A short bit ago I finished rolling up a skein on yarn.

It doesn’t seem like much.

I had a large skein of black yarn that was just a mass of knots and tangles. Looking at it frustrated me and at some point I went out and bought a new skein of black yarn in order to avoid attempting to untangle the heap of acrylic string. It had turned from nicely wrapped to massive heap three years ago.

Three years ago.

And tonight, after I put the girls to bed while Jamie was giving Dunk-dog some extra lovins (he’s such an anxious dog), I decided to go into the basement and grab some yarn from my stash so I could learn some new things. I came across this tangled mess and set it to the side so I could bring it upstairs and untangle it.

Twenty minutes into unraveling it, I realized that it happened three years ago, shortly after I started working for Store. And in all that time, I was so frustrated, so angry, that it was a huge mess that instead of spending the 20 minutes it took to untangle everything, I thought it’d just be easier if I bought a new skein and left that one there. I sat there, undid all the kinks and knots, and felt calm.

I was fine, I wasn’t tense or frustrated, I just calmly worked it until I could start a yarn ball and had a clear head the whole time. Instead of it being one big aggrevation, it was a nice relaxing way to spend about 45 minutes.

I told Jamie what I realized and he said “See, and now you don’t have to deal with Store! Isn’t that great!”

It is.

I just wish I could craft/write as my “day job” instead of continuing my search for employment elsewhere.


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