slow recovery

By slow recovery, I mean: slowly recovering files off a flash drive. It’s been 5 hours and the program is still reading through what it can to figure out what folders is on the flash drive, so that I can pick through it and try to find the file(s) I need.

The Tsum Tsum game I play on my phone has a new Event going on. It’s Star Wars (aka: destroy the destroyer, get a death trooper). 30 cards and I have recently beaten number 17. The entire time I’m playing, I’m laughing. I’m not rebel, I’m alliance (for the Star Wars universe). One day I will have a storm trooper costume (not with a Hero helmet, but the other one…which I’m having a brainfart on remembering the name).

While I have Chewbacca as my go-to tsum for this game, I’m more excited that I got a Death Trooper for beating one of the levels.

The lawn mower won’t work. I’m beginning to believe that Jamie and I are Sudden Death to lawn equipment that isn’t my beloved, partially fucked up, electric weedeater. The front yard looks terrible, especially now since I was able to weedeat part of it and Jamie was supposed to do the rest over the weekend and hadn’t had a chance to get to it. Some of the wild onion is slowly coming up to my knees. Thankfully, the tallest “weeds” are the wild onion, growing in patches, in the front yard.

Am I writing? No, not really. Little notes, quotes, and random tidbits. I am working on the Combo-Breaker blanket that I promised someone would be done back in January. It’s slow going. I’m only 80 rows in, which means I’ve got 100 rows left. Hey, at least it’s some progress.


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