trying to find the funny side

Yesterday was a day of pent up anger and irritation at stuff that’s been happening in my department. I wound up getting a breif talking-to by my ASM about it (not the “you’re in trouble” kind of talk but the “I have a business to run and you all are acting like kindergartners and I’m tired of it” kind of talk). The plus side is, I’m not in trouble. He knows I rarely complain to upper management unless something that I or another person couldn’t handle (and now it’s unless my department manager can’t work around/through).

Manager Creep went from trying to troll me about never having seen me smile (a lie) to trying to fuck with my head by having a little plastic babydoll leg/foot taped to his badge and swearing that nothing was there. And my department was one irritating mess after another.


I was handed cake (woohoo, free cake!) by a manager asking if I want cake. (if you stick it two inches from my face, yes I will take it). I got a kick out of my buddy M talking about how the PC version of Ark glitches and he got eaten by a gigarex.

Grossed out coworker C by grabbing the part of the drain that comes out with my bare hands (because I’d already taken my gloves off after picking up liquified black goo and telling her it was like cleaning up after Bug when she has a bad accident. she gagged). I texted Jamie and went “I smell like a sewer.” He told me I don’t, and I told him “yeah, I really do.” because I had to get on my knees, in dirty ass water, to pick up the drain peice that comes out so I wound up covered in nasty shit from the knees down.

I bought a bit of fabric and wound up looking like I’d punted a fluffy pink bird because apparently it had started shedding on me as I was walking to a register. I found it hilarious. And, I got to see my buddy D (a former coworker from a previous job) and that was awesome. I wound up making a department manager near her snort-laugh because I’d said something kind of terrible and he wasn’t expecting it.

Right now it seems as though part of work is pushing me to just continue to be a stressed-out, angry little turtle and I need to remember to remember the funny shit that happens so I’ll stop dwelling on the not-good parts of the day.

This morning, Jamie got up and caught Mewkis and Carrot in the pantry knocking stuff into the floor so Bug and Hobbes could eat it. There goes the candy Jamie’s dad got us. Crazy cats. I’ve also learned that not only can Hobbes open the microwave, but he’s started to learn how to open the oven door. He’s not supposed to be that smart, but I guess because he’s an old man he’s decided he can do what he wants.


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