little treats

(I have no idea what to name today’s post, so we’ll just go with treats)

+ Bonsack walmart had a Giant. Stuffed. Sloth. for $20. I told Jamie I needed it in my life, and the next morning, he dropped it on my head. Sloth is massive, sitting at almost my height when I sit beside it (so…just over 2-ft tall in its sitting position). He’s a 3-toed sloth with this little smile, like he’s up to something.

Jamie and I have yet to find another one out in the world.

But, Sloth is also…really creepy. He just sits there with this tiny smile, as if he’s up to something. Jamie swears that he keeps thinking there’s someone else in the room when he spots Sloth from the corner of his eye.

+ Someone did a snow-dance for the area and we got snow. I’m kind of blaming a former coworker of mine because she, and her two little girls, decided to do some old-wives-tale things (wear pjs inside out, flush ice cubes down the toilet–the ice cubes was one I hadn’t heard about before). But, it is January so I’m really not surprised.

One of my customers finds the panic absolutely hilarious. Her words were “I’m from New York. This is nothing.”

+ Thanks to the whole New Level of Cold, my joints have decided that they are going to work even less. Working with orders and doing my daily work routines have gotten slower.

I want to live where there is no snow.

The day after it snowed, we were walking back to the car and Jamie said that he was thankful for the breeze. It was freezing outside, but the sun was bright enough to start melting some of the ice. He continued with: “I am a prime candidate for hypothermia. We should go swimming. I don’t care if it’s 20 degrees.”

I told him he is never allowed to attempt to go to Dylatov Pass. He continued with plans of moving to the beach and pointed out that travel to Russia is out of the question, despite the tourism that Dylatov Pass probably has.

+ Yesterday morning, Jamie burst into the bedroom yelling about how I needed to get up despite having a migraine. Hobbes had busted through the gate again (a new spot) and a woman had told Jamie which way he was headed. Throw on shoes and a jacket, we hopped in the car, shoving the other dogs out of the way so they wouldn’t get out, and went down the street. We hit a nearby stop sign and I saw Hobbes book it into one of the apartment buildings we live near. Jamie went up, pulled halfway into the pull-in area for the apartment and stopped the car.

He threw open his door, loudly saying that Hobbes was a bad dog, I opened the door and got Hobbes in the car, who immediately sat on my lap. Jamie huffed and stomped back into the car and pulled out. As he turned around, he pointed out that there were a couple of people standing outside and laughing at us. Hobbes sat on my lap, attempting to lick Jamie’s head as Jamie was telling him he was a bad dog and he was really unhappy. A cop ended up behind us and Jamie was like “If he pulls me over, I’m pulling into the driveway first.”

The officer didn’t stop to talk to us or anything. We figured he was probably confused as to why this Giant Dog was sitting on someone’s lap.

We told Hobbes he was a bad dog and brought him inside, where he romped around with the others.

Shortly thereafter

Firefly has done something to her front paw. It’s swollen, but she’s let us mess with it. I made Jamie buy some baby asprin after he dropped me off at work, so he gave one to Firefly along with popcorn (frito-dog now smells like popcorn) and she’s been milking it for all its worth.

I’m pretty sure it’s from where she was busting out of her crate.

Firefly also knows who’s the schmuck of the house because she totally makes it seem like it’s worse when Jamie’s around. She’ll walk fine around me, hop on the bed no problem. But if Jamie’s watching, she hobbles and can barely get on the couch.

+ Jamie decided to make a list of everything that was in the chest freezer while I was working on dinner. I went to get the bit of green onions while telling Bug to back up and ended up slamming the back of my head against the top of the fridge and the bottom of the freezer door. It caused instant tears.

I’ve had a migraine ever since.


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