucks on anything that is less than 3 to 4 inches wide). He has a heart murmur due to age and he has asthma. He is the King of this Castle and we consider him more of a roommate than our cat. He loves rats, lizards, and snakes and tolerates dogs.



Jamie’s co-worker found a dog wandering her property, Jamie’s co-worker and mom were terrified of pits but this dog was super sweet and lovey that she changed their minds. They figured she was dumped anywhere between 2 days and a week or so, and asked if we wanted her. Jamie sent me a text with her photo, she was pathetic and sweet.

We bought the house we were renting for this dog. We named her Firefly because she’s like a light in the dark, hops around, is super sweet, everyone loves fireflies, and I’m a huge dork. We decided that she’s not a River, definitely not a Zoe, too silly for Inara, and Serenity didn’t fit so Firefly did and so we named a dog after an awesome, but cancelled, show.

Firefly turned 3 on November 2, 2010. She is our wiggle-butt and we use her for our foster-dogs for introductions.


We got a call late one evening asking if we wanted a friend for Fly. It’s a female pitbull, she’s got three legs, and other things. We had a small introduction made, decided they’d do well, and while getting the new dog acclimated, we found she had a lot of problems stemming from her problematic life before she came with us. We named her Bug since Thumper doesn’t quite work and we couldn’t name her Cricket since she’d have an identity crisis (it makes sense to me. we have a lizard that eats crickets).

It took 1 1/2 months to get her to smile, 6 months to house break her (she was tied up to a porch with enough room to sit and lay down, she had no shelter, no food/water for who knows how long, and was left out during the apocalyptic snowstorm early 2010), it took almost a year before she would let one of the trainers take her leash and walk with her a couple of steps, she is still nervous around most dogs, and her front leg was cut off. The dog has issues, we’re working on them with her, and she’s a great dog. Because we worked with her super hard to get her to trust us, she now demands belly-rubs at any given time.

Bug was born approximately February of 2008.


We weren’t going to get another dog, but a decieving email found its way to Jamie and said that these specific dogs were going to be euthanized soon. One happened to be a dog we were looking at before we found ourselves with Bug. (the email was a fwd that had some information wrong, the shelter that Hobbes was at is a local no-kill shelter; this did not occur to us until after we came home with a 3rd dog. Ugly was not pleased).

After a few meet-n-greets with the girls, we were okayed to take this lanky dog home with us. We learned he was a seizure case: his original owners either had no idea what to do or didn’t care and he was continuously getting out of his yard, being picked up, and brought back. The court system awarded him to the shelter that picked him up and a few months later, we took him home.  Hobbes is our “potato dog,” he is a bundle of energy for a bout 10 minutes before he decides he doesn’t want to do anything anymore and lays down to hang out. He’s a fun guy to watch television with and has been officially diagnosed with anxiety disorder, which we’ve brought down fairly well and he’s done much better.

Hobbes was born approximately February 2008, roughly around the same time as Bug but we celebrate his birthday a week after hers.


Jamie and I discussed getting a cat for Uggs since he’s getting up in age. We had decided to wait a little while longer and see what happened, so of course we came across Snooch. We were heading home on the Parkway and Jamie noticed a cat at one of the over-looks, he pulled in so we could check on the little guy to see if he was ok. It’s a skinny kitten who is mewing, wants to come up, but is pretty skittish. We’re trying to coax a kitten over to us, some dumbass decides she’s going to ride through the overlook and tries to run over this poor cat. (there was no reason for her to come into the over look, she didn’t slow down, she didn’t stop, she was too busy screwing around to pay attention. Thankfully we stood up so we wouldn’t get hit).

I gave Jamie a pathetic look and we ended up with Snooch, who stayed in our basement for about a month for quarantining purposes, found he could lodge himself into the ceiling, and now he definitely lives up to his name. (he is named after one of the cats in Two Lumps). He’s living up to his name.

Snooch was born approximately Spring/Summer of 2010.


Izzers went to that comfy couch in the sky. She was born approximately middle 2010 and went to the rainbow bridge on 03/01/2014. We never realized how bad her anxiety was until we had to say goodbye. We will miss the stinker, but she’s finally resting and no longer has anything to fear. She was a good dog.




Well, it’s been a while. This page needs an update. Stimpy went to a good home with a doting kiddo, we still have Smrgl. Since the last update we’ve aquired:
+ One dog: Cricket
+ 4 snakes: Clive, Bradbury, Ambrose, and Huxley
+ 2 rats: Cocoa and Butters

And I forgot to make an update about Faustus the cat. Whoops.

So, this means we’re still a zoo.


I have updated Izzy’s information. I want to keep her photo up for now.

Eventually I will post photos of Stimpson J. Cat (“Stimpy”) as well as Smrgl (“smergol”; he also gets called Sandor).


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