A little bit broken

The weather’s getting colder, some days the wind picks up, and now we’re in the time frame where we get rain fairly frequently. This means that everything hurts (yay arthritis) and joint excersies are definitely needed.

A coworker asked me how do you know you have arthritis. I’m not sure if he was genuinely curious or, I don’t know, dreading the answers I’d give. I gave him some basic information: joint pain, join stiffness, paaaaaiiiiin.

I realized that I should update the “Things I Listen To” page because I hadn’t posted The Blood Crow Stories nor Victoria’s Lift. So, I have added 8 more links (from The Deep Vault to Mabel) to the podcast list.

I had thought about going on Archive.org and Librivox and posting some links to things on there. Archive.org has One Among the Sleepless by Mike Bennett as well as numerous episodes of Superman (radio program) and The Shadow (squee). Librivox has numerous people working towards narrating public-domain works (Morgan Scorpion and Smokestack Jones do really great antiquarian narrations). MR James’ Ghosts of an Antiquary is on here and it’s really cool. There’s thousands of works you can find on Librivox.

I’ve been slowly making my way through The Future of Horror. Some of it’s sad, some of it’s creepy, and most of it is just at the point where I feel like I will never finish this book. Sure, it’s an anthology and I can always come back to it, but I’m also kind of tempted to just keep at it


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