chaotic household

With changes going on at work, it’s really no surprise that something like this has happened at home::

I got up yesterday morning, after Jamie had already left for work, and did the normal “before work” stuff (brushing hair, brushing teeth, scooping up cats and shoving them into the craft/cat room so I can let the dogs out) as well as starting on the handful of dishes Jamie found. Let dogs out to pee/play, got ready for work, etc.

Recieved a handful of texts about work (there’s no one in your department, one of your machines is broken, etc) to prepare me for the madness I was going to walk into (on top of the whole “oh yeah, there’s going to be like 20 managers, including the district manager, all up in your business for gods know how long” for some manager-training class). Mentally prepared.

Left the dogs in their room (we have a new door! Fred and Jamie installed a new, solid wood door over the weekend), but did not crate them. Felt they’d been Good Dogs and deserved some “out” time while Jamie and I were at work. The door could be secured, I figured things would go ok. Let the cats out of the room, grabbed my stuff, and left.

Work Happened.

Jamie got home and I got a string of texts that boiled down to: there is shit everywhere.

The dogs had gotten out of their room somehow (my guess is Carrot probably headbutted the door and Firefly or Hobbes pulled from the bottom on their side) and wrecked havoc on the house. The cat boxes were flipped over and litter was strewn everywhere, there was poop in all the rooms (cat/craft room included), the box of clean litter was knocked over and spread all over the kitchen floor, the clean dishes were on the floor, the box of water flavorers were destroyed, the dirty laundry that was in the bathroom was everywhere (Jamie’s dirty laundry from when he showered Monday night), the pantry door was open and stuff was everywhere.


The basement door was shut so no one got out and no one went to doggie-jail (thank gods because today is Payday and we wouldn’t have had the funds to bail them out yesterday).

Jamie spent his afternoon cleaning up the house while I was at work and a coworker and I were trying to figure out the best time to shut down the department so we could clean and have everything done by the time I was scheduled to be off.

This is my life. I have elderbulls who have apparently decided that life is now “no rules” and work is going to be chaotic due to restructuring and we’re all going to be dumped into this new extravaganza on Saturday, when my department will go from having 6 people to 4 and the new DM gets to figure out how we’re going to manage and stay open during the times corporate wants us to stay open. It’s going to be a fun two weeks of madness, that’s for sure (and then hopefully everything will be streamlined/better)



Life is stressful, more so than normal. So a quick phone post.

Firefly has a busted lip from trying to break out of her crate because my neighbors decided that Friday night was perfect to start setting off fireworks.

Hobbes has an upset stomach

Bug has learned how to break out of her crate.

Halloween Story has gotten to where I’ve gotten my characters out of the car! And to the main setting they need to be! Success.

I haven’t touched it in like two days.

Some stuff has happened and I don’t want to go into detail. Let’s just say stresssssssss

Drawing has not happened

I am at like 60ish rows left for the Hideous Purple Shawl so woo.

Dogs are fine for the most part. Cats are still a pain. Faustus is extra lovey.

I am tired.

Getting angry

Yesterday, I’d decided that I’d work my way through Tales from the Lake, vol 4 (because it’s on my kindle and, since I currently can’t afford to buy it, I’m reading it through Kindle Unlimited) during my bus trip to work. I’d left earlier than my normal time so I could use that time to pick up a few things and shove them in Jamie’s car before I clocked in. However, by the time we’d reached one stop, I’d looked at the time and realized that we were not going to make the transfer time.

I put my kindle  in my backpack and just stared out the window, hoping I could make my transfer without having to have to wait for an hour. I didn’t think that I’d had enough money anyway for a new bus ticket (but I’d later find a quarter in my pocket, which is what I needed, so there’s that) and I didn’t have service on my phone because we were waiting for payday to buy a new phone cart.

I’d be stuck.

But, I held out hope and thought maybe we could make it. And then a train came though. The driver drove to the next street (why? I don’t know. the cross bars go down at like the same time) and then went up and around, to find that the train was still going. I resigned myself to my fate of being stuck, and the driver turned down another street and…almost hit a guy who was laying part way in the street.

Someone on the bus yelled “He’s drunk, just ignore him.” And I watched pedestrians just stare at the situation while the driver is using that phone thing they have to contact the supervisors to report this individual who looks to be dead asleep on the side of the road.

