I can’t help but laugh

+ The power went out at work yesterday. We had to have someone yell at people coming towards the store to say we’re closed as a bunch of us rushed to get all the cold stuff into the freezers/coolers as fast as possible. I think we made it. (Jamie hit the store this morning while I was working on brushing my hair and said it was open). I was told to “go away” at 5.30 because I was supposed to have left at 4. We wound up with 3 associates from other stores and 2 of the loss prevention guys.

+ I ended up getting frustrated because I had just gotten the lottery tickets I needed to have in the machine that day because it hadn’t arrived the day before.

+ Opening up a case of M&Ms in a pitch-black store makes an echoing farting noise.

+ I now have just over 3.5 hours over my scheduled time. The first hour, we don’t know what happened. The second hour was when Screechypants asked if I could stay over a little bit to help out. An hour and a half was from the power-outage, and a handful of minutes is from the usual end-of-shift discussions.


+ I spent 5 hours brushing my hair. It sounds crazy, but I also haven’t brushed my hair in…days. I don’t remember how long ago it was (that’s bad, I know) So now my hair is braided and pulled into a pony tail. I still need to un-braid everything, re-brush because I’m sure I’ve missed a knot or three, and work on separating my hair for tomorrow.

+ Tomorrow is May the Fourth (I’m more of a Revenge of the Fifth person), so I’m planning on putting my hair into buns and wearing glitter.


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