preparing for madness of somekind

Have I been writing? Uh…does a handful of sentences and an idea jotted down haphazardly count? Because that’s been the extent of writing unless you count twitter/tumblr.

Have I been knitting? Yes! I finished the SuperFoofy Halloweeny shawl thing and now I’m onto SuperSekritProject because it needs to be done before the month of October. I’ve got 37.5 inches left and I hope like hell I’ve got enough yarn.

I did buy some weird buttons in hopes of using them as a form of tie for some of the shawls. I have an idea of what to do, especially because the Halloweeny one doesn’t like to stay on your shoulders and I need some sort of clasp/holder for it, but I’m not sure how it’s going to work out. I ran across a few 2-packs of buttons for like $1 a packet and they just happened to be the kind I’d been thinking about getting.

I also realize that I should probably go in search of all the shawls I’ve made so far and get photos of them, and make Jamie be my model for them so I can take photos that don’t involve the giant sloth stuffed animal I have.

In life:

I got an update from my mom about dad. His stint in the rehab facility has been extended, again, until the 23rd. The first extension was because he’d come down with a mild case of pneumonia and had to be transported back to the hospital so they could treat him. But, he’s doing much better, talking better, and they’re even allowing him to “watch” television for a couple hours throughout the day. He can’t play his DS because he can’t see the screen, thinks fidget spinners are the dumbest thing ever, and his walking is improving.

He and mom are ready to go home. It’s been 2 months and she thinks she can get him into their house without us building a ramp for them. Dad doesn’t want to come stay with us, he’s ready to go home, and Mom swears she’s gained weight while staying up at her mom’s house (because my uncle has been driving her everywhere she needs to go while Jamie and I work all the freaken time) because it’s summer and she’s a huge salad eater during the summer and my grandma is a very Country Southern woman who believes in full meals at dinner and insists that you should take an extra helping, especially if cornbread is involved.

At work:

We’re a few short weeks away from Christmas setup. Jamie just got some new stuff for his department so he’s having to figure out what’s going on with that while dealing with people who steal his equipment or don’t actually do the job. After the inital setup for Christmas, we’re just a few short weeks away from the thousands of pounds of ham and turkey coming in. Hopefully this year no one will drop a pallet of turkeys. But, it’ll probably happen.

After watching the truck driver almost get crushed by a pallet that the warehouse set up wrong, it wouldn’t surprise me if we get a few fucked up pallets of turkeys. (I watched as a manager, the truck driver, and a department manager attempted to bring out a pallet that had another pallet set up on top of it. The bottom pallet was water, the top pallet looked like mostly canned goods. The top pallet was not wrapped correctly and you could tell that whomever put the pallet in the truck just set the pallet ontop of the water pallet and didn’t give a shit. I asked why they didn’t get the top pallet off first, because they couldn’t get them off the truck how it was already, and was ignored, so I got to watch while the top pallet almost came off, thus driver almost getting crushed. they were blocking an area I needed to walk through so it was kind of hard to not stand around and watch. they finally went and got the top pallet off)

I work with weird people.

Oh! So!

I am excited though. I have 3 blankets left and 2.5 bolts of fabric left to wash and then I’m down to just the normal dog/human laundry (well, human laundry and towels). But this is awesome! I’ve been slowly working my way through the mound of laundry all summer (ah the joys of getting sick and working too much). I had no idea we had this many blankets. I have stuffed a tote with blankets, I have stuffed my fabric-mesh laundry tote with blankets. I have 3 blankets left (well, one duvet and two blankets, but still).

I can see most of my basement floor again. I have also found the giant extension cord that I had no idea was down there, but will be useful because I need to work on cleaning up around my poor, mostly dead roses (it’s been a hell of a summer y’all)

Speaking of which, laundry should be done in the washer (and then I can shove 2 of the blankets in the washer!) and I need to get my butt outside before it gets too nasty out (already 80% or higher in humidity, yesterday was like 90% at like 6am).

Honestly, all I really want to do is curl up and work on knitting or listening to stuff. or go back to sleep.


I am a tired turtle

I may not make much sense in the post, so I’ll do my usual “+” thing in hopes of keeping things at least somewhat coherent.

I am a tired turtle, y’all.

