goofing off

I showed my buddy Matt some thumbnail sketches of some comic ideas and he kept cracking up. At one point he said I could probably make a book about the two of us (he’s one of the few characters I have) and the shit we talk about or do at work. I also had to tell him that I am making his character say something one of our coworkers did because, frankly, I don’t want to make some one-off characters just for one sentence.

It’s only a few pages of thumbnail sketches I’ve got in my teeny sketchpad and he liked them, so I plopped over the notebook I’m using to re-write stuff I’ve got in the little memo pads I keep in my pocket for work,because holy cow does weird shit get said while I’m around.

For example:
Me: Do you want some balls? (holding up a container of ball decorations)
Matt: What kind of balls?
Me: Some tasty balls.
Matt: Om nom nom

And just stupid shit that we find hilarious, or I find hilarious because I still can’t believe I’m an adult.

At one point, he was looking through the notebook (it’s a handful of pages mixed in with notes on some stories I keep telling myself I’m working on and I’m…kind of not because I get distracted and want to re-read things like American Gods by Neil Gaiman or something), and he started laughing while swearing he didn’t remember saying what I wrote down. We geeked out for a few minutes because we’re 12.

Things like that make me want to work on the comic more and actually work towards scanning what I’ve got and peicing it together and posting it up. I make it because it cracks me up, and if I can make one other person laugh at it, then hey, that is awesome.

But for now, I am taking my shoes off and having a beer because it’s been a hell of a day. I am reminded that I am surrounded by idiots, the holiday season brings out the worst in people, and I need to up my dose of medication because I still want to jump over the table in the breakroom and stab someone with a fork for sucking on their teeth or chewing so loud I can hear it over the podcast I’m listening to.

It’s a stressful season, I’ve had the first instance of being called a Scrooge yesterday (ha), and now I’m waiting on people to call me a Grinch. I’m at the point where I’m about to tell my manager to bump me to another position, because at least then I’ll know things will get done correctly.


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