going on reluctance

I was PMing a friend of mine (over facebook) about various things and asked her opinion on whether or not I should post the fanfic that was inspired by a writing prompt I found on tumblr. She pointed out that the angelfire site I had to post fics on still exists and that I should dooo eeeet and post the story. This caused me to look up my old FFN handle and I found that I hadn’t posted anything since 2003.

That’s 14 years. That’s time enough for a new wave of fandom people to start writing fanfiction and I am wary of posting this. I sighed, and accepted a kind of defeat, and posted the story to tumblr.

So, instead of working on another fic idea, which is somewhere buried in the recesses of my backpack currently, I have added 400 words to a short story I’m working on. I’ve done the big reveal of the character and now I really hate it and I hate how I’ve come to reveal the old man. It’s trying to pull away from the weird/occult type feel I was hoping for, but I’m still on the first draft so who knows where it’ll end up by the time I’m done.


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