We got to the transfer area in time to watch the last handful of busses leave. The one I needed was gone and I just got super frustrated and walked into the waiting area to sit down. I found the quarter in my pocket, and realized I had enough money, tried to find an unlocked wifi signal to text Jamie that I’d be later than 11 like I’d initially planned, and pulled out a story I’d been working on in one of my notebooks.

I was so frustrated and angry, I ended up writing about 6.5 pages before my hand decided to swell up and go “nope.”

I managed to weird out a handful of people in the waiting area (because apparently people writing is never heard of or something). Got on the bus, used up the last bit of money and change cards I had, plopped my butt down, and mostly stared out into space before I realized the pen I’d stolen from Jamie was red and I’d been angrily writing part of a horror story in red ink and I got a kick out of it.

Got to work to find Jamie super concerned and that he’d been told to clock out and go home because he had too much overtime, so he got to leave early.

Life with dogs can be…I dunno, weird? Hectic? Make you resigned to a weird fate of life where you love these damn animals but also don’t want to yell at them for being stupid and trying to drink the mop water.

Hobbes broke out of his crate, probably spurned I’m by the girls escaping the dog room in order to lounge in the living room. And this resulted in him busting his nose up.

He’s fine, don’t let him fool you.

It was also probably Hobbes (because Bug only has evidence on her tail and back legs) who found that I am an idiot and left a can of cocoa powder on the counter. That cocoa powder is on his face, his paws, the back half of Bug, and smeared all over the dog room floor so it looks like someone had a really terrible accident.

Hobbes won’t let me wipe his face off so I can neosporin the scrape on his muzzle and has been doing nothing but giving me his Sad Dog look.

I love you, stupid dog. I wish you weren’t so hard headed sometimes.

Book Review: Alphabet Soup

I got to about “C” before I realized I should take down notes to do a quick book review for Alphabet Soup, but then decided I wasn’t going to go into detail like I did with Will Dalphin’s book (Don’t Look Away) and thought that a quick-n-dirty review would be fun.

Wow. Has it really been like a week since I posted? Bummer.

Anywho. Let’s have a quick-n-dirty review.

Alphabet Soup: Horror Stories for the Tormented Soul

This is a book collected/put together by Tobias Wade (Tobias Wade did 51 Sleepless Nights, which is a great collection)/P F McGrail (who writes the forward) and the art is by Taylor Tate. I love the art in this book. The entire collection is by different authors playing in roughly the same world.

A is for Addiction, by David Maloney – A guy meets an addict, becomes an addict, and winds up getting a dose of something he wasn’t after. I like how it goes from typical “dude winds up an addict” to something you’d find on an early season of NoSleep Podcast.

B is for Barnacle, by Mr Michael Squid – Northeastern town is hit with a hell of a storm when this old captain collapses in a sub shop, much to the dismay of the employees. Really fucked up The Thing kind of stuff happening throughout the story while you realize that the person who wrote it loves marine biology.

C is for Clairvoyance, by Ryan Cook – A person has a gift for seeing peoples’ past/future. He’s told to not do anything about it, but does it anyway, and, eventually, has to make a terrible decision. Fun story!

D is for Daniel, by DoverHawk – Alien Hand Syndrome mixed with Phantom Limb Syndrome. A terrifying concept that made me think of another story kind of like this one (instead of Phantom Limb Syndrome, the character with Alien Hand Syndrome ends up being taken over by it). It’s a quick gut punch of a story.

E is for Echo, by Tobias Wade – A teenager hears the last thoughts of people who have died in any given location. Unfortunately, they go to a nearby lake with classmates for ditch-day and get consumed by the noise. It’s a really neat story.

F is for Formaldehyde, by Kyle Alexander – A guy gets revenge on his neighbors for managing to kill his friendly neighbor upstairs with cigarette smoke. This is a fun story and I highly enjoyed it. It gives off that sweet, sweet revenge feeling.

G is for Gang, by Grant Butler – Weird shit’s going down in Pine Grove Mall and a young officer winds up witnessing it. At first, the story seems a bit lackluster, and then the farther you go into the book, the more you realize that everything’s connected and this story was the introductory build-up to more twisted shit.

