[fake writing]

I was planning on working on a story I’m going to see if it will turn into a novelette or something. (It’s currently at 4101 words) I got 140 words…yesterday or the day before (I can’t remember, days blend into each other) and haven’t really figured out where I’m going with it.

I looked at the last-updated tag thing and realized it had been 4 months since I worked on it (work, life, stress, forgetting where I was going–this is why I write notes to myself. I can’t keep up with shit). So, 140 words added to it isn’t that bad.

Am I motivated? No. Do I have that weird passion-filled drive to just write and write and write or simply do something? No. Do I have any idea of where I can go with this? Of course not. Will I ever finish anything I start? Hopefully? Maybe?

I originally intended to make this longer and discuss more things, but I need to Do Things, like work on getting the knots out of my hair and take care of the dogs.


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