+ With our New Program at work, things have been insane. There’s not enough people for the jobs that they want done, things aren’t getting done, and despite the fact that it’s been almost a week since I said “we have to change the oil,” it still hasn’t been done and our $80 order yesterday called to complain about it.

+ Our mark-outs have been crazy. I had to mark out 5 cases of merch yesterday that went out and the day before that Jamie had to mark out at least a buggie-full of merch that went out of date.

+ Our freight didn’t get done yesterday and it probably won’t get done today either. I don’t care. I can’t do everything. I am one tiny person. And while, yes, I can easily fling approximately 200lbs of chicken in various boxes, I don’t want to. I don’t want to be the only one who does.

Freight is practically done by Ajax and myself and Ajax isn’t responsible for our freight anymore (his duties got changed).

+ Yesterday, the first round of rotisserie chickens got put in about 9.30ish. Ok, we’re half an hour late, but that’s ok. We can work it. Rotisseries are usually done (cooked, temped, boxed, and timed) about an hour and a half later. Rotisseries should’ve been done by 11.

The timer goes off and Coworker tells me that it still has two minutes left. Ok, whatever. I’m helping a customer while they’re complaining about having to “fix [your] hot case” because everything I cooked is already gone.

Other coworker goes to grab some asprin while I cut tomatoes/onions for an order for them and our ASM (who is super stressed because this new program is bonkers) says our hot case up front is empty and people are wanting stuff. I tell him I’ll call him as soon as new chickens are done and after he leaves, I look over to find that the chickens are all sitting there. On the table. Boxed and ready to go but without being tagged/timed. I tag-em and put the majority on a cart, leave one of each for the hot case back here, and call him to say they’re ready.

It’s 11.45.

Coworker who grabbed asprin is back, I shove the chickens into our hot case, and tell them that I don’t care that these chickens just came out, I’m going to get our 12pm chickens. When the ASM showed up to grab chickens, I told him the same thing and he was fine with it. I stuffed that rotisserie full because we had so many customers.

12pm chickens were put in and the doors were shut by 12.05. I came back from lunch about 2.20 and they were just pulling chickens out of the rotisserie.

I know it’s busy. We’ve worked hard to get busy. We’ve worked hard to get customers to come back. But why are the chickens sitting in the rotisserie for an extra hour?!

I told Coworker Derp about it while I was getting the last cook (at almost 4pm–an hour late) and he was like “Dude, they tried to get me to help them clean and they didn’t have the rotisserie done and it was already 9pm!”

+ I worked a 10-hour day the day before because it was super busy and we have to do cold orders the day before. I spent 2.5 hours trying to do the same order because it got busy and Coworker decided to up and disappear, leaving Coworker Timid and New Guy by themselves. Timid gets overwhelmed easily, New Guy’s first day was that day. Coworker left them and they were slammed.

By the time 10am rolled around yesterday, I was tired and getting grumpy to the point where the coworker who went for an asprin asked if I was mad at them. Nope, just tired and frustrated.

+ We’re sort of pet sitting for a friend of ours while they go on vacation. We don’t have to worry about the snakes, as they got fed, the lizard died of the ripe old age of 8 before they left, the prairie dogs are good and all we have to do is keep an eye on their water/Timothy Hay and give scritches (and keep an eye out for the older one because she’s calmed down to the point of being “an old fart” who only wants to sleep). Chicken Little decided to come out of hiding (large black hen) and demand tribute while it was raining but Winner Winner (the large fancy hen) is still like “NOPE” and has been hiding somewhere on the property.

Mylie the senior dog has been flopping on the floor and making snarf noises, Kimber decided that, because it’s pouring down rain today, this is the best time to plow into us and Dobby (the chihuahua) and get wet-dog all over everything. Dobby the chihuahua is excited to see us but also kind of still confused when we give him pets. At least he isn’t terrified of us like he used to be (he used to be terrified of everyone)

+ I won a Fraggle from the claw machine a few days ago! I am excited. I love Fraggles!

+ I told Ajax that I want a new name badge that just says “CMOT” and he was like wtf and I explained: We now sell sausages inna bun and soon we’ll be selling sausages onna stick. I am Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler.

I don’t think he got it, but he laughed a bit.

