A fine way to procrastinate

I’m procrastinating. I have a warm, rumbly Uggs on my lap, and I will use it to my advantage…of procrastination. ha.

+ It’s been a few days since I did something to a back muscle and it still hurts. All I’ve found is: you can use a heating pad to help loosen it, if it’s tight (which it’s not), you can ice it (which I won’t), and don’t try to stretch it because you’ll only make it worse (awesome).

But, on the plus side, I can, with a few extra seconds, bring my arm up. I still can’t bring it out without being really uncomfortable, but at least I’m making progress.

+ With an injured shoulder/back, I am fairly useless at work. This hasn’t stopped anyone from fully expecting me to do all the heavy lifting for my department. I got…pseudo chewed out as my manager was leaving to help a woman with a brace on her arm. I’m fairly sure I told my manager I couldn’t do much and carrying things weird is usually a sign of injury, but I had to get one of my minions to help the customer because I am not going to be picking up anything heavier than a cup.

Why couldn’t it have been my left arm? This would’ve made things a tad easier.

+ The other night I had this weird dream after Jamie left for work.

I had woken up enough to roll over and notice that it was still dark outside. I thought I had noticed someone sitting in the computer chair, shoved up against the window, and realized that someone was talking to me. It was our neighbor, who had somehow gotten into the house, and she was talking to me about various things. I wasn’t paying attention, I was only partially awake. I grumbled, realized it was a dream, and attempted to ignore the crazy. I heard her get up and say “You really do should learn to lock your window” before leaving.

I woke up into another dream of still laying in bed, but having someone standing over me as I slept. My initial reaction was “fuck this” and pretending to sleep. I twitched and woke up to light coming in through the window behind the dresser and my first thought was:

My dreams/life is turning into part of an episode of NoSleep.

And the realization that, while our neighbor is partially weird and slightly unhinged, I highly doubt she’d attempt to break into our house through one of the windows (especially since everything’s got a working lock)

+ Yesterday, I heard the dogs barking, but didn’t think anything of it. Our newer neighbor walks his dog through the neighborhood multiple times a day, so I thought it was him walking his dog (Firefly always barks) or someone walking through the neighborhood. I didn’t think much of it.

Jamie texted me to say that he was almost home, so I went to the front door and looked out because sometimes when I get that text he’s coming down the street. No Jamie, but there was a box on the front porch. I brought it inside and realized it was a box of yarn.

I texted a friend of ours if she dropped it off, and as soon as I hit send her mom sent me a text saying that she dropped off the box of yarn. Ha! Surprise!Yarn for me! It was hilarious.

As I came back into the livingroom, the box was turned over and two of the cats were already attempting to claim the box. I flipped the box over, Carrot immediately jumped in, and I ended up having to toss the yarn in around him.

I sent a photo to our friend of Carrot covered in skeins of yarn, which cracked her up.


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