blank pages

My Weekend from Hell gave me a false reprieve on Monday afternoon before rearing its ugly head to give me the Day From Hell (and causing it to become the Week From Hell) yesterday. Thankfully, I’m off today. Today, I can relax.

And work on laundry (so much laundry).

Jamie won me this hideously green raptor-chick that has a slight resemblance to an endangered bird (a Kakapo), which made the day better. Right before I got to gross out HeadBoss (and Higher-Boss-than-HeadBoss) by pointing out that wild rats in [state] carry bubonic plague. It was a great way to end the work day…the stressful, shitty workday.

On the other hand:

I have coconut curry cashews (bought on Monday afternoon), I got to try chai latte caramel balls (on sale) and found they are amazing and I must buy more of them. I’d eat the remaining handful of them, if I knew where Jamie put them.

I decided, while the dogs were suspiciously quiet, to work on writing a bit. I pulled up the short story I’ve been tinkering with and seeing if it’ll wander into novelette territory (it’s just over the halfway mark to the beginning word-count, so woo). I ended up staring at it for about ten minutes before giving up and staring at a blank document for 20 minutes in the inane hope that I could start working on figuring out how to take an idea that’s currently about 3 sentences saved on my phone.

Now, it’s been an hour. I’ve attempted a tumblr post (about the writing) before deleting it, I’ve spent most of the time listening to an audiobook and double checking my schedule for tomorrow (aka: ohgodsohgodsohgods). Laundry should be ready to fold/transfer from one point to another.

I think I’ll go in search of that candy I bought the other day and see what the dogs have gotten into. They’re suspiciously quiet, but the last time I checked on them they were practically konked out.


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