H is for Hegemonic, by Rafael Marmol – Religious cult! Sacrifice to a Dead God! Creepy ass priest. Did I mention religious cult? This story is so close to what we know of religious cults in our real-world that the only thing that’s different is the fact that this one has some sort of god living in a sarcophagus. But, really, who’s to say that hasn’t happened in meat-space yet?

I is for Ideation, by Jack T Anderson – A stone tablet falls to Earth, causing a scientific study of it. The downside is, once they’re able to translate it, they can’t get it out of their heads. This was a really awesome story.

J is for Jackass, by Saint Entropy – A person is remembering their college roommate, Jeff, who was your typical self-righteous asshole. Until he disappeared after making a poorly timed joke to the wrong guy. It’s a good story and I like the simplicity of it.

K is for Kinky Serial Killers, by Bak Hayong – Pretty much what it says on the tin: a group of serial killers go out, kill evil bastards, and have an orgy afterwards. The leader of the murderers realizes that for every one they kill, three more pop up, and he’s decided who the last victim will be. Despite the name, it’s a pretty good story and I enjoyed it.

L is for Lunacy, by Chris Thompson – A person has landed on the moon (with a group) in order to colonize it while firmly believing they are the only sentient beings there. After the description of something akin to Geiger and The Thing, I Noped the fuck right out of the story.

M is for Mirror, by Jacob Mandeville – A cursed mirror turns a man’s world upside down. I enjoy mirror stories, despite not being much of a fan of them in real-life. It’s like if Through the Looking Glass and American McGee’s Alice were to meet and manipulate people into murder.

N is for Necrosis, by J Y – A kid is forced to grow up with their obese mother and, while trying to get away as fast as possible, winds up having to come home from college in order to care for her. Her back has started to necrotize and, well…let’s just say if you’ve ever read or listened to any of the narrations for William Dalphin’s Hunger, it’s…a bit like that. I was super grossed out. (but it was so well written!)

O is for Olivia, by Marni Sue – A woman goes from a terrible near-death experience to being able to murder people with psychokinesis! It’s super awesome.

P is for Prey, by Kaitlynn Cooney – A “step by step” guide in how to lure and kill people and frame the coworker you absolutely hate. This story cracked me up.

Q is for Quota, by Kelly Childress – A woman leaves a note for her former bosses, thanking them for their hospitality before telling them who she is and what she’d done. She found that while her family was cursed, she also got screwed with the cure for the curse. I don’t want to give it away, but it was really enjoyable.

R is for Romance, by Mikey Knutson – A woman hooks up with a guy and changes his life. Again, I don’t want to give the story away, but it was well done.

S is for Sable, by Noah Rex – A homeless man, trying to find somewhere to crash for the night, winds up on Sable Lane and regrets it instantly. Horror ensues, the artwork for the story helps you imagine the climax, and it was fun. I was kind of hoping for an Adam Nevill style ending, but it works out for later on in the book.

T is for Time Travel, by John Buffalo – A kid shows off his parents’ time machine to his new friends and learns why you don’t leave people in there. This reminded me of a story I read years ago in the Darkness Creeping anthology, so I highly enjoyed it.

U is for Undelivered, by Harrison Prince – Killer Klowns for Outer Space meets Christmas is the best description you’re going to get from me. And now I have a reason to find snowglobes creepy as fuck. It’s a great story though!

V is for Venom, by P F McGrail – A woman gets conned into using her psychic abilities to take him to where he needs to go by using a synthetic poison. It’s a fun story that reminds me of like an old movie or something.

W is for West Bale Path, by P F McGrail – A recurring character meets another past character and shows him all the sights at West Bale Path. Terrible things are shown, memories of previous stories are brought up, and it’s a fun little story.

X is for Xenophobia, by Claudia Winters – A teenager is in charge of their town’s militia until one of her team mates winds up killing a stranger. Terrible things ensue and we get a glimpse of a character previously mentioned, which I thought was pretty cool.

Y is for Your Match, by Kyle Burton – A woman is recounting her terrible date with a guy to her best friend. It reads exactly how it would if someone were recounting their evening. Bosch is mentioned, which was neat, and I like the breif mention of something else (but, if I say it, then it’s going to take from the story itself, which I don’t want to do). I liked the brief mention of the thing, but also kind of hated the narration style. I understand why it was written like that, and I think that’s great. Just not my thing overall.

