train of thoughts, probably derailing

I’m just going to write. I need to do something. O.o

It’s 4.39 am as I start this. I’ve been awake since approximately 8 am yesterday (11/25) and I have a long shift today that I’m probably totally fucked for. Scheduling wise. Like…I have almost no minions.

I’ll stress about that later. I don’t want to think about it. I’m just hoping that my one coworker works tonight and not her new schedule.

Since I have insomnia, I finished up the Gilmore Girls 4-part mini series. And I really want to yell “Called it!” to Jamie for the end, but he feels awful and is currently snoring since he can’t breathe through one side of his nose. Poor bear. My poor fuzzy bear.

I enjoyed the mini series. I laughed, I cried, I skipped through the songs. The ending was nice, but the shock end made it seem like…open-ended. Like they could easily come back later. Seeing Rachel Ray in it was really neat.

The whole downside to this is, I’ve had to pee since 4 am and I can’t get up. Uggs is lumped up on my lap, so everything from the knee down is asleep for one leg. And I can’t leave the bedroom now: the dogs will start going nuts and Jamie will wake up and he needs his sleep.

Besides, he has to get up in like an hour anyway so he can go up to Fred’s to help him with a few things (and love on Karma of course). Hopefully no injuries occur.

I could look up hotels in Philadelphia for March, but I’ve been skimming stuff and not paying attention.

Yeah! We got tickets to go see NoSleep live in March. Jamie and I agreed that Philadelphia would be easier to navigate than DC (I hate DC. I got kicked out of one of the Smithsonian buildings in middle school for arguing with one of the…doodads. People that talk and walk. Tour guides? is that the word? I’m having a brain fart)

And, in Philadephia there’s the Mutter Museum! And Eastern State Penitentiary!

Jamie and I agreed to go total weirdo tourists for the trip. We’re dragging friends along (also happy little weirdos) so it’ll be super fun.

I could surf through because it’s such a neat concept and I’d love to say I’ve taken an MIT or Harvard class, but I don’t know if I have the attention span right now. Just looking at the main page makes me go “meh.”

I want to write. I want to do something.

I want coffee.

I want to be able to type without the fear of waking up Jamie (I am a vigorously loud typer)

I want to move my legs. But Uggs has now melted on my lap so there’s no hope for me.

Did I mention I have to wear a stupid Santa hat at work? I don’t think so.

So! We got a Box O Stuff for work a few weeks ago. It included Santa Hats and I was informed that I had to wear it. No complaints. I pointed out to Boss that I don’t want to wear it. She said she didn’t care, put it on. I told her I don’t celebrate Christmas, she repeated herself.

It’s a poorly made Santa hat that makes me look like an idiot. I safety pinned a Zero tsum tsum to it and last night I bought a blinky-light necklace to put on it, to make it more obnoxious (I’m going to put ornaments on it next. I might use a pickle. We have a glass one and a plastic one. Plastic is safest).

My blinky-light necklace doesn’t work and I have no idea wear to get the batteries for it because it takes 2 super thin ones instead of just one normal watch battery. I might still put it on anyway and see if I can find a way to make it light up despite the batteries.

Boss thinks it’s adorable that I’m decorating the hat. I think she’s weird.

We ended up going to Walmart after their Black Friday sales. Jamie and I hit up the stores to see what they had left. He got a Fitbit Flex and I got pajama pants. I don’t need any more pajama pants, but it was Olaf! And Eeyore!

But, we did find a few things for family members, so that was a plus.

I’d read, but the kindle is dead. It’s charging.

I worked on the Combo Breaker blanket a little bit. I need the tape measurer to see if I’m at 2 inches. If I am, I can change colours (greens is the theme)

Jamie broke down and signed up for Hulu. I found out that it’s just like Amazon Prime: lags like hell on the PC but works great on the tv…that we rarely use.

I bought 6 Gameboy games like two weeks ago and I have yet to play any of them. What the hell, Manders. Really? I don’t know what’s up.

I used to know things. I used to surf things and look up things. Now I watch stuff on Netflix or whatever and dick around on facebook, tumblr, and twitter. I don’t even check Fark. What the hell happened?

I keep telling myself I need to do research for a story idea, and instead I’m…scrolling through facebook and twitter.

I really have to pee.

But Jamie looks so peaceful, stretched out. At least he’s elbowing the pillow and not my head (woo)

I’d even make coffee right now. But, dogs. Jamie really doesn’t need to hear Cricket’s “I’m dying please let me out omg” bark/howl thing this early in the morning.


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