+ Never name your Little Orange Kitten Carrot Ironfoundersson because that little shit will BE Carrot Ironfoundersson. He lives up to his name (except he’s still a little orange cat). Thank gods I didn’t name him Sam Vimes because who knows what would happen if I had because this little shit was missing for TWO DAYS before I found him (he was under the porch/in the backyard. I found him covered in cobwebs, dirt, and dust)

Jamie says he’s that cat from the song “The Cat Came Back.” And it’s true.

+ I wasn’t going to update the blog because I type too loud and Jamie’s dead asleep. But, fuck it, Jamie’s been asleep for a few hours so he can deal.

+ I can’t remember if I’ve worked on any writing the past few days besides jotting down a few story ideas

I realize that if anyone were to look through my notes app, they’d either be confused or concerned because it goes from “This bus smells like mold” to “‘Rose Tattoo’ by Dropkick Murphys makes me think of Phlint” to a rambling message to myself about alien invasions and how we’re all going to die by new soap dispensers.

+ I’m working on trying to finish this shawl/scarf (I say shawl/scarf because I don’t know how large it’s going to be once it’s finished) so I can use my loom to work on the baby blanket that Jamie wants me to make for a coworker of ours. He’s good people so it’ll be fun to make.

I used up the first skein earlier today and just started on the second. What’s taking so long is the fact that it’s such thick yarn, it kills my hands after like one or two rows and I can’t just plow through 10 rows without notice like normal. But, I’ve got like 80ish rows left and then I’ll be done. Hopefully I’ll have enough yarn to finish it!

+ My headphones finally died so I can’t listen to anything. The latest episode of NoSleep is half-finished and there’s new con panels that SilverGatomon posted and new podcast episodes I haven’t listened to.

+ And now it’s time to quit. My hands hurt, my head hurts from sinuses and the rain we’ve been having, my back hurts (probably have a rib out of place again), Uggs has trapped one arm so it’s hard to type.

It’s too dark in here to knit anymore and I’ll probably just lay in bed and attempt to work my way through “The Light at the End,” which I have found is not “an ancient evil has come back” kind of book like the blurb implied but a weird vampire novel and it was intriguing for the most part, but now I’m on chapter 17 or 18, and I’m starting to hate the vampire (because he’s a pompous shit).

chaotic household

With changes going on at work, it’s really no surprise that something like this has happened at home::

I got up yesterday morning, after Jamie had already left for work, and did the normal “before work” stuff (brushing hair, brushing teeth, scooping up cats and shoving them into the craft/cat room so I can let the dogs out) as well as starting on the handful of dishes Jamie found. Let dogs out to pee/play, got ready for work, etc.

Recieved a handful of texts about work (there’s no one in your department, one of your machines is broken, etc) to prepare me for the madness I was going to walk into (on top of the whole “oh yeah, there’s going to be like 20 managers, including the district manager, all up in your business for gods know how long” for some manager-training class). Mentally prepared.

Left the dogs in their room (we have a new door! Fred and Jamie installed a new, solid wood door over the weekend), but did not crate them. Felt they’d been Good Dogs and deserved some “out” time while Jamie and I were at work. The door could be secured, I figured things would go ok. Let the cats out of the room, grabbed my stuff, and left.

Work Happened.

Jamie got home and I got a string of texts that boiled down to: there is shit everywhere.

The dogs had gotten out of their room somehow (my guess is Carrot probably headbutted the door and Firefly or Hobbes pulled from the bottom on their side) and wrecked havoc on the house. The cat boxes were flipped over and litter was strewn everywhere, there was poop in all the rooms (cat/craft room included), the box of clean litter was knocked over and spread all over the kitchen floor, the clean dishes were on the floor, the box of water flavorers were destroyed, the dirty laundry that was in the bathroom was everywhere (Jamie’s dirty laundry from when he showered Monday night), the pantry door was open and stuff was everywhere.


The basement door was shut so no one got out and no one went to doggie-jail (thank gods because today is Payday and we wouldn’t have had the funds to bail them out yesterday).

Jamie spent his afternoon cleaning up the house while I was at work and a coworker and I were trying to figure out the best time to shut down the department so we could clean and have everything done by the time I was scheduled to be off.

