I’m listening to KUEC Live (they got to do a live episode!) and it cracks me up. Jamie is currently hiding in the living room with a sad, “injured” old dog listening to a serial killer documentary. While we both have misophrenia, his is far worse than mine and therefore I can usually tune out the crunching so I can listen to Ursula tell the internet stories.

The other day, Jamie said that he thought Bug was going deaf. Bug is usually very good in coming in when called (she does excited zoomies), but has been ignoring us in favor of chewing on grass (or taste-testing the tips of the wild onion that grows in the backyard. she goes “chew-makeface-spit-lookmoregrass!”)

Two days later, Firefly and Dunk got into it while letting everyone out after dinner. Everyone knows the routine: crate for dinner, everyone out so we can go outside to pee and play. We let Firefly stay out and Jamie pointed out, after Ugly surprised her, that she may be going blind.


So now we have:

+ a grumpy old man who believes that fences are for Other People.
+ a grumpy old girl who may be going blind (she’s a 10 year old hound mix, so of course)
+ a crazy old girl who is probably going deaf, which it’s more surprising that she hasn’t gone deaf yet because she’s a white dog.

Yesterday, Jamie stopped by my work to surprise me with a bag of Tsum Tsums. He had found that the 3-pack packages (small, medium, large) were on sale for $1.88, so he bought me six.

I am getting so many Tsum Tsums. These things are aweosme. (this morning, we went onto the website that has the list of tsum tsums and there is a Lucifer somewhere in the world. I need Lucifer in my life. He will go great with my Lucifer statue)

In my hunt of random Monster High Minis and Tsum Tsums, we found a toy. It’s called the “Stinky Pig Game.” You…push the belly to get the sound, roll a die, and hand it over before it farts on you. Jamie was adamant against getting it. I pointed out what soon-to-be-11 year old wouldn’t want this?


I’ve come to the decision (again) that I need me a dress dummy. I know they’re called “dress forms” but I’ve always known them as dummies, so that’s what I’m going to continue to call them. So I was looking up how much duct tape I would need to make my own, and then I realized I would have to buy a pair of leggings or something because there’s really nothing that I have that is form-fitting enough to make legs.

I found a video on how to make my own dress dummy while looking for “how many rolls” and..it was weird. So my guess is that I’m going to need at least 3 rolls of regular duct tape. The video was just a moving type of what I knew what to do when I looked up years ago how to make my own dummy.

(and this is what I do instead of doing research for a story idea. woo.


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