Looking Forward

We have passed the solstice and soon we’ll have longer days. The change of longer nights to shorter seems to be a good place to change outlooks on things, be more positive. Overall, I try to be positive. I tell people I’m an “optimistic realist” and “shit happens.”

With the end of the year looming closer, I’m hopeful that the stress that everyone’s been through eases up.

Last night, when I got home, Jamie had decided it would be the perfect time to have a Baking Night. He had bought a 60-count box of eggs and the extra flour and pumpkin needed to make pumpkin bread earlier in the day and then remembered that I had pumpkin cupcake mix somewhere in the pantry. He pulled out all the boxes of brownie mix and cupcake mix that I had squirreled away (along with my two boxes of cookie mix that we ended up nixing at the end of the night). At some point, he had either purchased or found a few little cans of condensed milk so we added fudge to the mix.

In the end, we made: 4 types of brownies (regular/fudge, turtle, peanut butter, and walnut), 4 types of cupcake (2 girl scout ones: somoa and thin mint, pumpkin, and apple cider), 2 types of fudge (classic chocolate and peppermint, so finally I got those peppermint chips out of the cabinet), preacher cookies (3 cookie sheets worth), and pumpkin bread–enough pumpkin bread to make 3 loaves, 1 regular bundt-pan shaped loaf, and 6 mini-bundt shaped loaves (because I have a mini bundt pan! it is awesome!)

So much pumpkin bread.

We have 1 sheet of eggs left (so 20 eggs left out of the box). We made enough stuff to load 2 of our grocery totes with various sized tupperware containers to shove off on Fred when he came down and enough to take with us to Rhonda’s. I also have enough left over to shove a bunch on mom when I see her and to snack on myself when it’s all said and done.

Somehow, though, Jamie and I managed to come home from Rhonda’s with more food than we left with. lol. Well, it works for me since it means we don’t have to cook tomorrow (and mac-n-cheese! woohoo!)

It’s a good way to continue the beginning stages of looking forward to the upcoming year and working on trying to let go of the stressors of this past year. Our fridge is now stuffed and since we picked up some meats before I went into work yesterday, our fridge-freezer is just as jam-packed as our chest freezer in the basement, so all we’ll have to do is buy produce and soda for a while.

Carrot did manage to squeeze himself in the hole in the basement wall to lay on top of the pipes that connect the water heater to the plumbing. Jamie thought we had lost him, but I got him out and we’re attempting to fix the hole since we’re giving the cats free reign of the basement while we work with the dogs (which immediately went downhill when Dunk realized there was a little orange thing he could chase. sigh. Carrot’s fine)


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