Phone post

I don’t know what it is about Monster High, but I love it. I had insomnia one night and watched four or five of the movies while Jamie snored away a few months back. And then, yestrrday, I found some blind packs at Kroger for “half off” (they were $1.50) and got four of them. We went back to the same Kroger where I went through all the remaining packs in search of Lagoona and Rochelle. 

They’re adorable little toys, but hefty enough to bean someone if you’ve got good aim. I’d love to get my hands on the rag doll minis (despite the whole jamie probably has koumpounophobia thing) and the mostly ghostly are “transparent” like they are in the Haunted movie.

This is bad. This is like my fascination with Tsum Tsums. (speaking of which, why can’t I get Iago??)


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