Life rundown

Well, it’s been 2 weeks since I last posted, which has blown my “I’m going to try to update at least once a week, even if it is something ridiculous” idea. Meh. Oh well I guess.

I have no idea what the first 7 days did besides work, sleep, take care of pets, housework. So, I’m going to talk about what I do remember.

This past Thursday, Jamie and I headed over to his cousin’s place and we hung out, watched youtube videos, and discussed all kinds of random things. The idea, originally, was to hang out and play video games, but we ended up telling each other about random things and had to look them up on youtube. These included watching half of Begotten, which I don’t reccomend to most people because it’s fucking weird and we used it as a jumping off point to discuss art and people who feel the need to have to over-explain their work. I got him to watch a couple Jan Svankmajer videos on youtube, which prompted the usual “God damnit, fucking dolls.” comment from Jamie (who hates dolls, especially porcelain dolls).

Noah, in turn, showed off videos by Glass Animals (and watching the Jan Svankmajer films later went “Now I see where they got it from!”), hit up Hulu to see if there was anything while we discussed “old” Adult Swim shows, and went back to youtube because I mentioned Don’t Hug Me, I’m Scared and he had to see what I was talking about. He agreed it was very much in the same vein as David Firth and mentioned that he still can’t get Rene (his wife) to finish watching Salad Fingers.

Beyond Thursday, we hit a sad note: Cocoa, our rat, died in her sleep. She was about 4 or 5 years old, and we’d had her for a while, and the downside is that we’ve been kind of keeping an eye out for her to leave us because she was getting on up there in age.

Honestly, we had no idea how old she was before we adopted her with her cagemate Butters. So there’s a high likelyhood that she was older than the estimated year or so that we figured. They both stayed with us for quite some time and I asked Jamie if he thought we should keep the cage for just in case or donate it to one of the rescues we work with (even though we don’t work with them as frequently as we used to, we’re still kind of “in the game” but more so in the background as the “occasional people”). He said it’d be a good idea to just keep the cage until someone says they need one or the whole “every couple of years rats show up at the shelter or pound and they have no idea what to do with them” thing that has apparently started to become a “thing.” (sigh)

Cocoa will be buried, along with her cagemate, as soon as we get the chance. Until then, Cocoa is joining Butters in the basement freezer.

Jamie started going off about “no more dead animals in the freezer” and I pointed out that it’s only Butters in there. He quipped that we still have that container of dead mice and I said they don’t count because they’re food. He said he’s not eating them and I said neither am I, implying that it’s too much work, and he said he’d have to text David and see if he needs them for their snakes.

It may sound morbid, and to most people I guess it is. But I also grew up keeping dead animals in the freezer every so often (hey, it happens, especially when they die in the middle of winter and you can’t bury them. at least I’m better than my dad, who ended up leaving one of mom’s dogs (who died of natural causes) in a trash bag on the washer during winter because the basement was practically an icebox). Besides, I’ve got to find a nice spot in the backyard to bury them (Butters died when the ground was too hard to dig–during winter. Yes I know it’s now September. It’s been a busy year)

On a lighter note:

I have picked the “last” of the tomatoes, as Jamie has said he’s cutting everything down now. I was able to get one Ugly Tomato out of the bunch, a ton of romas, and Dunk ate most of the cherry tomatoes. I’m fine with this and we’ve learned that Dunkdog loves tomatoes (fine, whatever. as long as he doesn’t eat too many and doesn’t eat the stems, leaves, etc). And at least the tomatoes that have grown have been small enough to where if he eats three or four one day it’s not going to hurt him. I’d prefer he didn’t eat tomatoes, but he’s a stubborn dog and I can’t stop him if my back is turned and looking for things to pick.

Count Chocola, Boo Berry, and Franken Berry are now available. Candy corn is now available. And Pumpkin Spice everything has come. There’s Pumpkin Spice Cheerios now and I have to wonder what the fuck is wrong with people when we get to the point that cheerios and cat litter now have the same “Limited Edition” flavor/scent. Yeah, I love this time of year as much as anyone, but it’s starting to get out of hand.

But, this also means that The Country Store in Bonsack is starting to carry their little selection of Halloween earrings. Jamie and I hit up the store this past weekend (Saturday maybe?) and found that they had two of their tables set up as clearance tables (the tables are usually for the various plants that they’re selling during the spring and summer). Jamie found a little jewelry box for his grandmother, I found an infinity scarf, and he found two ornaments for his coworkers. He also found a little pomeranian ornament and I grabbed a pair of poison bottle earrings and a little ceramic snail. It was a lot of fun and we always find some little goody down there. Their Halloween, Fall, and Thanksgiving stuff was out so we looked around.

At some point over the weekend, Jamie lost his glasses and we’re not sure where they’re at. They’re not at the Bonsack Walmart or Kroger, they’re not at Game Junkies (where we stopped by over the weekend so Jamie could buy a game, which he promptly lost, and I could by a gameboy and game), and they’re not at the Walmart Marketplace store on Orange (where I got me some Count Chocula!), so I’m waiting until a little after 9 to call the Country Store and see if they were found up there.

I haven’t finished my craft project, but I did work on straightening up the craft room a bit. I’ve worked a bit on writing and I’m at the point where I find that the story I’m working on is stupid as hell, fucking redundant, and I am a fake. I have to remind myself that it’s the first draft, I’m allowed to fuck up as much as I want, and it’s actually coming along nicely.

And now I’ve got to do a bit of research for Jamie, work on laundry, and figure out a way to make it feel like something is trying to exit my brain through my ears/eyes. Yay migraines.


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