Yesterday, one of the other supervisors told one of our regulars: “I hope it snows asshole deep.” It’s been flurrying intermittently since.

One of my “minions” (one of the coworkers that is under me because I get to play “boss”) is under the impression that I have it out for her. One of the other girls had to take her to the side and point out that I say the same thing to everyone who yells across the store at me. I think I’m just going to start going up to people after a while and ask them if they were raised in a barn.

Then again, this is southwest Virginia, some of them probably were raised in barns. (people live on farms, people have converted barns into lovely houses, etc)

People kept asking me what we did for New Year’s Eve. Jamie and I “remodeled” the dog room. We ripped out the baseboards and put up new ones. Jamie’s a little disappointed and says it “looks horrible,” but I keep telling him all we need to do is buy some quarter-round wooden strips and it’ll look amazing when we’re done. We also need to paint over the plaster patches where we patched up some holes. The dogs haven’t seemed to notice.

Snooch has decided to lick my arm. I guess I’m tasty to cats.

During the day for New Year’s, Jamie and I hit up the vet to make sure Ty the Foster Dog has a clean bill of health (she does), then ran to drop off dog and medications (heartworm pills for All The Dogs! including Poedog), run to downtown to get dog tags (because I’m a horrible person and have been running late for everything. how did I do this?), then down to the photographer’s office to pick up our wedding book and cd (squee!) before walking up to Angels of Asissi to drop books of virology for Chelsea, who was super excited to learn that Jamie’s just as weird as she is.

Ran to grab food before heading up to Dublin so Fred could check on the back brakes to the truck (because they’re drum brakes and we have bad luck jacking up the truck). Jamie and Fred worked on the truck, I drank coffee, hid outside with them to get away from the sound of a screaming child and the child’s mother who did absolutely nothing to try to calm it down, and loved on goofy chunkmonster Karma.

We hit up Walmart so we could print out photos for Fred, who was excited, but I ended up staying at the kiosk while they went looking for stuff because the kiosk was so slow that the woman with 237 photos to print (no joke) got to halfway done before our disc even loaded so I could choose the four or five photos Fred wanted. We got up to the line and it was so long that Jamie and I dug through some of the remainder of the Christmas clearance, where I got nail polish (random and Monster High. I like the bottles, but I don’t know if I like the polish) and Jamie found three wooden massage doodads.

By the time we got out, the sun had set, we went back up to Fred’s, said our goodbyes, and hopped in the truck on the way home in hopes of trying to not get stuck in NYE traffic.


And, during this, I realised that I had 90-some thumbnail sketches for the comic I want to work on (something that I’ve been working on and off for a while), so the other day I was like hey, I’ve got almost enough thumbnails for me to update twice a week for a year with no problems! And now I have more than 104 thumbnails sketched in my sketchpad (it’s like 115). This is excluding the other thumbnails I’ve got sketched in other notebooks, so woohoo! I think I’m doing pretty damn good :D

Jamie also found a Ramsey Campbell book I haven’t read yet! It’s Holes for Faces and I’m currently working my way through it. I love me some Ramsey Campbell.


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