I should get in gear

Instead of writing about what I’ve got, I should probably just work on writing. But, not right now. This will be writing about what I should be working on instead of, y’know, actually writing.

And, besides, my goal is: 400 words or 4 comics. Currently writing is overruling. (and no limit to what kind of writing. It could include writing down things I need to do, like laundry, fattening up the dogs, to making a grocery list to writing up a blog post or writing down an idea or something funny someone’s said)

I have found 30 stories that are in various stage of unfinished and not a damned one of them is the one I’m looking for. There must be more notebooks that I haven’t found or looked into. The amount also does not include what I’ve currently got on the PC nor does it include the various peices of stories that is on a thumbdrive.

Granted, these are just the ones where I’ve done more than a paragraph or two. I’ve just stopped because I run into that “I don’t know what happens next” or I had to clock in for work and just lost the thread. One of the stories I printed out to do a basic edit on what I had. Just a few notes here and there, so I sat down and re-read it, adding a few notes here and there (e.g: no paragraph break here, keep the paragraph break there, yes you really should name these people, you need more description here) and I got to the end and realized that I want to know what happens next.

Now I’ve got to figure out what happens. I’ve got a basic idea, but all I can do write now is make a few notes.

I guess I’m just really bad at writing down what’s in my head, whether it’s a line (“I am an Equal Opportunity Hater.”), a paragraph (a what if ____), or a few pages, and then stopping when I hit a snag before going off and writing something else. Or just going off and writing whatever else pops into my head in general.

This makes me realize that I should probably get my ass in gear. Looking at just the list of stuff I’ve started (completely ignoring the numerous ideas jotted down and not even half-assed fleshed out), it makes me realize that if I can just finish some of these, maybe I can put them together as a small book.

Compared to some of the stuff I’ve read recently, I could totally pull this off. I’ve got two or three stories that I know are done, they just need to be edited. Or read over to see where it looks like it’s going and work on finishing it up.

400 words. I should be able to do that. I’ve hit the 400 word goal working on this, so working on fiction should be easy, right?



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