spring is here

Spring is here in Roanoke, which pretty much means that we’re getting 3 seasons in one day (spring, summer, fall) or sporadic showers, which makes outdoor work a bit hard. Jamie’s determined to get things done to make the house look better and implement plans that we’ve been talking about off and on for at least two years.

The hope, overall, is to replace the privacy fencing. Thanks to a certain old-man (Hobbes), we’ve got some spots in the fencing that have become broken. We’ve gotten enough soil to fill in the area where we tore down the studio-thing that was on the property, so we’re hoping to top it off with concrete or something soon. Jamie’s determined to tear up the patio and rebuild it. I’m hoping that if he tears up the patio, we can tear out the back porch and build a new back porch. It’s something that we’ve discussed before and, because Firefly managed to get up under the back porch to chase crickets, it’d be a good idea to make it more…dog-stopping. Or Firefly, Miss Grumpypants, stopping.

So, besides outdoor works:

I’ve been trying to find determination and whatnot to write more (or, well, do anything really). Earlier today, I realized I should really work on that short story that I’m seeing how long I can make it.

I had to use 2 post-it notes to write down everyone’s names because I couldn’t remember whose name went with what description. It made me realize that two of the characters (one just mentioned in passing) only have last names. Ha.

Half an hour and I’ve gotten 140 words in. I still can’t remember exactly where I was intending on going with this whole thing.

It’s probably ridiculous, probably reads really stupidly.

So, so far I’m at just over 4,000 words. (in a way, it seems kind of strange. I used to be able to crank out 4,000 words no problem. Now I take what feels like forever)

I’m also working on laundry and other things in between looking up various names of daemons, annoying the cats, checking on Firefly’s ear.


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