it’s cold

Wednesday, the weather was fairly nice. It was warm, we had a light breeze, and then I answered a call at work from the City letting me know that both City and County schools would release 2 hours early due to an “incoming storm.”

I’m under the impression that all the pampered idiots I went to school with are in charge of the school system now (or have lost all concept of what it was like in school now that their kid(s) are in the same system). Because I remember the same kind of storm happening and none of us got out of school early.

Buckets of rain torrented down, Manager Dib and Coworker J had to man the doors because rain was going sideways from the excessive wind and blowing inside the building. New maintenance guy attempted to mop up the water, only to move it around and make it worse. It was kind of hilarious.

It’s been cold the past two days and makes me a bit sad. The weather was starting to warm up (not significantly, but enough), but I think it’s the wind that’s doing it. The wind’s still pretty up and last night the neighbor’s dog decided to be extra derpy and just bark at leaves moving for twenty minutes. She’s a cute dog, it was just kind of hilarious.

Yesterday, the goal was to clean, but we’ve somehow managed to lose the dust pan (it was just there). I went to go check on laundry and slid down the steps. Now my feet and knee hurt. I had to give up for the night, so soon I will have to get up again and start working on cleaning up the house again.

The goal is to meet up with my aunt and we’ll either be doing dinner/movie at her house or dinner/movie at our house. Hanging out, catching up, maybe meeting the squishy-headed puppy. I read that Jupiter Ascending is just one big clusterfuck of a film, and I kind of want to find it so we can watch it and MST3K it.


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