& is for Ampersand, by Christopher Maxim – Also known as “If You See This Building,” which MCP narrated a few weeks back. I started reading it and realized “hey! I know this story!” and that’s why (I’d listened to the narration). Quantum Physics in a building sent out to destroy worlds/timelines. It’s pretty great.

Z is for Zodiac, by Alex Baran – The thrilling conclusion to the book that leaves us with more questions than answers and the fear of world domination. It’s wonderful.

Overall, it’s a great anthology and I’m glad to have gotten the experience of reading it. It is available on Amazon for kindle (currently available for free if you have kindle unlimited) as well as paperback ($9.99).

If you’re into horror, then you will probably enjoy this read. It’s also fairly quick.

Phone post

Quick phone post:

I finished Last Days by Adam Nevill and really enjoyed it. Film rights were bought around the time rights for The Ritual were bought, so I’m hoping that the popularity of the film adaptation of The Ritual will increase the likelihood of us getting a visual adaptation of Last Days.

If they do a film version, which I hope they do, I really want to see how they’d do The Triptychs and depictions of the Blood Friends. Will the paintings be done in the 16th Century fashion, or will they be post-modern depictions because he average viewer might not “get” the stylization of 16th century paintings beyond “that looks like that weird painting of the butt-demons that weirdo did.” (hey look, a piss poor description of a Bosch painting)

And I want to see how they’d do the Blood Friends, because I want to see if it resembles what I imagine them to look like.

Condensing the book into a 90 minute film is do-able, and a lot of stuff will either need to be cut or done in a weird Michael Moore documentarian style. I think the hardest thing they’ll have to do is the setting for the mansion at the end of the book.


I enjoyed the book and found it more nightmarey than House of Small Shadows, but I found House of Small Shadows more foreboding. Fun book and I enjoyed it like I’ve enjoyed everything else I’ve read by Adam Nevill. I hope more visual adaptations of his stories are done.

jerked around

While I sit here and eat this mug cake (cup cake? one serving cake? whatever the hell those microwave-for-one-minute one-serving cakes are called), I’d thought I’d do a quick update.

The day before yesterday, I told a coworker I was “not having a good brain day” and I thought that was the best description for it. I went from feeling like everyone was out to get me, to saying “fuck this” and buying a Snickers ice cream bar on my break (with the added “my stomach hurts, fuck this, I want ice cream.”) to being plan “meh” to strange mania with a “fuck this bullshit” attitude.

And then I got home and realized I wasn’t able to read more of Last Days (by Adam Nevill) because the description of Those Things was starting to get to me, so I read a few pages of Men at Arms (by Sir Pterry) because it was the first Discworld book I came across on the kindle

I was talking to Jamie at some point day before yesterday and asked “Why can’t I have the fun parts of the disorder? Why does it have to be “coworkers are out to get me”?” Because, apparently, here’s a whole new aspect of the disorder that’s popping up that I wasn’t expecting.

While I am glad that my brain hasn’t done the “the government is out to get you” and I can still joke about my computer being tracked when I look up weird stuff, I’m also a bit miffed as to my brain deciding that now is a great time to go “your coworkers are out to get you, your boss is out to get you, your job is out to get you.”

I forgot where I was going. I looked at the time and realized that the trash bins probably hadn’t been rolled to the driveway (they weren’t) and ran to go do that.


Yesterday I decided that, since my manager was coming in to do some work at night, I could bother him with the Bad Religion station I have set up on my iheart radio app. I wish I could find that phone-turned-mp3-player because it had all these wonderful episodes of NoSleep on it and I could get him to listen to The Babyfruit Tree. But, since I don’t, and M R James narrations are hard to hear while working on dishes, it wound up being Bad Religion/punk, which was fun (for me it was fun).

I got no response out of him besides “I left the phone that has Moana on it in the car.” (he loves Moana and knows every single song, because his kid loves Moana). Other than that, I don’t think he noticed.

And now I’ve got to take the hellbeasts out. It’s raining slightly so it’ll be a challenge trying to get 3 of the 4 out the door to go pee. Cricket loves the rain, so it’ll be hard to get her inside. She’s our weird, derpy shadow