A list of things (to do)

I’m a little overwhelmed. 2017 knocked on the door last night, so now I’m waiting on a callback to fix it (because, despite repeatedly stating “you have to find the paperwork so I can mail in the information” since middle October still didn’t do anything, we got a nice bright yellow notice saying we’ve been warned that our dogs are not registered. Not. Registered. godsdamnit)

3 of the 4 dogs are now registered and I have to get Bug’s rabies vaccination updated so we can get her registered with the city. I’ve called the number on the paperwork, which leads to a non-emergency number, and am waiting on a callback from the poor sod who got stuck with filing the notice. My plan was to sit, eat, and rest a bit before tricking Bug into the bathroom and giving her a bath so we could call the vet’s office and go and take her to get the shot so we could register her later or tomorrow, but no. Now I’m stuck waiting for someone to call me back and I can’t risk being sudsy from the elbows down.

So, let’s make a list of things that need to be done, feel free to ignore this, I don’t care. It’s mainly so I’ll be less overwhelmed by the time Jamie gets home.

  • Laundry
    • human
    • dog
    • blankets
    • gather any other laundry in the house
  • Dishes
    • search house for dishes
    • dog bowls
    • cat bowls
    • Uggs’ dishes
  • cat boxes
    • all 3 need to be cleaned completely
  • bring trash and recycle bins into the back yard for easier access
    • take out any trash/recycling accumulated
  • rip down that stuff between the privacy fence and tiny fence
  • continue jury-riggin’ the fence
  • the usual sweep, mop, etc
  • search craft room for anything else that might have been damaged by cats
  • clean office and craft room
  • change out dog bedding
    • see how badly destroyed Hobbes’ pillow is
  • make grocery list
    • cat litter needs to be added
    • and dog treats because I think we’re out
  • keep an eye out for phone-turned-mp3-player as it’s still missing
  • work on review for William Dalphin’s book
  • peck away at story ideas
    • work on editing that one story so it’s more believable
  • look up that artist that was mentioned to me the other night (Elijah Cortez), as I haven’t had a chance to do it yet
  • clean off the desk
  • Bathe Bug, get her up-to-date on vaccine, and re-registered with the City
  • work on knitting (I’m down like 4 little yarn balls while working on this one shawl. I am excited)
  • find recipe for Danish Wedding Cookies (as we promised them to someone as payment)
    • mini chocolate chips are going to be needed
  • look into how much it’s going to cost to get a replacement spare tire (ours is dry rotted. surprise!) and get fix-a-flat because we’ve got a screw in one of the tires (oh joy)

And…I don’t know what else. I’m a little less overwhelmed right now, now that I’ve written this all down. But it’s still kind of there. Last year was…survivable but really stressful. While we’re trying to fix everything that accumulated from last year, it’s still setting stuff back.

I’m becoming resigned to my fate of just having to throw almost everything out of the craft room and just…restarting from scratch. As someone who hoards things, this hurts physically and emotionally, but it’s also helping me realize that I can’t have such an attachment to things. I’ve gotten a lot better about it since Jamie and I moved in together, but it’s still not as easy as it should be. It hurts to have to throw out sketches, notes, etc, but it’s more of a “godsdamnit, those were notes for a story/comic” and not “I was going o use that to make something and I bought them 4 years ago and haven’t touched it since” kind of hurt.

Well, I’ve sat here long enough. Even though I can’t bathe the dog just yet, I can get a fresh load of laundry started, take the dogs out, and whatnot while I wait on that phone call.


trying to find the funny side

Yesterday was a day of pent up anger and irritation at stuff that’s been happening in my department. I wound up getting a breif talking-to by my ASM about it (not the “you’re in trouble” kind of talk but the “I have a business to run and you all are acting like kindergartners and I’m tired of it” kind of talk). The plus side is, I’m not in trouble. He knows I rarely complain to upper management unless something that I or another person couldn’t handle (and now it’s unless my department manager can’t work around/through).

Manager Creep went from trying to troll me about never having seen me smile (a lie) to trying to fuck with my head by having a little plastic babydoll leg/foot taped to his badge and swearing that nothing was there. And my department was one irritating mess after another.


I was handed cake (woohoo, free cake!) by a manager asking if I want cake. (if you stick it two inches from my face, yes I will take it). I got a kick out of my buddy M talking about how the PC version of Ark glitches and he got eaten by a gigarex.

Grossed out coworker C by grabbing the part of the drain that comes out with my bare hands (because I’d already taken my gloves off after picking up liquified black goo and telling her it was like cleaning up after Bug when she has a bad accident. she gagged). I texted Jamie and went “I smell like a sewer.” He told me I don’t, and I told him “yeah, I really do.” because I had to get on my knees, in dirty ass water, to pick up the drain peice that comes out so I wound up covered in nasty shit from the knees down.

I bought a bit of fabric and wound up looking like I’d punted a fluffy pink bird because apparently it had started shedding on me as I was walking to a register. I found it hilarious. And, I got to see my buddy D (a former coworker from a previous job) and that was awesome. I wound up making a department manager near her snort-laugh because I’d said something kind of terrible and he wasn’t expecting it.

Right now it seems as though part of work is pushing me to just continue to be a stressed-out, angry little turtle and I need to remember to remember the funny shit that happens so I’ll stop dwelling on the not-good parts of the day.

This morning, Jamie got up and caught Mewkis and Carrot in the pantry knocking stuff into the floor so Bug and Hobbes could eat it. There goes the candy Jamie’s dad got us. Crazy cats. I’ve also learned that not only can Hobbes open the microwave, but he’s started to learn how to open the oven door. He’s not supposed to be that smart, but I guess because he’s an old man he’s decided he can do what he wants.