Just tired

I’m tired, I’m stressed, and…I really hate my job.


On the plus side is, I’ve gotten some fun ideas for comics and stories.

I started following a writing prompt tumblr account and ended up using one of the prompts for a fanfic idea–something I haven’t done in a few years. I decided to work on the idea while on my lunch breaks at work, so it’s in a notebook. I’m going through the normal “this is stupid” mental berration, and read over it and found that hey, it’s not that bad.

They had another prompt that caused me to think of Discworld. It’s been fascinating, and something to look forward to during all this stress…that I’m trying so hard to not admit to myself. (blegh)

Not only do I have a couple fanfiction ideas (one that I’m working through right now, two that are floating in my head–Discworld and a Clint/Coulson), I’ve got a couple stories that I’m working on that doesn’t involve already-created worlds.

One story is an idea that is slowly working its way to novelette form. It’s kind of at a standstill because I forgot where I was going (whoops). One idea is at just over 1,000 words and not bad so far. I just…haven’t gotten back to it in like a week (yay for stress and work)

Overall, my hope is to update the blog more frequently (at least once a week). I had hoped that I would start updating my tumblr account more often, even if it’s a reblog, and I’ve been doing that (but how long am I going to keep that up? I don’t know), and I told myself that I needed to work on this.

I guess, if anything, I just need something to work on to keep my mind off of all the stuff that’s happening in real-life.


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