bleach and vinegar

So! A few things:

+ Jamie took a week of vacation last week, so we…didn’t do much. Spent time with the dogs, slept in til 8 or 9, and generally lounged around.

+ July 1st began the “I just got back from one of the Carolinas and I bought fireworks!” extravaganza. The neighbor’s down the street decided to wait until about 9:30pm to start it. They set off a bit , then stopped, waited until about 10pm and set off a few bottle rockets. Quiet for 10-15 minutes, then they’d set off Roman Candles. Again, quiet for about 10-15 minutes. Then, mortars. (yep, I can tell by the fwoomph and pop for a few variations of what they are). It lasted long enough to where you could tell when the police arrived, spoke with them, and left the neighborhood.

July 2nd. They half-heartedly do a few bottle rockets because nature has decided to rain. And rain. And…rain.

But hey, whatever. It works for me. The downside is that I can’t plant my new roses, but the upside is that the vegetables are getting water.

July 3rd:They have a cache of Roman Candles. I have thought terrible thoughts and ended up cursing our house. I am currently in the process of appeasing the gods that need appeasing and fixing my mess.

July 4th: at 9.24am they set off a bottle rocket and nature went Nope! and it started the scattered downpour that we would be having throughout the day. The weather gets progressively worse and they are setting off bottle rockets periodically during the day despite the rain. Other neighbors set off little whizgigs, bottle rockets, and Roman Candles during the few moments of no rain.

The rain continues and becomes bad enough to where both Roanoke and Vinton cancel their fireworks they had planned. Initially, only Vinton planned to reschedule for the 5th, but then Roanoke turned around and said that they were going to set them off but there’s no food or music and you have to find your own way down here so nyrr. It made me wonder if Roanoke is having a tantrum again. (probably)

July 5th: Couldn’t tell if it was Vinton’s fireworks or the neighbors found more mortars.

+ I sent bad vibes down to the neighbors (in a general “I hope something bad happens to you, like washer overflowing or whatever”) and ended up cursing our house. This is something that does always have the possibility of happening and, of course, I walked right into it.

We’ve spent a couple days working on fixing the small curse. I’ve looked up which gods to appease and I get the nagging suspicion that I may be missing one or two. Now the house smells like bleach and vinegar. Well, I can’t smell it, but Jamie likened it to “a weird chemically smell.” I’ve apologised to the universe in general and have continued looking up stuff. Tentatively, I’m hoping I’ve figured out what’s happened and just have to wait for Jamie to get home so he can help me.

+ Jamie found the Patrick Macnee Ghost Stories on Amazon Prime and I made him save it for me. I love this shit.

It’s been long enough that I can’t remember exactly what’s in each story/episode that it makes me excited and watching this cracks me the fuck up. I love that we can find stuff on paranormal investigators who use their own selves as a way to “see” things, an early look at an EMF reader, and watch people before the time of “Whoa! Dude!” or “Wait…what was that? Did you hear that?” It’s great and I love it.

The downside is, this was also around the same time that a Teeny Tiny Manders got ahold of the internets and spent that majority of her time on paranormal websites, watching those still-photo webcam things on the “help me find my ghost!” websites, and whatnot. Man, I miss those websites. But Dave Juliano’s website (the shadowlands) is still around (in all of its 90s glory. but no, seriously, go read some of the stories. just beware the paragraphs of doom)

+ I’ve been trying to get through The Lurking Season by Kristopher Rufty. And…I just don’t know.

I’m all for horror stories and it’s decent writing, barring the excessive description of what someone looks like and then breezing through landscape. It took about a chapter or two to get used to it, but I’m ok with it.

Apparently it’s Small town has killer fae. Like, traditional I will eat your children fae. So, that’s why I’m still sticking with it (even though it’s taking forever). But omg I am tired of all the sex. It’s an 80s slasher film in book form: we just met, let’s fuck. Oh look, we’re in spooky territory, let’s have sex! You’re traumatized, let’s have sex.

I’m rooting for the Haunchies by now.

+ I also started The Last Motel by Brett McBean. I’m still in part one (approximately 10% into the book) and it’s decent so far. The downside is that it’s taking me forever to read this and during this time I’ve finished The Fifth Elephant again and started The Lurking Season (the one above this one), The Academy by Bentley Little, and The Man from U.N.D.E.A.D by  Darren Humphries as well as starting Men At Arms again.

All I know is that two drunk idiots just stole a car and ended up at Creepy Motel while upset couple have done something and ended up at the same motel. Apparently there is a serial murderer on the loose somewhere near by.

And, instead of working on my own fiction, I’m reading other peoples.

We also won 2 goodreads contests. I won Cthulhu Fthagn! and Jamie won The Arab of the Future 2 by Riad Sattouf (it’s an ARC, which is pretty neat) and really cool.


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