Rainy Season

So, small update of sorts I guess::

I’m apparently in the rut of picking terrible films again lately. The other night, Jamie and I decided to have a “movie night” (which is: Jamie spends more time reading or playing games on his phone than actually watching a film while I watch the film, make snide remarks, and jot down notes for later use)

Apartment 143 was the film that we actually made it through and while it warmed my little black heart to see 90s-era “ghost hunting,” I ended up really hating the film based on the delusion that gets inserted at the end of the film. It would’ve been easier if they just stuck with the classic: teenagers are the main cause of poltergeist-like activity.

I was fully expecting one of them to say at the end: “This house is clean.”

The ending made me loathe the fact that I just wasted time on the film. Then I chose They’re Watching which we didn’t even last ten minutes in because those first few minutes showed off someone’s obsession with those house-hunting shows. The setting was great (Moldova), but even a different setting such as that couldn’t get us to continue. (Jamie started in on how we needed to change films because of the poor acting of the female in the opening sequence getting a hatchet to the face).

So, we tried Convergence. A film set in a hospital (like that’s never happened before). The opening was great; wonderfully grainy nostalgia of early 90s newscasts. But by the time the nurse with the pin curls looks confused and the dude gets followed by a shadow down to the main floor where a retired Mayberry cop shows up, we were both done with it. My guess is something spooky and tense happens, but I don’t care enough to continue watching it.

Lastly, I chose Dead Snow 2: Red Vs Dead because we hadn’t seen it and were under the impression that it would be subtitled like the first film.

I fully regret watching this sequel. It ruined the beauty of the first film and base idea.

It was campy horror and I “live-tweeted” the whole thing. My increasing distaste was evident by my comments of how much I hoped the Zombie Squad guy would get gored and my increasing hope that the Nazi zombies would just destroy everyone. And then there was the end, which had me respond with finishing up the “live-tweet”: Does having sex with a zombie constitute as necrophilia?

Today, I struck out to “watch” a documentary about Nightmare on Elm Street and didn’t realize that the damned thing was 4 hours long. I kind of watched it while I was working on cutting fabric into strips and assembling them into one long strand so that I could roll them into balls for a project I’m working on.

While I understand that it takes times to discuss the films, I can’t believe that thing was 4 hours long. It’s been a really long time since I’ve seen Freddy Krueger, and while I plan on re-watching horror films that I remember from my childhood, I don’t think my opinion on the character will change much. He’s always been a campy, slightly fucked up character, but not one that gave me nightmares.

So, while I worked on bits of a project I’m slowly making, it was fun to hear about how the ideas formed or why certain things happened. And, while I’m done with cutting up strips and such, my fingers are threatening to strike because of pain. I was kind of hoping that I’d have at least a few more weeks of not feeling like my knuckles are covered in bandages and bone pain in my hands, but looks like it’s started now.

While I’m working on the fabric project, I’m not writing. (because my whole thing is: do something creative. if there’s a project you want to work on, work on that. if you want to take a break, go work on something else). I’m also not working on comic ideas, but that’s mainly because we have kittens (Berric Dondarrion and Carrot Ironfoundersson) and they have learned that laying on paper and attacking pencils is the best thing ever after playing in water dishes and trying to steal food off plates. It’s no biggie, I’ll just find somewhere else to work on sketches and such.

I’ve got a couple ideas to work on, so it’s just mainly a matter of what am I going to do. I’m a bit unorganized anyways, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

None of the tomatoes are ripe enough to pick. Everything’s green, so hopefully all the rain we’ve been having the past few days will help the growth process along. We have been getting a ton of squashes, so I’ve learned how to destroy spaghetti squash and that you can freeze butternut squash. Dunk thinks crookneck squash are toys, I’ve been able to pick a few serrano and hungarian wax peppers so yay, and our Surprise!Pumpkin runner in the front yard is producing the tiniest pumpkin. It’s like the size of a ponybead, and now I can’t move the runner because it’s attached itself to the clover and my only hope is that Jamie won’t run it over with the lawnmower.


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