we’re awesome

We’re awesome, in a special way.

Today, I had to take Mr Uggs to the vet because he was snotty. Well, it’s nothing serious, just his normal yearly upper respiratory infection. But, the only difference is that he’s on two different medications. Yay. Just what I want to do for the next few days is wrap a grumpy cat in a blanket and shove a pill down his throat twice a day as well as squirt a liquid down his throat twice a day.

Uggs is pissed.

He’s going to be even more pissed when he realizes I asked for his “compound goop” to be refilled. We ran out of the goo last year and around that same time we realized that his Twitchy Kitty Syndrome kicks in during winter. We had the first year we got the stuff, last year where we didn’t have to refill it, but now we’re at this winter and they called the compounding pharmacy to make it for us. So while that’s acting up, we get to wrap a very unhappy cat in a blanket and rub an amitryptiline compound on the inside of his ears.

Coming home and bringing him inside, I somehow managed to sprain my wrist (I’ve fucked my wrist up so many times that it doesn’t bother me to type, but it does hurt like hell when a dog runs right into it). It’s kind of crunchy, but I’ve got wraps so I’ll just ignore it like I usually do. I can waggle my fingers, type, and move my wrist around just enough to show that nothing’s broken, so I’ve got nothing to worry about until it goes numb and I can’t move one or more of my fingers.

A short time later, Ty (the foster dog) ran past me down the basement steps while I was walking down them with a load of dirty dog laundry in my arms. This caused me to slide down the last two steps. My immediate thought was “oh gods, I am going to fall and bust my head open and I am going to sufficate under dirty dog laundry.” I didn’t fall and bust my head open, but I did twist my ankle (I’m waiting on my ankle to swell and match my always-swollen foot. yay for inflammatory arthritis)

And, a little bit ago, we ran to an immediate care because Jamie had become paranoid enough to agree to go to the doctor for his earache. He’s got a sinus infection so bad that it is pushing stuff into his ear. He’s been presecribed prednisone (that would figure, he didn’t get poison ivy this summer, so he’s got something now to warrant the medication) as well as something else.

At least Firefly’s gotten over her “It’s autumn, therefore I will itch like crazy and drive you all nuts!” yearly allergy.

We’re a special family, that’s for sure.


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