Weekend adventure

Saturday morning, Jamie plopped on the bed, wished me happy birthday, and asked if I wanted to go yardsaling. He’d found a few places that posted on our local craigslist that cited Craft Supplies and Books. (it’s weird knowing that Roanoke has its own little craigslist thing but it helps when looking for yardsales).

We decided to go to the Salem ones first that Jamie had found, hitting up the walmart first to get some money and try our luck at the claw machines. Jamie won me a fox and I failed at every. single. machine. I tried. Oh well. I found it funny. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. We found the first one and I ended up buying a pile of fabric from a nice woman who said that she just ran out of room. They had a small selection of books, but we decided to pass. Nothing really grabbed Jamie’s attention and so we headed off to the next spot Jamie found.

There were a few cars parked and staked signs pointing to yard sale. A note on the door read “Just open the door” (or something similar) as we were greeted by a woman who told us that there were 3 rooms dedicated to the sale. We didn’t open the door because two other ladies were just a few short steps ahead of us.

We didn’t check the first room, there were people milling about everywhere, and there were folding tables set up against a main wall full of craft supplies and little trinkets already made. There was a dining room table and counterspace crammed with china and glassware, some boxes on the floor of old yarnwork magazines and beads.

I walked into the third room, Jamie following silently behind me getting more and more uncomfortable as the seconds ticked past, and came across a room of nothing but fabric cuts and boxes of yarn. I wound up grabbing a box of gallon bags, labeled with requested prices, of yarn and we paid the gentleman before leaving quickly.

We were in and out in under 5 minutes. It felt like longer.

As we got into the car, I told Jamie that I felt terrible for the woman whose things were being sold. We had been informed that the room we were in was “jam-packed” with all these craft supplies and that the woman’s family had decided it was “best” if things were sold.

I’ve been to many estate sales (most of them were because my grandparents had their own estate sale business), but this is the first time that I’ve been to an estate sale where the little-old-person whose estate is being practically liquidated was alive. Jamie and I agreed that we think we just went to an estate sale to sell off this woman’s things so her family could either move her in with one of them or move her into some sort of assisted living situation.

We ended up going from one semi-awkward situation straight into another. There was a yard sale doodad being held at a local business where the employees were trying to raise money for one of their co-workers. Jamie ended up speaking with someone we kinda-sorta know while I walked around and bought a milk crate full of chunky yarn (and possibly other things. I saw chunky yarn)

Hopefully they made a good chunk of money for their coworker.

The last place we hit up was a massive church sale. I love church sales. You find all kinds of weird shit at church sales.

They had little-kid plastic chairs. The kind of chairs I remember from elementary school (except my school’s were dark blue) and I told Jamie I wanted one. He told me I couldn’t fit on one but Snooch might. There were so many people. We went with the flow of traffic and wound up staying at the one corner that was stacked with books.

They had a Bentley Little novel.

Jamie found books he wanted, I found books I wanted (including the Bentley Little novel. now I have a kindle version and a physical copy! woo). I found a book for his grandmother and ran across the paperback version of a book that Jamie bought me for my birthday two years ago and I loaned to someone, who after 4 months swore they “couldn’t find it” when I asked for it back. Hey, maybe it’s a sign. I grabbed the book.

The people running the church sale were thrilled when we walked up with like 20 books. It was great.

When we got home, I looked at one of the hardbacks I grabbed and found that some pages are missing. No biggie. But, with how the pages are missing, I realized that it is a great book for story inspiration. So yay.

And then I went to work.


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