not writing, just creating

I’m not writing. (blah) It sounds terrible when I say it and it comes to the forefront of my mind, but right now, I’m ok with it. Weird, right?

I’ve got a couple/few ideas going around in my head, but I’m at that over-analyzing part again so I have to step back from it. Sometimes it helps to step back away from things (sure, I’ll forget where I was in a story or an idea, but that’s ok. I think I need this right now)

Instead! I am working on knitting. Since I deep-cleaned the craft room, and found shit I have no memory of acquiring, I realized I had way more yarn than I thought. So, of course I’ve gone out and gotten more (they’re different colours, gradients, weights, etc).

While cleaning, I found the panel of a blanket I started a few years ago and put it to the side to work on. Eventually I will finish this blanket, because it’s for someone, and I will be relieved to have these peices out of the way.

I’ve also bought tulle. So much tulle (what is wrong with me) because I have a couple ideas (what else is new).

Also: yesterday I told Jamie I wanted to hit [Local Craft Store] because I had heard through the grapevine that they had some of their fall stuff out. We love fall. Most of our household decorations are fall or Halloween. So, we went out there and it was neat but also kind of weird. Jamie and I haven’t been in this particular store in years (for various reasons)

We ended up wandering around looking at stuff. I made jokes about buying some of the dress-up dresses for Cricket. I made a comment about how one day I will have a nice drafting table, Jamie responded with one day he will have a nice easel. We wandered around a bit more, he looked at some stuff and I wandered over to the yarn and found some clearance yarn.

We picked a handful of things for ourselves and I wound up asking the cashier if 3 skeins were really on sale because I didn’t believe it. One looked just like a colour gradient that was not on sale and another was labeled as 99-cents. Everything was on sale so I was like “Woohoo! I will totally buy that!”

We went home, did a couple things, and Jamie said he wanted tracing paper. I have tracing paper! I went looking for my tracing paper.

I can’t find my tracing paper.

I don’t know how. It’s a giant tablet (front and back cardboard missing) that’s folded in half and tucked up near my drafting table so I can have it easily accessible. Nope. Can’t find it anywhere. I found the elastic I needed for the tulle project, but no where was this tracing paper.

We go to Walmart, because Jamie swears he saw it there the other day (nope, but I did find a bottle of India Ink on sale) and we go back to [Local Craft Store]. Jamie found the tracing paper he wanted, found a drawing pencil packet that looked neat (different hardness of pencils, an eraser, a smudger, and a sharpener) and I got called a Devil Demon for texting a photo of their glitter display to a friend of mine.

We ran into my aunt (yay!) who was there for Scrapbooking stuff (weird creative things run in the family. she and I are the black sheep of a black sheep family) and we talked dogs. She was telling us her puppy is now 65 lbs of squish, we told her that we will bring Cricket over one day and the “Old Ladies” are too grumpy for a puppy. It was really awesome seeing her, and soon we went our separate ways.

I found a display of little skeins of yarn on sale for $1 each, squeed, and picked 5 colours that I don’t have.

I am a yarn hoarder. These are going into The Hoard.


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