The original intention for this week was to: go up to Philadelphia, hit up Eastern State Penitentiary and the Mutter Museum before going to the NoSleep Live show. Then head to Gettysburg and eventually meander our way back down home with stops at the aquarium and the Smithsonian.

With life and everything else (and our teeny tiny car having so many issues), we were unable to do this. I am sad. I wanted to meet Peter Lewis and David Ault. So, I offered the little day trip of tromping through the woods to Bunnyman Bridge or driving to Point Pleasant (point pleasant is approximately 4 hours away, Bunnyman Bridge is only a slightly shorter distance, theoretically, from here).

We did neither of these things.

We did, however, go out into public and have lunch. I realized that I was beginning to come down with something because it tasted weird. And we spent $40 in bulk dog treats at PetCo. (we also spent like $30, over the course of a couple days, trying to win toys from the quarter claw machine).

Jamie and I have spent time cleaning the house and trying to reorganize a bit. He finished fixing up his now-office (formerly the dog room), somehow the craft room has managed to slowly ooze into a large mess, and the garage looks pretty well. We got the solar light thing that Fred got for the garage up and Jamie moved all his weight things into the garage.

I finished reading The Ritual by Adam Nevill. Interesting book, kind of weird when part 2 hits, and doesn’t have a nice ending–which I find to be a relief. (it really is: you’re stuck in the woods being picked off by something hunting you only to survive and be kidnapped by a Norwegian Death Metal band who’ve taken over a little old lady’s house. The little old lady keeps partially reanimated mummies in her attic)

The Tsum Tsum game released its new event on the 6th. I am on Card 5 of 6 already, gotten the Mad Hatter (animated version), the March Hare (twice), King Triton, Mater, and the Cheshire. The Cheshire doesn’t have any “extra” on the event, nor does the March Hare. It’s been fun to play and I realize that while I am terrible at getting the specified bubbles the game wants, I am also terrible at getting high enough XP to “clear” the level. I find it all pretty funny.


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