an abundance of stuff

I told Jamie I wanted to set up my craft room as my main workspace, so I don’t spend all my time on the computer surfing the internet instead of doing things. It worked ok today, until I realized I needed to scan the comics that I’d finished. I wound up not being able to find the art program I use to scan the images onto the computer, so I downloaded GIMP (I love GIMP) and that took an hour. I spent the time waiting working on a knit bag, just to see if I could make it. It is currently sparkly and horrendous. Chances are, I’ll use it as my Co-Op bag the next time we hit up the shop.

The hour passes, GIMP loads, and…I can’t scan images into the program. Awesome. So I complain to a friend of mine via text, while she’s telling me about the crazy that is her job, and I find the art program I normally use to scan things. Yay!

I scanned 22 pages, I still have a stack more to go, and I’m just like fuck this I am going to take a break. A break from scanning everything, that is. I’ve spent the past hour or so just going through my twitter feed looking for stuff I can use in my comic.

I counted what I have done: I have 95 bits done, not including the ones that had already been scanned and whatnot on the computer. So this means I can definitely do the twice-a-week schedule I was planning on. I have pages and pages of just hand-written notes for comic ideas. I have a little 100-page sketch book that is full of thumbnail sketches (over 350 last I counted, I’ll have to count again) and I’ve got 24 pages left of the book.

I know it won’t be the best in the world. I do all my drawings by hand. My scanner is like 13 years old (and still going! woot) so, to me, the images look a bit worse for wear. But I still like how they come out. I can’t do a straight line to save my life, but I feel that it gives it a little bit of quirkiness to it.

If I can at least work on it a bit, I can get some things taken care of for it, I can finally start posting it online. I don’t care if anyone likes it. I like it, I enjoy making it, and I know some friends of mine like it, so that makes it all the better.


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