doing all i can

I’ve been trying to do all that I can while at work. It doesn’t help.

+ Last week, I thought I was making progress on Screechypants seeing me as more than something to yell at when things don’t go her way. But no, HeadBoss is in and that means Screechypants goes from being ok with lighthearted joking to “no one’s allowed to talk to anyone unless it’s a customer or I’ll pull you into the office!” I feel like I’m on a fucked up roller coaster ride.

+ The power cut out here at home two weeks ago because some idiot plowed through 3 poles down the street. Our buddies closest to it were out of power for a while. We, however, were out of power for maybe a minute. And now our HVAC system doesn’t work (super) and I don’t know how to fix it. Jamie says he gives up, it’s too hot, and he’s willing to overdraft the bank account in order to bring someone in to look at it.

This entire thing makes me realize that how the human body acclimates to things is absolutely fascinating.

+ Old Man and Ninja Dog Hobbes managed to get out of the basement and past the barrier to sleep on the floor in the livingroom earlier. I don’t blame him. The livingroom is cooler in the afternoons. The dogs are crazy, as usual.

+ I am still working my way through the Combo Breaker blanket. I’m at 121 rows of 180. Soon. Soooooon I will be done with this thing.

So of course, I’m planning on making another. This time in Gryffindor colours, despite my love of Slytherin. Because I have sucker written on my forehead.

+ I’ve been having nightmares every night for the past two weeks. Sucks for trying to sleep, but some of it is interesting enough to write down later for story ideas. When I can remember things, lol.

+ I’ve managed to jot down story ideas for one story and a few notes for other possible stories. Now if only I’d write them.


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