Small Victory

As I’ve spent a couple of days starting to feel a bit like a failure at things (ended up somehow getting sick for a couple of days beforehand), I made myself write. Well, in reality, Jamie sent me a link via text of this website to check out that does call-outs for anthologies (it’s  and said I should try to submit something for one of the upcoming anthologies.

Of course, I immediately zeroed in on the call-out for Krampusnaught II. And, while it’s only been a day, cannot, for the life of me, think of something that I could use towards sending. And hell, it’s not like rejection bothers me. If I get rejected by someone, I can always go and bother someone else with a submission. No worries there. (or, if I get too disheartened by one story, I can always post it somewhere–probably here–to share with people).

But, Jamie did push me into working on a part of something that’s been going through my head for a couple days. So, while listening to Adam Savage’s latest Maker Faire talk, I started working on it and…got stuck. It’s something ridiculously stupid, especially for a first draft, and I can’t get past it. I saved my work, surfed the web a bit, listened to some urmaker on youtube, and spent a little bit thinking of what to write.

Not in the story that I’m piddly-fartin’ around in, not the gremlin story that’s currently stuck, and not the roller coaster story that I think I may have to re-write from memory (our external harddrive is currently being “looked” at and see if anything can be retrieved from it by one of Jamie’s coworkers and that’s where the roller coaster story resides.). Not any of the story ideas or bits and bobs that I’ve got laying around, not any of the ideas that I know I just put down and haven’t seen for months (seriously, where did that weird little shit story go to? it was neat, and weird, and made me think of my granma Mickie)

But, in the vein of: how little can I write to pack a punch?

I’m a wordy person. I’ve long since trained myself to be as descriptive as possible (which turned out to be super helpful for my psychosis and weirding the hell out of the medical professionals I’ve worked with in the past two years), and sometimes I know that can be a hinderance. It’s easy to get lost in descriptions of places or things (or cats). It’s easy to get into a rhythm of narration of how someone walks or their daily life.

I’ve got a flash fiction peice somewhere of a guy describing a painting, and I like it. I just don’t know where it is (probably the external hard drive. I’ve got a hand-written copy somewhere) and I was thinking: can I write something that’s 100 words or less?

Working with the peice of the story I was working on yesterday (working title is “little old man”) and I was a little surprised by the amount of words I had for just one paragraph. 150 words. One paragraph.

So, I thought about it and managed to whip it up. 99 words, including the title.

I did, however, steal slightly from Neil Gaiman of the concept of using the title to begin the story, because I thought it was a really neat trick.

The peice is definitely no amazing work, and I definitely don’t expect to submit it anywhere. It’s not genius, but it was fun to do.

So, small victory for me. Yay.

Maybe this will help get me out of my rut of story ideas and such.


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