trash day

It’s trash day for my neighborhood, so this means that a) my immediate neighbor doesn’t have her trash bin out like always and I’m starting to suspect that she’s a goat in disguise (a fictional goat, one that eats aluminum cans). And 2) that maybe our…less than ideal neighbors (a family of screaming kids, all under age 10, screaming mother, and other people) might actually get some of their trash taken.

This is one of the handful of times since they moved in a few months back that they’ve actually pulled their trash around.

Our city has a thing where if you’re a “large” family (a household of four or more people, little ones included), you can request a second trash bin for all of your waste. It’s not that hard, all you have to do is fill out the online form or call them and request it. We also have a large, neon blue recycle bin that is the same exact size and shape as the normal trash bins that you can throw all of your recyclables into instead of separating paper/cardboard/magazines into one and glass/aluminum into another little tiny green bin.

This family has been using the recycle bin as a secondary trash bin, even though they recieved it with the notification of what it is and what week our neighborhood is (week a or week b, we are week a). They were gone for about two weeks (because nothing says Happy Holidays like the cops blocking off your street and someone getting hauled off somewhere, then a week of blissful silence where all you hear is the neighborhood dogs barking at each other when they go out for bathroom breaks only because it’s freezing)

Jamie had asked me to check the mail (our box, along with a few others, is located on this weird pole/2×4 thing in front of their house) and added the warning: “Don’t get trapped by the trash.”

I didn’t think anything of it and went out the front door. Then I looked over and they have both bins pulled around to the front of their house (I thanked whatever entity out there that I cannot smell things 95% of the time). I don’t know how they managed to pull the bins around to the front of their house, but they’re there and they are piled up with…see-through thin plastic trash bags that I recognize as ones that we use at my job for our bins (those universal thin plastic ones that you can see everything through and even a balled up peice of paper can bust a hole in them)

Both bins are piled up with leaning towers of trash. If it were an art peice, it’d be hilarious. But it’s like, really? Really.

I told Jamie about it and we’re wondering if the collection guys will slap a nice little notice on their door or bins, reminding them that recycle bins are for recycling. In the packet of information for the recycle bins, we all recieved a neat magnet that reminds us what we can and cannot put in there (rotting food, trash bags, grocery bags, plastic packaging like bubble wrap or those air filled puff bag things, etc) There have been times, before we had the big neon blue bin, that the recycling pick up guys refused to take ours because either an aluminum can found its way into our paper bin or we didn’t think about it and dropped a grocery bag of Dr Pepper cans in the plastic/glass/aluminum bin.

Either way, they’ll probably get fined soon because I think they still have kiddos that are in diapers and that’s a biohazard. All those trash bags, sitting outside for who knows how long at times (weeks, seriously) is a health hazard. And leaving all those bags out only attracts the wildlife so that means more skunks and opposums (and our grey fox, but he usually hangs out two streets down), or it’ll attract all the dogs and cats that get dumped in our neighborhood because people are too stupid to either drop them off when the RCACP is open for business, call the RCACP to come pick up their animal because they are no longer able to properly care for it, or just plain too stupid to ask for help.

And it’ll attract rats.

Our house is already seeing signs of our yearly/bi-yearly field mouse issue (one field mouse somehow always ends up in our kitchen. Uggs usually finds it and tries to hide it from the other cats so he can keep it “safe” and play with it. like actual play with it. Uggs loves rats and mice) and I’d like to keep it at our annual/bi-annual one little tiny field mouse who is freezing and wants to be warm than rats.

I’d like to keep our rat level down to Fancy Rats, who are currently nibbling on papaya chunks in their cage and who have learned that they can antagonize derpy-dog Cricket, who thinks they are small cats she hasn’t met yet.

I’d really prefer to not have wild rats attracted to our neighbors house because that means they’ll get them and then those rats will find their way to our house and our surrounding neighbors. Frankly, I don’t think our sweet, quiet elderly neighbors can handle it. I don’t think I could handle it because some of those wild rats in our city are almost as large as Ty the Foster Dog (I think she could hold her own for a few, but then there’s extra rabies vaccinations, stitches, antibiotics, emergency flea baths. I don’t want to deal with it). The rats around here carry fleas and while they may not be bubonic-carrying fleas, they’re still fleas and both Jamie and Uggs are very allergic. I don’t need a very pissed off cat and a very miserable husband.

As I finish this up, I went to go look out the window where I can see the bins clearly and they have added: an empty cardboard box (looks like a flat screen box, but I’m not going over there to look), and about eight grocery bags filled with garbage that they have strewn around the regular bin.

I understand that larger families create more waste, and I also understand that when moving, packing or unpacking, and even just regular cleaning can create more waste, but this is absurd. The piles are higher than I am tall. Granted, that’s not hard when I’m 5’2″, but the piles are looming up to approximately 6 ft.

I hope they get fined.

Not because I’m a bastard (which, depending on the issue, I totally am), but because they need to be held accountable. And hey, who doesn’t know anyone with a truck in these parts? It’s not that hard to borrow someone’s truck and go to the dump.


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