I’ve realized that the more I tell people about odd things that have happened to Jamie and myself, the more I think they don’t believe me. I tell people I work on stories, so do they think that the weird little quips of stuff we’ve done (or stuff I’ve done) is just some…expansion, some tall-tale that they can’t verify?


People do say that reality is weirder than fiction, but the more I talk about things, the more I wonder if anyone believes me. I figure I could put up some shortened bits to, I don’t know, prove my point. I know that by no means am I a total weirdo or that I have lead a “wild and crazy” past life.

+ I can’t say that I saw DFD when they came to Roanoke, dropped acid, and all that fun stuff. That was Jamie. I, unfortunately, had the flu and was banned from leaving the house.

+ I have seen Mini-Ace (from Mini Kiss) get shot in the face with a Roman Candle. (from where I was standing, it looked like he got shot in the face. They finished their set)

+ I have been in a crowd of people, who chanted “You Fucked Up” at a guy who was on stage, got pissed off, and threw a fire extinguisher into the crowd before running off (like a bitch), and ended up being chased out of the state we were in for the concert. Fun times (the guy that got hit with the fire extinguisher was ok. He ended up getting stitches)

+ A friend of mine ended up getting run over by a golf cart holding four people. He was drunk so he didn’t feel it. I thought it was hilarious.

+ We lived a few minutes away from the guy who…cut his mom’s head off with a hacksaw (he’s in prison and he will not be released for a very long time)

+ I am the reason why the school system I was in has a rule against bondage! (ahahahahaha. It’s been years and I still find it hilarious)


+ A guy that my dad worked with, years and years ago, gave me a stack of papers that I learned were hacking codes. All because I had managed to break our PC.

+ I knew how ancient priests took out the brain when I was 6 (I was obsessed with mummies at the time)

+ Cleaning recently deceased old people’s houses is really unnerving. There was only one house that I remember not feeling like I was being watched and scrutinized.

+ I have a 2nd edition English copy of Mein Kampf. I bought it, for 50-cents, off a really angry old woman (along with her copy of For Whom the Bell Tolls). She was going off about really terrible things. I paid the whole dollar for the books and hid in the car with Jamie while Allen continued browsing the yard sale. It’s important to preserve history.


Just various things. I had a plan to do more weird stories (like Jamie watching a girl attempt to  do a strip-tease before getting beaned with the ceiling fan while I was upstairs watching the host’s bird attempt to mess with as many people as possible.) But I’m having a bit of a brain fart and, looking over this, I realize that this is enough little bits of weirdness. Doesn’t involve the attempts of raising the dead or late-night wanderings.


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