I am not a weekend warrior

I quit my job.

I had been thinking about leaving the job that I had been at for three years for a while. I’d been applying to places here and there, but not taking it fully seriously. Thinking on it as “Well, I’m here. I get 40+ hours a week, I get paid decently, I like quite a few of my minions and coworkers, and…I loathe my job. If [position I’m applying for elsewhere] doesn’t pan out, I’ll still have a full-time job and we’ll be closer to our goals.”

Jamie and I spoke about it at some length over whether or not it’d be a good idea, we looked at the budget, and realized: it’d be healthier if I just quit. No worries on whether or not I can get hired somewhere else within a short amount of time, just go ahead and leave. I decided that I’d work my Friday shift and turn my stuff in afterwards, either by leaving it on the desk in personnel or speaking with personnel if they were there.

Everything about Friday was wrong. I found out equipment that I loaned to a coworker had “mysteriously” disappeared, the cabinet that I have to use for equipment had somehow been damaged, but overnight had left and left me to find out while I got asked repeatedly when I was going to help my minions. My (now former) boss freaked the hell out after I fixed the cabinet and reset everything to where important stuff was locked in the only drawer that somehow wasn’t broken and I had Saved The Morning by fixing everything that had been messed up. Only to be yelled at by the Store Manager who decided that, while I was helping out a customer and trying to explain some stuff to her, This was the perfect opportunity to screech at me about part of the job that I did already. The customer was not pleased with the interruption.

I worked the whole shift, kept my mouth shut, and clocked out. I walked to the breakroom, talked to Jamie for a few minutes, charged my phone up enough so it wouldn’t die, and dropped my stuff off at personnel, where she immediately thought I was joking around until I pointed out that I was tired of the bullshit that I have to put up with every day and, more importantly, the place exacerbated my schizophrenia and I ain’t dealing with that. She sat there, shocked, and I smiled, said bye and good luck.

Saturday, Jamie got up at 4am and left by 4.30 with a cup of coffee and headed up to Dublin. I, on the other hand, continued to sleep until 7. I let the dogs out, played with the dogs, washed the dishes, did laundry, and Jamie was home by 12pm, claiming that next time I’m going fishing with them and next time they’re taking a roll of duct tape so they can tape his little brother’s mouth shut. (John was really excited to go fishing with Jamie and talked endlessly)

We spent the afternoon being pretty lazy and loving on the dogs. Sunday, we started working on yardwork before it started getting really hot/humid (hello Virginia summers, you’re showing up on time I see) and he started to do some work in the house while I worked on the craft room. I brought all the starters outside so they’d get some Real Sunlight, took apart one of the shelves so I could flip some of them, and set everything outside. We both got super grossed out by Episode 3 of Season 7 of The NoSleep Podcast *

Seriously. There’s a reason why it’s got an extra warning in it.

We got the starters back in the craft room and re-set up, and then spent another fairly lazy afternoon together. I started working on a story idea and Jamie got killed by a badger in Far Cry Primal.  It was really nice being able to go at our own pace, go to the grocery store and pick up a handful of items (Jamie bought another thing of bananas and joked about being Donkey Kong with all the bananas he’s been buying lately), and not rush. Not have to feel like we had to push to get a lot of stuff done in a very small amount of time.

And it feels great. I’m not stressed, I don’t feel like I’m getting screwed over, the paranoia is back to its base level, and I feel like I’m doing well. Jamie and I agreed that this feels like a good “start over” time. It’s a nice little reboot.

I started working on a project again and now I’m halfway done with it. The goal is to finish it in…10 days (eek). I’m hoping I can have it done in 10 days! I got a chunk of it done today, so hopefully I can continue with the streak.


* = each of the links goes to different parts of the NoSleep podcast website. It’s fairly easy to figure out. If you just want to go to the NoSleep podcast website, click the part that says NoSleep. Jamie and I love this podcast. This is one of the few podcasts we put money down for each and every time and it is the only podcast where we’ve agreed we will forgo a food run in order to buy a season pass. Each season gets better and better, David Cummings gets better and better, and it is amazing. I can’t recommend it enough.


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