I’ve been meaning to update this thing. I’ve been kind of meh and trying to remind myself because sometimes writing helps. But, my job is a soul-sucking pit of vindictive toddlers that can drive.

But, on the plus side: it is now Spring! Spring has sprung! …and we have a new dog.

We still can’t find Hobbes and Jamie insisted that we get a new monster to “fill the potato-shaped hole in [his] heart.” So, we went to the RCACP and tested a few dogs with our eldest (Firefly) and wound up taking a “Two year old pit mix” home with us.

This dog is not 2 years old.This dog still has puppy teeth and is starting to show signs of severe separation anxiety. He hasn’t grown into his skin and his paws are huge.

Fate certainly has a sense of humor.

We joked a few times the past couple years that when we go to get a new dog (because Flygirl is a senior dog and Bug has health issues), we’re going to go in intending to get a small dog and wind up with something like an Irish Wolfhound, Great Dane, or Bull Mastiff.

Now, we have Dunk Ser Dubghall (“Doogle”) and he is…something. He outgrew Firefly’s size within a week and is now up to about mid-thigh/hip to me. He’s a velcro dog and he loves Jamie. He also talks back.

Also, it’s time to start doing seedlings. We got a new seed stash and, while some people have already started it, we are kind of slow (I blame my job. I don’t want to do anything because of this place) so we’re going to be working on it tonight if things go well.

The downside is, Jamie keeps texting me to crack open a beer and if I do that, I know I won’t go outside and start getting stuff off the shelf so we can bring it inside.

It’ll get done soon. We’ve got our pots and soil in the garage (along with our grow shelf and lights). I’ve kind of made space in the craft room (all I’ve got to do is move cat dishes and double check size when we get the shelf inside)



Wait, what

I was surfing through my facebook feed a few moments ago and came across a post: “100 likes by Friday and I’ll quit smoking!”

That’s nice.

When did we become a society based upon “likes” and “shares” on a social media website whose sole purpose is to stroke the ego of psycopaths everywhere? Why is it so important to garner “likes” and “shares” when it doesn’t involve saving the lives of animals who would, otherwise, be euthanised because of lack of space?

Maybe I hang out with the wrong people?

From what I understand, if you want to “quit smoking” (or quit [insert sin here]), you do it because you are either A) mentally and emotionally ready or 2) you are forcefully locked into a rehabilitation facility for your own good. From my understanding, using “likes” and shares” does fuckall unless you’re a domesticized animal (e.g: dog or cat) who has found itself found (on the street) or dumped (by their family member due to various circumstances) in a High Kill (e.g. my local pound, who is starting to work itself to being a non-kill, unless it’s better for the animal because they’re terribly hurt or they’re so catostrophically fucked in the brain that they need to be euthanised because it would be humane–like my beautiful Izzy-butt was once the brain tumor got large enough to cause her to be snarky to her sisters) shelter and the “likes” and “shares” are being used to share you through the community in hopes of getting you a new home before you go to that Great Dog Run in the Sky (or, if you’re a cat: That Great Living Room in the Sky)

The whole “Quitting Smoking” for “likes” over facebook is, well, bollocks. It’s a cry for attention, whether you’re ready to quit or not. It’s like having one of those “1 like equals a prayer!” posts that poor saps share. No, likes don’t help some poor humanoid whatsoever. What helps humanoids is donating to local funds (which is why I push so hard for my minions to ask for donations to our local CMN  because it does help with kids in need who do end up at our local children’s hospital) and doing things. It helps humans to donate to funds for things like MS research and do their local Colour Run (which proceeds go to one local fund or other)

But geeze, milking for likes just because you don’t care enough on your own to quit smoking?  That’s a load of shit.

Are you so emotionally stunted that you have to pillage your friends (and your friends’ friends?) for likes because you can’t be bothered to care enough about your own health to actually take that first step into the beginning stages of quitting? Not that I care. Work on destroying yourself, it’s your choice. I choose to destory myself the way I see fit, you can destory yourself how you see fit. But asking me to “choose” for you. Nope. You’re not in such a state that I care.

Now, if you were in a state such as, say, my dad is currently (and I cared enough), we would have some words. But since you are A) not my dad (and therefore I could care less) and 2) not in a state in which your poison-of-choice has made a physical change to you, I am going to ignore your request and tell you good luck.

May you find yourself at a point where you must seriously consider the choices at hand and not ask me whether or not you should quit.