reading reading reading

Because I finished up 2 books last night, I added them to my books I’ve read page and then counted up how much I’ve finished since I started adding them up. I’m at 60 books in 9 months. Not bad.

This comes out to averaging 6 books a month, rounding down, and includes the month of February where I didn’t finish a damned thing and my (former) job at Store was in the process of pushing me to seriously consider leaving (which I ultimately did in April, so woo there).

Not bad, considering I start way more books than I finish. I started about four books last night and none of them seemed appealing enough to continue on and I began re-reading The Fifth Elephant. I still haven’t finished Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents and I’m not sure if I will. It’s not a storyline I’m enjoying.

I did hit up Project Gutenberg to look up The King in Yellow by Robert Chambers because we have an audiobook copy of “The King” in: Yellow by Brian Keene (it’s from a Mammoth book) and I realized I don’t think I’d ever tried to read the book that Keene bases his tale on. It’s 316 pages.

At one point I texted Jamie::

Me: I can’t do this. I’m going on Librivox and downloading the audio file
Jamie: It is tedious
Me: omg it’s so terrible. It’s like Lovecraft and M R James had a lovechild who wrote alternate universes
Jamie: hahahahahaha that’s the best description of Robert Chambers ever.

And I’ve downloaded the zip files for the book, but haven’t unzipped them to listen to them. So, of course, I’m seeing bits and bobs of stuff referencing the play within the book. An image here, part of Camilla’s song there. It’s weird.

I’m torn between sticking with the Keene story (because it’s really neat and kind of fucked up, but it’s Brian Keene and he writes fucked up shit.) and just listening to an audio version of the Chambers novel. It’s 316 pages and you’d think that’d be super easy (come on, Pterry novels are longer.), but I can’t do it. I’ll read antiquarian ghost stories and such and The White Ship is one of my favorite Lovecraft stories, but…meh.


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