ideas taster

After I finished up the fanfic I’d been working on through some lunch breaks the past few days, I decided to go through the notebooks I had brought to work with me and see what I could work on.

A list of 39 story bases/ideas/titles in the front of one notebook, bits of conversation here and there, bits of (terrible) world building interspersed with notes to myself on who I need to call/email or what we need to get from the store. One notebook has various sketch ideas for the comic that I’ll get back to eventually mixed in with notes on Spontaneous Human Combustion and how [Historical Figure] was a neurotic, conniving bastard.

I found an outline, a completed outline, for a story that I had completely forgotten about.

Granted, I know I’m a huge procrastinator, but holy cow. I had no idea I had that many different little ideas in just two or three notebooks.

I’m a little wary of going through the notebooks in the craft room. I know that somewhere on that shelf is a notebook with the beginnings of a story idea that I lost for a while.


I have finished the second draft of the fanfic and…I don’t know if I should post it up (be it here or tumblr). It’s 1955 words, which isn’t too bad.

It’s just kinda weird. I used to write fanfiction all the time and had no problem posting little one-shots and going off to do something else. Now, I’ve got no problem posting various short stories that I’ve written and I’m like super wary of posting the fanfic that I have finished.


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