Procrastinating with a cat

I currently have Snooch, my wonderful (and stinky) fat cat keeping my lap warm while I put off doing laundry and finding the broom.

I finished the book Twirling Naked in the Streets and No One Noticed by Jeannie Davide-Rivera. It’s about growing up with undiagnosed autism and reading it had me going, every so often “Hey, that’s me.” or “Hey, that’s us!” It was kind of strange. I was telling Jamie about it and he went, “Yep, that’s us.”

While we each have our own various diagnoses, I doubt our psychiatrist would bring up Aspergers because of how we’ve managed to work our way around it. But, who knows. She probably notices various things and attributes them to Jamie’s OCD and my paranoid schizophrenia.

But, neat book. It was a decent read.


Hmm. when did we start being able to randomly get page breaks? I’m used to making a couple hash marks as a divide and go from there. Weird.


So, we “rented” a film from Amazon called Southbound. I had seen a gif from it on the HPLHS facebook group that comes from the film and I found it absolutely fascinating. I showed it to Jamie and we found where the gif came from and last week we had enough time to sit down and rent the film. ($2.99 for 48 hours)

From what I understand, it’s by the people who did the V/H/S series. If this is true, the fuck yeah! I love the V/H/S films.

It’s five plots rolled into one film. In the beginning, it almost seems incoherent because it starts in the middle of a story. We both thought it was really cool. Not much on the jump-scare thing, but more of an overbearing dread. I wish we could convince our friend Jason to watch this with us (his fiance would probably love the hell out of the film)


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