flower flower flower

I’d been meaning to update and thinking of what can I write. What to write. And then I spent a day helping Jamie feel better by sticking Smrgl in the craft room (with food, water, and box), Snooch and Faustus in the basement (with food, water, and box), and Uggs in the bathroom (with food, water, and box) so he could snuggle derpy-dog Dunk while he felt terrible. And I read to him terrible book descriptions and took care of him.

So this week, it’s been the perfect precursor to a Southwest Virginia summer (at least for Roanoke): spring damp and lightly chilly at about 6.30 in the morning, workable spring weather until about 8 or 9, depending on the day, and hot/humid until about 6pm. The plus side is that it’s been raining every day this week, the downside is that it’s been raining all week. I love that we’re getting the rain, and now that I’ve got my herbs set up (all except the chamomile, which decided to explode everywhere instead of be nice like the rest of them, so it’s back in the craft room with the other starters), I’m a bit worried they may drown a bit. I’ve never grown Angelica, St John’s Wort, and a few others, but I know Savory, Parsley, and Feverfew will eat this up.

All the other starters are still in the craft room, the fava beans have decided to grow extra roots, Snooch has decided that the teeny (5 1/2 inch tall) stalks of corn should be taste tested, and the peas are cascading wonderfully. Yep, it’s May and everything is still in the craft room because the weather has been so wet (or waaaay to hot, even at 8am) that we haven’t been able to get the last of last year’s landscape stuff off the ground and rip up any stray weeds. Because it’s rained so much there are a ton of weeds right now. Seriously. Last week, it was like: ok, so it’ll take me a good few hours. This week: I need as many energy shots and tools as possible. And possibly a goat. Or Bug. (Bug loves to chew on grass).

I think we can get it taken care of.

And yesterday, I spent some time trying to figure out how to make those little puff-flowers that you can crochet. I spent time going back and forth with a tutorial on youtube, pausing it repeatedly so I could practice, and listening to various John Cleese and Rob Paulsen interviews


They’re definitely not as pretty as the ones in the video (the little yellow ones on the right hand side are just the middle part). The hideous one in the upper left hand corner is kind of awesome, it looks like it’s melting. At least, I think it looks like it’s melting. It’s because of the yarn that was used (red heart boutique unique; candied; lot 166538), it’s this really awesome yarn that is multiple coloured and fades into each colour really well. I have three skeins of it (I got them for $1 each!) and I wanted to see how it would look. I’m planning on making socks with this yarn because it is so cool.

I also realised while doing this yesterday, that I wasn’t getting frustrated or anything. It’s a nice change  from the constantly frustrated, constantly stressed, always on edge during my time working for Store. I’ll miss some of the people I worked with, but I definitely won’t miss the stress. So yay, small progress for me!


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