This is my life. I have elderbulls who have apparently decided that life is now “no rules” and work is going to be chaotic due to restructuring and we’re all going to be dumped into this new extravaganza on Saturday, when my department will go from having 6 people to 4 and the new DM gets to figure out how we’re going to manage and stay open during the times corporate wants us to stay open. It’s going to be a fun two weeks of madness, that’s for sure (and then hopefully everything will be streamlined/better)

Somewhere, something is going on

My unwritten goal for the blog was to update it more frequently than I had. Not like Scalzi level updating because I don’t think I could do that (in fact, I’m fairly sure I haven’t been able to do that since high school). But more on a “at least one to two times a week” kind of updating rota.

Yeah. This isn’t happening.

It’s like the whole “gonna update my comic tumblr twice a week.” Ha. I haven’t touched it in…a couple months or so. I don’t even know anymore.

So. Things. Things are happening.

My dad is still in the hospital, however he has been recently moved into a “normal” room so that’s a huge plus. He has physical therapy to help him re-learn how to use his left side, he’ll probably have to see a psychologist in order to help with the forced detox from addicting behaviors (smoking/drinking), but that probably won’t be until after he gets some speech therapy or something. I don’t know.

But, the staples are out of his head, he’s medicated, his boss is worried about him so that’s a plus. I have no idea how long he’ll be in the hospital, I have no idea if we’ll be rearranging the house in order for my parents to live with us. It’s an underlying stress that’s been going on for the past almost-month.

Jamie’s dad and step-mom came by yesterday to help with the house. They insisted and it helped because they brought a new door for the dog room (because of course I have dogs who will destroy a door), and while Jenny and I worked on doing inside cleaning, Jamie and Fred worked on fixing the part of our fence that was slowly falling down.

After they left, I went out in search of my glasses (because I lost them this past tuesday) and found them under the car after I’d been laying partially under the car and seeing a wall crab I’d never seen before (small wall crab with spindly black legs and a red body). I’d sighed and went “Anasazi, if you’re around, could you point me in the direction of my glasses? Because I’ve never seen one like that one before” (the wall crab) and sure enough, that little red-with-black legs wall crab walked over to where my glasses were.

I left out fruit in thanks.

I try to not bother gods because I like how Granny Weatherwax thinks of it: you acknowledge that they’re there, but there’s really no need to bring attention to yourself. I think it’s a good way to see it as: they’re there, sometimes they like to hear people say their names, and sometimes they like to be talked to or thanked. But, there’s really no reason to go out of your way to grab their attention because then you never know what’ll happen.

With my phobia, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Anasazi took a shine to me because he seems like the kind of person who likes to fuck with people for shits and giggles. It’s like dealing with Mercury/Hermes, who I think likes to remind people to stop taking life so seriously.

In a sense, it seems hilarious that jokester gods and story teller gods are my kind of gods. But hey, whatever works I guess.

I’ve been trying to work on writing a bit. I saw a submission call for a Halloween story, but there wasn’t any deadline at the time and I thought it’d be fun. While I doubt that I meet the deadline or anything like that, I think it’d be a lot of fun to write a Halloween story. It’s helping me stay away from the one story I was working on before my dad had his seizure/stroke/whatever it was. I’m not in the correct headspace for it.

I’ve got about 7 pages written in a notebook for the Halloween story and I’m just now getting my characters parked at the setting they need to be in for things to start going and out of the car. Hey, not bad. I mean, I could have probably prolonged it but that would’ve made it boring as hell. And, it’s only the first draft so who knows what’ll happen.

So it’s really weird knowing that I’m working on a horror Halloween story and now I’m getting smacked in the head with an idea for a pseudo folktale kind of thing. I guess maybe it’s a sign to take a break from horror and see where this idea goes before going back to horror and working on the Halloween story along with the one I had a dream about the other day (complete with watching myself write the story title down in the dream. super weird)

And lastly:

Still working on knitting. Woo. I like it. I’m enjoying making the shawls and I’m thinking that if I have another 500+ yd skein (not necessarily lace weight, but something between it and the “sport” weight I normally use. I have half a skein of what it is somewhere in my stash), I’m going to go for another idea and see how it works out.

I finished Super Hideous Texture shawl and, now that I’ve used it up, finished it, etc, it doesn’t feel as awful as it did when I was making it. The textures striped naturally and Jamie said that it would look so much cooler if there were more sparkly yarn interspersed throughout the yarn besides the just 2 or 3 spots that it was.

