I was talking with one of my minions and she said something to the tune of “This is our life” in an awed sort of way. She said that she wanted to share this weirdness with the world.

I told her I share my life with the world. I blog about it. She shook her head, saying she didn’t want to get personal. I told her I write about work but my people are my minions, Boss is named Boss, and I work at Store.

I continued on with I wanted it basic, and this way I can’t get sued for making fun of things or showing discontentment or just basically being me and talking about Store. I told her I call it Store because that way I don’t say who exactly I work for. It’s easier that way.

She nodded, slowly getting it. I almost told her to just get a tumblr account.

Then I come home to a surprise of Tsum Tsum keychain blind packs (I got Mickie and Daisy! They’ve been added to my backpack), and this:

Jamie: I have a meat cleaver….Shit. Where did I put it?
Me: What.
Jamie: It’s a meat cleaver. A little one. I also got a bowie knife.
Me: Put the meat cleaver up. And try not to smack me in the face with it.
Jamie: A real bowie knife. It’s huge. It’s in the car.
Me: Take it out of the car.
Jamie: I also got a chainsaw. It’s in the trunk.
Jamie: I also got his bag from Korea. Fred showed me how to fold it up.
Me: That’s awesome.
Jamie: And I got a stuffed bird. Needs batteries, though.

No sleep yet, but I did just get off work (and Jamie got me fries! Yay fries!). So now I’m going to lay in bed and read until I can’t take it anymore and get up or fall asleep. I figure, if I can’t sleep, I’ll listen to the newest episode of NoSleep and freak myself out. It’ll be great!


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