+ I give up on The Last Motel by Brett McBean. The idea was really neat and I don’t often come across stories set in Austrailia. The whole “found a dead body in the trunk of the car we just stole” was enough to keep me intrigued, and the sodomizing of a kidnap victim didn’t bother me because the author is portraying a serial killer–and stuff like that has been recorded as actually happening. The random three-some, I could easily skip over and ignore. It’s a random chapter and I have no idea who the lead character in that chapter is supposed to be. Ok, whatever. But then the random makeout session happened and I’m done. The characters aren’t drunk, there doesn’t seem to be any reason for this to happen. I skipped three pages and it’s still on that scene.

I told Jamie that I gave up and he suggested that I just pick a random book. I told him that’s how I got this book. He suggested I pick a letter and just randomly grab a book. I told him that’s how I ended up with The Lurking Season. He shrugged and went back to the anthology he was working on and I went back to re-reading Witches Abroad before going over to The Man From U.N.D.E.A.D.

+ I began listening to Wooden Overcoats via Stitcher and realized it’s a really bad idea when you have a migraine. It’s an intriguing podcast and the mayor sounds very familiar, but I had to give up midway through episode 2. I figure I’ll get back to it later on.

+ I realized today that it’s been a while since I’ve heard the ice cream van. I’ll be relieved when the sounds of tinkling Christmas music stops being played exceedingly loud through the neighborhood. It’s always unnerving hearing it, but maybe that’s because it reminds me of the Robert R McCammon story and various horror films. It’s really neat that there are people who are driving around selling ice cream, but to me, it’s super unnerving.

+ I’ve been trying to learn more crochet stuff. I’ve figured out how to do the first little inner square for granny squares and realized this would be fun to just do the little four-square area for little pixeled creatures. I could make my own Bowser or Dry-Bones this way! It’ll be a fun little concept and idea that I plan on adding to my list of project ideas. It’ll go on the list with the rag rug and various Dr Who inspired things.


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