Now, I’m on a new shawl, using a pseudo chunky style yarn that I pulled apart 3 times and now I’m on tryout number 4 and the 4th try has come out pretty well and I’m happy with it. It’s not as tight as it was, and as I continue, it’s kinda fat so it’s fun to work with. I’m hoping I have enough yarn to get it done, but if I don’t then that’s ok too. I think I have another partial skein somewhere in the basement, so we’ll see what happens.


Life is stressful, more so than normal. So a quick phone post.

Firefly has a busted lip from trying to break out of her crate because my neighbors decided that Friday night was perfect to start setting off fireworks.

Hobbes has an upset stomach

Bug has learned how to break out of her crate.

Halloween Story has gotten to where I’ve gotten my characters out of the car! And to the main setting they need to be! Success.

I haven’t touched it in like two days.

Some stuff has happened and I don’t want to go into detail. Let’s just say stresssssssss

Drawing has not happened

I am at like 60ish rows left for the Hideous Purple Shawl so woo.

Dogs are fine for the most part. Cats are still a pain. Faustus is extra lovey.

I am tired.

Getting angry

Yesterday, I’d decided that I’d work my way through Tales from the Lake, vol 4 (because it’s on my kindle and, since I currently can’t afford to buy it, I’m reading it through Kindle Unlimited) during my bus trip to work. I’d left earlier than my normal time so I could use that time to pick up a few things and shove them in Jamie’s car before I clocked in. However, by the time we’d reached one stop, I’d looked at the time and realized that we were not going to make the transfer time.

I put my kindle  in my backpack and just stared out the window, hoping I could make my transfer without having to have to wait for an hour. I didn’t think that I’d had enough money anyway for a new bus ticket (but I’d later find a quarter in my pocket, which is what I needed, so there’s that) and I didn’t have service on my phone because we were waiting for payday to buy a new phone cart.

I’d be stuck.

But, I held out hope and thought maybe we could make it. And then a train came though. The driver drove to the next street (why? I don’t know. the cross bars go down at like the same time) and then went up and around, to find that the train was still going. I resigned myself to my fate of being stuck, and the driver turned down another street and…almost hit a guy who was laying part way in the street.

Someone on the bus yelled “He’s drunk, just ignore him.” And I watched pedestrians just stare at the situation while the driver is using that phone thing they have to contact the supervisors to report this individual who looks to be dead asleep on the side of the road.

We got to the transfer area in time to watch the last handful of busses leave. The one I needed was gone and I just got super frustrated and walked into the waiting area to sit down. I found the quarter in my pocket, and realized I had enough money, tried to find an unlocked wifi signal to text Jamie that I’d be later than 11 like I’d initially planned, and pulled out a story I’d been working on in one of my notebooks.

I was so frustrated and angry, I ended up writing about 6.5 pages before my hand decided to swell up and go “nope.”

I managed to weird out a handful of people in the waiting area (because apparently people writing is never heard of or something). Got on the bus, used up the last bit of money and change cards I had, plopped my butt down, and mostly stared out into space before I realized the pen I’d stolen from Jamie was red and I’d been angrily writing part of a horror story in red ink and I got a kick out of it.

Got to work to find Jamie super concerned and that he’d been told to clock out and go home because he had too much overtime, so he got to leave early.

Life with dogs can be…I dunno, weird? Hectic? Make you resigned to a weird fate of life where you love these damn animals but also don’t want to yell at them for being stupid and trying to drink the mop water.

Hobbes broke out of his crate, probably spurned I’m by the girls escaping the dog room in order to lounge in the living room. And this resulted in him busting his nose up.

He’s fine, don’t let him fool you.

It was also probably Hobbes (because Bug only has evidence on her tail and back legs) who found that I am an idiot and left a can of cocoa powder on the counter. That cocoa powder is on his face, his paws, the back half of Bug, and smeared all over the dog room floor so it looks like someone had a really terrible accident.

Hobbes won’t let me wipe his face off so I can neosporin the scrape on his muzzle and has been doing nothing but giving me his Sad Dog look.

I love you, stupid dog. I wish you weren’t so hard headed sometimes.