I’m trying

+ I’m trying. Trying to get things done at work. Trying to get things done at home. Trying.

+ Yesterday, I wound up so mentally and physically exhausted that I ended up dozing off on the bus. Not for long periods of time, just a few minutes here and there. But, on the plus side, I didn’t miss my transfer. So yay.

I got home and immediately went to sleep. I got up about 6.30 this morning. I’m still feeling exhausted, but I’m doing things.

+ I’ve decided to go through my scraps of yarn to make shawls. I’m calling them “Scrap Shawls” because, well, that’s what they are and I think they’ll turn out pretty neat.

+ I still need to finish that review for William Dalphin. I’ve been so busy that by the time that I sit down to get on the computer, I just…veg out and read things.

+ I have given the impromptu-commission to the person who will be giving the gift to a friend of theirs. Person is thrilled with how it looks, so woo (and it used up one of my balls of yarn so hell yeah!)

+ I have made my immidate manager, the assistant manager over him, and another assistant manager super thrilled with my work. Manager Happy told me to “keep” my overtime, but speaking with my ASM, I have to kill the extra time. I’m cool with that. The store is cutting everyone’s hours back and I don’t want to get anyone chewed out for me being over (at least I was working while getting the OT instead of standing around and shooting the shit with my coworkers)

+ I wound up having an…issue with someone the other night and went to management about it. Jamie’s pissed, Ajax hasn’t gotten to hear the whole story yet, and Coworker Derp (I love him, but he’s also derpy, like me. he’s a good kid) keeps telling me he’ll back me up if anything happens.

I wound up becoming so mad over the issue that I sobbed while screaming about it (at home and in the car on the way home) to Jamie, who listened and comforted me when I needed it because he is the best Bear ever.

+ I was thinking about a story I wrote in a notebook (that’s somewhere) yesterday and wondered if I’d ever typed it up. While I had the computer searching for part of the title, I hit up Twitter and Vincent V Cava (his stories are awesome) was like “hey, if you’re interested in having a story published, go to this website.” and I’m like “Dude. What a coincidence.”

Now that the computer has been searching, I have found that I never typed the story up. Which, in a way, is a good thing because that means I can add onto it and take stuff out of it…if I can find the story. I gave a super basic rundown of what it is to Jamie and he just went “What the fuck. That’s goddamn creepy.” so yay. If I can creep one person out with the idea, then I did good.

+ The laundrypocalypse continues, but at least I can see the floor. It is in various piles (one pile for blankets, one pile for towels,  one giant pile for dog stuff, two piles for human laundry). I am terrible at keeping up with laundry. But, we’ve also been doing a lot of extra work for work and being out of the house causes large messes (and we have Carrot. Carrot is why we can’t have nice things)


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